InformationalModerated Caucus & Unmoderated Caucus, Know Everything

Moderated Caucus & Unmoderated Caucus, Know Everything


Moderated Caucus is a formal procedure. During moderated caucus, a specific person who has been chosen to take a decision for a group of people shall speak on different sub-agendas of the main agenda.

Suppose your main agenda is “Global Warming” or “Women security” then your sub agenda will include Water Pollution, Air Pollution or for women security your sub agenda can be women security at work place and domestic violence.

It’s simply mean is that, you will have to breakdown your main agenda into various parts as i have mentioned above.

Unmoderated Caucus is an informal procedure. It won’t be bad to say that it’s a kind of break because an individual who has been chosen to take a decision for a group of people can speak or do something whatever he wants.

If you’re that person so I would suggest you to use this time (Unmoderated Caucus) effectively.

Try lobbying fellow delegates. You can ask them to support you or could also even have discussion on further moderated caucus topics or moderated caucus topics that you should pass.

You may have discussions about the solutions. If you’re delegates do please don’t waste this time in chatting unusually.

I hope you understand now let’s understand some more important questions.


Moderated Caucus

Moderated Caucus Examples

Global Warming: If your topic is global warming or climate change so your Moderated Caucus topics shall be Water Pollution, Air Pollutants, or Agricultural effects on the environment.

UNHRC: Your Moderated caucus topics for unhrc (The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) can be Hunger, Women’s Security, Disaster etc. Especially if you’re having debates for Afganistan refuses so you can definitely go with women safety as you know the Taliban effects on Afganistan.

Nuclear Disarmament: Your moderated caucus topics for nuclear disarmament can be Stop Nuclear Testing, some past or future events. You speak on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, Japan and you can also have a debate on what would happen if we keep making Nuclear weapons.

DISEC: Your Moderated caucus topics for DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee) can be checking production of weaponry in different country of the world, Missle Testing in forbidden areas and Construction of Protection Domes.


How do I write the moderated caucus?

If you’re going to have a debate or explain something so please spend first 20 to 30 seconds in explanation to the committee and use easy to understand English.

You can also give a brief description about your topic.

Use your time wisely and provide solutions for the topic and address the obstacles which is good for the global community needs to overcome and make the implementation of the solution easily and effectively.

Don’t repeat the solutions which are given by the other delegates. Apart from this, ensure that your solution Should be rational and practically executable, it should not be a stupid Idea.

Don’t go against your foreign policies, suppose you’re representing Israel so you can’t ask other countries to accept refugees in their countries.

You should have a conclusion in the end of your speech or debate.



I hope this article was helpful to you article about unmoderated Caucus and moderated caucus topics and many more important information related to it.

If you have any questions regarding this article or you’ve been the part of this debate then don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section.


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