InformationalOTHPG: All you need to know related it

OTHPG: All you need to know related it

Know everything about OTHPG

Most of the people reported their issues with OTHPG Paytm and SBI (State Bank of India). Some users claimed that their money got deducted from their SBI account by OTHPG PayTm. 

Some other say that unknown people used your SBI debit card and did money transection by using OTHPG. Moreover, a few people reported that when they check the details, they are faced with this sentence “by debit card OTHPG Paytm Noida.”

Here we provided you some essential information to help you get over these problems and avoid them. Hope it helps you!

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If your money decreased from your SBI account by OTHPG PayTm, it may refer to an issue with PayTm and doesn’t relate to SBI. You may buy something throughout PayTm or leave your money to PayTm wallet, and this problem got happened to you. In that case, SBI can’t help you; however, PayTm should take responsibility. SBI always warns its customers about PayTm, because PayTm’s security terms do not conflict with SBI’s standards.

But what should you do? Here check your PayTm carefully, search in Transaction Statement, and discover where your money went. You probably know that PayTm uses mobile numbers and OTP (One-Time Password); moreover, for bank debiting money, it requires OTP, too. As a result, it can be said that it has relatively good security.

Probably, when you allow third-party applications to have access to your bank account, it appears and brings a problem.

If someone used your SBI debit card and made a money transaction using OTHPG and without OTP, just know that No legal payment is possible without OTP for any e-commerce platform.

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What should you exactly do?

Just go and check the narration and provide a printed in your statement. Be sure that nobody can get access to your OTP. Go to the bank site and report your complaint. For doing that, choose the complaint menu and make your protest and write everything in detail.

Don’t forget that you never decide to arrange a new debit card and immediately stop usage before going to the bank site and make a complaint.

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If you find that your money is deducted from your bank account without any transaction and details say “by debit card OTHPG PayTm Noida,” so what should you do, and what does it mean?
Remember that this problem doesn’t match your bank account; however, you can ask them to help you if you couldn’t solve this issue or don’t know what and how to solve it.

First, check your PayTm and try to find the amount of deducted money, then try to discover where your money went. In the end, you can report your issue with PayTm and wait for help. If you prefer to follow up with the bank, go to the bank where your debit card belongs and report the problem.

Moreover, if you have a transaction with your PayTm, this problem can appear. But, if you don’t have any transaction with PayTm yet, you probably shared your card details with a fraudster who has done this transaction on your behalf.


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