InformationalPBL app Wipro, Is it mandatory to complete it?

PBL app Wipro, Is it mandatory to complete it?


Pbl app Wipro is considered to be one of the best platform for Project-based learning students. 

The complete form of the pbl app is (Project-based learning). Sometimes, students think that the Wipro pbl app is an application, which is not true because it’s a website created by Wipro for students. 

However, many newbies face technical problems when they join the Wipro PBL app. Therefore, read this article completely to know everything about the Project-based learning app (PBL). 


PBL App Wipro

What is Wipro PBL App?

Pbl Wipro is a website specifically built for those students who are interested in learning Coding. It’s essential for BSA and BSC students.


PBL app homepage

For PBL app Login, search the Wipro website on the internet ( then you will reach its homepage. 

  • After reaching to PBL app homepage, click on the Login on the right side corner.
  • Then put your User ID and password, which you would have got after the interview.
  • After Login to PBL App, you will see two options PJP foundation and PJP Core.

PJB fundamental: (Pre-Joining Program) is built for non-technical students who are not from BSA or BSC. In PJB, you’ll get many videos for free, including Motivational, IT Trends and Foundation related videos such as Operating System Tips, Database Fundamentals, Web Programming, and OOPS Concepts.

PJP Core: It’s specially built for advanced and technical students who are from BSC and BCA. In PJP core, you will get many advanced videos and topics to learn, such as Videos of Python programming, which you’ll learn from basic.

Apart from python, there are many more topics to learn, which are as follows.

  1. IT infrastructure overview 
  2. Networking Basic
  3. Wintel Basic
  4. Storage Basic
  5. Backup Basic
  6. UNIX Basic
  7. ITIL
  8. Automation, and many more


Wipro PBL app not working

It sometimes happens when you want to do your training but cannot do it. It happens because of overload on the website’s server; whenever too many people try to access the website simultaneously, this problem occurs. 

However, You don’t need to worry about that because we have a solution for it. Whenever you try to Login, and it doesn’t work, so do not open at that time. You should log in in the morning or at night because in the morning and night, primarily, people don’t use the Wipro PBL.


Is it mandatory to complete Wipro PBL?

We can’t say anything about it, but according to some other students, you must complete it because it is for your good.


Why should you use the Wipro PBL app?

Because Wipro provides you with an easy and knowledgeable course, apart from this, it also provides you quizzes and online competition opportunities.



In this article, we have explained everything about the PBL Wipro app. If you have found any mistake or have any suggestions, queries, or more details about it, please comment below; we will update this article within a few working hours.


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