InformationalPreethi zodiac Review, & Its Features

Preethi zodiac Review, & Its Features


India is a country where people like to eat spicy food; on the other hand; we need to grind spices to make spicy food; that’s why I will do a Preethi zodiac review today.

Please read the article completely to know about Preethi Zodiac and its new features.


Preethi Zodiac

What is Preethi zodiac 2.0 MG235

Preethi Zodiac 2.0 MG235 is a mixer machine designed to grind spices and make juice as well. 


Features in Preethi zodiac 2.0 MG235

Brand: According to Francis Kanoi, Preethi Zodiac is the best brand in India, and preethi’s mixers are the most selling products compared to other companies.

Material: This company makes its products using ABS Plastic, Enrich+ Precision grinding menus. It helps in the absorption and enchanted bioavailability of nutrients.

Rotation & Control: It’s the number one brand because Preethi zodiac’s products are designed by experts, Chefs, nutritionists and highly trained Engineers for an excellent grinding performance. Which is suitable for making Idli/Dosa, Puree, coconut chutney and Atta kneading.

It has an excellent bioavailability of essential oil and Nutrients. It releases better aromatic flavours. Using it, anyone can make chutney, Peanut butter, Atta, or anything else because it won’t change the nutritional value and taste.

Preethi Zodiac has a master chef+ Jar for food processing capabilities, which means, It can knead dough in just 1 minute and chop within 2 Pulses. It’s also able to do meat mincing, Thin slicing, and citrus press. 

It has a 3-In-1 fresh Fruit Juicer Jar that can make juice within a few minutes, and it’s also suitable for making chutney and tamarind extraction and Blending.

750W Vega 5 Motor has been used in Preethi Zodia 2.0 MG235, which can grind turmeric within 2 minutes. 

It doesn’t require installation, but for the first time, you can experience some burning smell. Don’t worry; it will happen because the motor varnish will get hit for the first time.

However, this problem Shouldn’t recur in subsequent uses; if it does so, please visit the nearest service centre.

It will make a loud sound because it has a powerful motor for better grinding performance. Its noise level is 80DB, and the mixer industry-wide acceptable noise level is 80 to 90 DB. On the other hand, the average Human’s voice is about 50 to 60 DB. 

But if you experience that your Preethi zodiac mixer is making significantly louder sounds, then contact the service centre.


Remember Before Grinding

Suppose you want to grind hard things such as Turmeric or Idli. For that, you should use mixer grinders with a wattage rating of 750 Watts.

Don’t grind things over and over again because you’ve let the motor cool down. Although it has a good feature that, because of overheating mixer will be turn off automatically.

For the first time, you can experience a burning smell.


Preethi Zodiac Review

In my opinion, it’s easy to Use, Clean. It doesn’t release disturbing loud sound; also, it’s value for money. 

The quality of the plastic used in Preethi Zodiac is not good; The blade coupler can be broken after using a few times.

It can happen if you buy a mixer so the seller and send a fake product. Therefore you can buy from the daily market.

According to many users, it has less durables steel jars. Its jar can even bend if dropped accidentally.

Atta kneading quality is excellent than others.



Guys, it was Preethi zodiac review. I hope it was helpful for you. I’ve shared my experience with the Preethi Zodiac mixer; if you’re already using it, don’t forget to share your reviews with us.

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