PJ Full Formal In Social Media, Taxt, & Jokes


In this article, you’ll get to know about PJ full form. But before that, I would like to tell you essential things. 

The full form gets changed according to their situation; for example, if your school teacher told you NM, so it means he said “Nanometer.” Still, if somebody replied to you NM on Instagram or Facebook, it means “Nothing Much.”

However, here we’re talking about PJ full form. I’ll tell you all Important full forms whose short form is PJ and PG.


PJ full form

PG full form in Education

Post Graduation: It’s a master’s degree course in which students can take admission after getting a bachelor’s degree.


PG full form in hostel

Paying Guest: It stands for a person living in another person’s house and pays for the living, food, laundry, and other facilities provided by the room owner; PG differs from a tenant.

However, there are much more critical full forms which are as follows.


  • PG: Pearl Jam
  • PG: Papua New Guinea, It’s a country
  • PG: Police judiciaries (Governmental Law and Legal)
  • PG: Physical Geography (It’s an Educational Degree)
  • PG: Plant Genetics (It’s also an Educational Degree)
  • PG: Professional Judgment (it stands in business and General)
  • PG: Please Go ( This word is used mainly while texting messages on Social Media)
  • PG: Pursuit Group (it works in Military Campaign)
  • PG: Personal Job (Business, Job & Career)


PJ full form in Social Media

Poor Joke: Suppose you’re talking to your friend on social media. He delivered a joke which is not even funny, so in that case, you can reply to them as Poor Joke, so he will understand that his jokes weren’t funny and you don’t like it too.



PG full form in social media is Poor Joke; it’s a prevalent slang used on Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. However, if you have a more critical full form starting from PG, so please comment below.



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