ScienceMockvita: Rounds, Questions, Login Details

Mockvita: Rounds, Questions, Login Details

What is Mockvita?

Mockvita is an online exam including some questions (approximately six questions) to practice coding. TCS created this platform before the Codevita. Now Codvita is the main exam, and the company uses this online practice coding exam for internship and job offers.


TCS stands for Tata Consultancy Services. It’s an Indian multinational information technology (IT) service. TCS is the second-largest Indian company, and it is among the most valuable IT services companies in the world. TCS is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

As we said above, the mockvita online coding exam contains six questions generally. It brings a situation like a competitive in solving questions due to given time.

We can say that Codevita is somehow an updated version of Mockvita. They are similar in the number of questions, given time to solve, and content. They just fixed mistakes and improved and created Codevita.

What is Mockvita 1/Mockvita 2?

Mockvita is a simulated version of Codevita, where questions are divided into three rounds.

Round 1 of Codevita=Mockvita 1

This round contains six questions and 6 hours given time to find answers, write, and submit. Round 1/Mockvita 1 has questions based on data structures and algorithms at a basic and high level.


Round 2 of Codevita=Mockvita 2

The second round has six questions, and participants have 6 hours to solve them, as same as the first round. Questions were written at the medium and advanced level; moreover, according to questions, the advanced level of questions contains mathematical problems to solve.


Round 3 of Codevita

This is a round of rewards and prizes held at TCS offices, and people from all over India come to receive it. This round is the most difficult compare with the other two rounds, and only a few participants can reach this round.

For having good experience with this online course, you should be expert enough. First of all, choose a programming language which you know better, and you feel comfortable. Undoubtedly, it will help you to code correctly and confidently.

The second thing is to learn data structures and algorithms. To bring more experts in this, you can practice with related questions on the net to be familiar with the type of question before the exam. You can find these kinds of questions on several platforms like CodeForces, CodeChef, HackerRank, etc.

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How to login into Mockvita/Codevita?

Once you registered on the site, you will easily log into your account and take part in Mockvita/Codevita online coding exam.
Follow the steps below:

  1.  Go to the official site, address is:
  2. Now you see the homepage
  3. On the top of the homepage, you would see Login Option
  4. Click On Login Option Button
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Enter your password (If you forgot your password, continue reading, we’re going to give you a solution after these steps)
  7. Click on Login Option
  8. Now you see your dedicated Guidelines Page


What if you forgot your password?

Don’t be worry about it; the given pathway will guide you to find your secret code to do your login process successfully:
The secret code is available on the Campus Commune portal.

  1. Go to Campus Commune portal/Home page
  2. Click on Contest
  3. Codevita Banner
  4. Codevita contest page
  5. You can see Codevita Credentials on the right side of the page

Furthermore, your secret code has been sent to your email by TCS.

What is the Nature of duties


Mockvita questions

Being familiar with topics and types of questions in every exam can help you as well. In addition, solving similar questions or previous questions from the actual exam can be helpful, too.

Mockvita online coding exam is also one of these exams which it’s better to have a previous idea about its questions, answers, and type. We provided you a short and clear part that explaining Mockvita question types and topics.

According to previous exams, questions has been written based on some important topics such as:

  • Coin Sum
  • Subset Sum
  • Pattern Searching and Pattern Matching
  • Max Flow Problem
  • Min Cost Path
  • Segment Trees
  • DSF with Memorization
  • DSF in Matrices

These topics are for your practicing before the exam and gaining enough knowledge.

Here, you are going to see a list of most asked questions in the Mockvita/Codevita online coding exam:

  • Coin Distribution questions
  • Exchange Digit questions
  • Bank Compare questions
  • Divide Division questions
  • Counting Rock Sample questions
  • Consecutive Sum questions
  • Staircase questions
  • Collecting Candies questions

Now, due to given topics and questions, you can draw a plan in your mind before logging in to the exam. For practicing mentioned topics and questions online, you can search and find various platforms to practice very easily. CodeForces, CodeChef, HackerRank, etc. These are a few platforms to practice coding exams online before Codevita/Mockvita.

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