Oziva Weight Gainer, Know before buying


In this article, I will tell you about Oziva weight Gainer, and I will also cover some of your important questions about this mass gainer.

Before we talk about it, you should know what is called weight gainer.

OZiva Weight Gainer

What is Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer is a powder that contains a high amount of calories. Skinny people can include it in their diet to gain weight.

Weight Gainer comes in many different types of flavors, such as Banana, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

It not only contains calories, but it’s also rich in protein, vitamins, and other Nutrients; after all its a made for fitness lovers.


What is OZiva mass Gainer

Oziva weight gainer is a type of powder that contains a high amount of calories. It’s specially designed for skinny Women.

It’s a plant-based weight gainer which is made of Brown Rice, Potato Starch, Whole Oats, Raw Banana, Barley Malt, Oat Flour, Pomegranate, Orange Peel, and much more natural ingredients.


Who Should take OZiva Weight Gainer?

Oziva weight gainer is a plant-based gainer which is specifically designed for girls/Women.

Those girls who are skinny are trying hard to gain weight; even they’re eating a lot, still cannot gain weight, they should take it.

Only taking Oziva weight gainer won’t help you; along with it, you should also take more carbohydrates-rich foods, such as brown rice, peanut butter, Bread, etc.

Don’t forget to track your calories because you’ll have to eat 500+ calories than maintenance calories. Suppose you’re maintenance calories are 2100, so you need 500 more, a total of 2600.


When should you take Oziva Weight Gainer?

Firstly you should focus on natural foods that are available in the kitchen, such as Rice, Potatoes, and homemade Bread.

Even if you’re eating too much and still not gaining, in that case, you can take it. However, you can also take another mass gainer if you’re serious about gaining weight so that you can go for Labrada or Serous Mass.

It would help if you took weight gainer after a workout and you can take it with water to digest fast, but you can also take it with Milk. You can also make a smoothie recipe (Milk, Oats, Dry Fruits, 1 scoop of Gainer, Peanut butter), grind it in a mixture, and drink.


Is oziva weight gainer for women?

Yes, it’s primarily designed for women, but boys can also take it; however, if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, you also go for another weight gainer.


Oziva weight gainer side effects

Oziva gainer has no serious side effects as it’s made from natural resources such as Brown Rice, Whole Oats, Raw Banana, Orange peel, Ginger, Ashwagandha, Cinnamon.


Oziva weight gainer by using can we weight gain?

Yes, you can definitely gain weight, but if you’re not eating enough Carbohydrates foods, it won’t help you because it contains a high amount of calories, which will only boost your calories intake.


OZiva weight gainer reviews

I saw many reviews on Youtube, Amazon and I personally asked a few people.

According to a Kanchan Tiwari (A YouTube Users), It was working effectively back in 2019. From that time she has been taking eat, but now it’s not working effectively. According to her, OZiva has lost its quality.



I’ve shared every detail about Oziva Weight Gainer. If you have any questions regarding this article so, please comment below. I’ll respond as soon as possible.



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