InformationalOsho Stories That Can Inspire You

Osho Stories That Can Inspire You

Osho Stories

We all know that Osho has become one of the most famous religious personality across the world; therefore in this article, I’ll tell you some short Osho Stories which may inspire you.

Osho Stories

Osho Stories on love

Few countries change their president in a few years, and few changes their Kings.

In the old-time people used to send their king to the jungle with just a few clothes.

There’s no place to rule in the jungle, but there are traditions. Just like that, there’s no place rule in the world but a tradition.

People came into this world, they get happiness, sadness, and many more things, and primarily people know that they’re not going live here forever; still, they don’t do good deeds.

Once a gentleman got a chance to rule Empire, he was able to make his future bright. When he was appointed the ruler, he asked his ministers for how long can I rule? Minister said, for one year. Empire asked his minister, Are there any limitations for me? Minister answered, No, there’s no limit.

Because there’s was no limitations for him, and he was just a ruler for one year. That’s why he spent his whole years while doing prayers and all because he knew that he’d have to leave Empire after a year; therefore, he got well prepared and didn’t do any party or anything.

It’s the same with us, We’re ruling the world, but we do not think that once will have to leave this world.

When parents get old, their children don’t sit with them, because children have no time for parents. They appoint some doctors and servent in the service of their parents. They tell their parents that you’re old, so recite God’s name; you’ve servants now.

Busy man has no time to sit with free people. Remember, there’s no love for free people.


Osho Story on Men and Women love

There is a strange irony among the people who go to a whore to get love. Knowing that money cannot buy love.

People think once they reach a good position and start making money so they’ll get or buy love. This is not true; money can’t buy it; you try to fool yourself but can’t.


Facts about Osho

Osho was fond of reading; he had read more than 100,000 books in his entire life.

Osho was interested in Storytelling, science, arts, Meditation techniques, spirituality.

He met with Mahatma Gandhi when he was about 10 years old. To meet him, Osho waited for 13 hours.

He was in touch with Magga Baba, Pagal Baba and Masto Baba.

The first disciple of Osho was his grandmother.

(Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur) It was a book written by Osho; It was very controversial.



I’ve shared some Osho Stories; if you have any questions or queries regarding Osho Stories, please comment below.


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