Pacharisi, How to cook it in Pressure Cooker?


Rice is available in every kitchen of India because they’re tasty and easy to cook. Therefore, I’m going to tell you about Pacharisi Rice, which is considered one of the best rice Brands.

To know that how to cook pacharisi in a pressure cooker, please read the article thoroughly.



What are Pacharisi

Pacharisi is boiled rice that is less glycemic. Therefore they’re good for health, and they’re preferred for performing puja because they’re previously cooked.


What is the difference between Pacharisi and Puzhungal Arisi?

Pacharisi is fully polished rice, and Pulungal is half-boiled rice. Polished rice loses its nutritional value after getting Polish.

If you’re diet conscious, then take Pulungal rice. They’re good for health.


Can we take pacharisi during pregnancy?

Suppose you cook pacharisi, which previously boiled rice. In that case, they can be hard to digest for a few people, but mainly people can digest them.

Raw rice is easy to make, and it takes fewer minutes than parboiled. Apart from this, Parboiled rice has more nutrition, including a bit of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

How to cook pacharisi in pressure cooker?

Take a pressure cooker.

Add a Cup of water.

Put rice in Cooker (Washed them before cooking)

Now let them cook for five until 4 whistles.

After that, let them in a pressure cooker for about 12 to 15 minutes; your simple Pacharisi rice will be ready.


Advantages and disadvantages of eating rice.

Pacharisi rice is one of the best Carbohydrates and Vitamin B sources, so you eat this every day.

Rice is easy to digest. Therefore they will prove beneficial if you them while having stomach-related problems such as Diarrhea.

Eating rice with beans and a few vegetables is considered a complete meal that provides you with carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins.

Overeating rice can so cause an allergy.

It can be harmful to diabetes-suffering patients.

Rice is considered one of the best carbohydrates sources; therefore, if you’re a bit fatty, you should eat them too much because the rice will increase your weight.



I’ve shared Important knowledge about Pacharisi rice if you’re going to cook them, so please don’t forget to share with us about your experience while cooking.



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