InformationalNaza Market Lucknow, Guidance to buy a best laptop

Naza Market Lucknow, Guidance to buy a best laptop

Naza Market Lucknow

In this article, we will talk about the Naza market Lucknow; here, we will talk about why this market is so famous in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and all over India.

To know everything about the Naza market. Like, why it is so famous and from where you can buy the cheap product they can be an electronic product or something else, read this article Completely.


Naza Market Lucknow

Why is Naza Market Famous?

This market is known explicitly for old and second-hand laptops, computers, and printers. From there you can buy any laptop or computer at a low price, this is the same as Delhi’s Nehru Place.


Things to keep in mind before buying an old laptop

Your Need

Suppose you need a gaming laptop and you went to the market and bought a laptop with 2GB ram. In that case, you wasted your money because 2GB isn’t enough for gaming and high programming work.

Therefore, you should keep in mind all the things. For example, Why you need a laptop, computer, or printer.


Reasonable Price

Why do you buy an old laptop? Not just because it is cheap and your money is saved.

Therefore, never pay too much money for an old computer/laptop. Before buying a computer, check its price on the internet.

If the old product is only 10 to 15% cheaper than the new product, then don’t buy such a product. Add a little more money and get a new computer or laptop.

Do not buy a too old laptop under greed, or else you will have to repent later because old computers are not repaired quickly.


Check the computer’s body

Check out the body of a computer, laptop, or printer before buying. It should be cracks-free and also check other irregularities.


Screen Condition

Before buying a computer, check its screen, flickering, discoloration, brightness, and bad pixels.

Many times it happens that the screen of a laptop or computer gets damaged, then after getting its screen repaired from the local market, they sell it, in such a situation, the new buyer doesn’t even know.


Keyboard and trackpad

Before ever buying a computer or laptop, you must check its trackpad and keyboard. Usually, there is a problem with the trackpad in laptops, due to which you may have to face problems, so keep all these things in mind beforehand.


Plug & USB Port

Many people take laptops, but they use an external keyboard and mouse in it. In such a situation, if the plugin doesn’t work, then you will have problems later. That’s why you must check the plugin.


Battery backup

Before buying a second-hand laptop, don’t forget to ask about its battery backup or once the battery and see how many hours it works.

If the battery life were less, then there is no benefit for you to take a laptop; it would be better to go for a computer instead of a laptop.



Always look for a CD or a DVD. It must be working correctly. Because without CD you will face problem to upgrade window or install the software.


Webcam and Speakers

Although significantly fewer people use webcams and speakers, you still have to try them at once.


Wireless Connectivity

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection in your home, you want to use the internet on your laptop. In that case, don’t forget to check out the Wi-Fi connectivity of your laptop because you will use the internet through your mobile phone’s hotspot.


Naza Market Lucknow closing day

Many people don’t know on which day the Naza Market of Lucknow is closed, due to which they go to the market but are unable to shop from there.

We want to tell you that although the Naza Market remains closed on National Holiday and every Sunday, many extensive showrooms remain open, only small shops are closed.

Not all the small shops are closed too, only a few are closed, but we suggest it would be better if you go for shopping between Monday to Saturday.


Best computer shop in Naza Market Lucknow

See, Lucknow’s Naza Market is one of the most famous markets in India, where you can get old computers, laptops, printers, etc., at low prices.

It won’t be correct to refer to a single shop because it depends on your need what you want to buy. We will recommend you go there and buy your favorite product from anywhere in the market there are many shops.

Although according to some people, Bansal Computer shop of Naza Market is a cheap and good shop, apart from this NESCO is also a very famous shop.


Naza Market Lucknow Conclusion

In this article, you have to learn everything about Naza market Lucknow. If someday you go there and find more detail about any specific shop, please comment below; we would like to add more data in our articles to help other people too.


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