InformationalMeesho Review: Is it good for shopping?

Meesho Review: Is it good for shopping?

Meesho App Review

In this article, we will do a meesho app review, and we will tell you is meesho safe for shopping? But before review, let’s understand some basic information about it so that you can easily decide whether you should use this app or not.

We have also covered some basic questions that people are asking related to it. So please read the complete article.


Meesho Review

Meesho App details

Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit created meesho platforms in 2015. They both are Alumni of IIT-DELHI. Their motive was to create 20 million successful entrepreneurs by 2020.


What is meesho app

If we talk about it, so meesho is just an online reselling platform, or we can say that it’s a digital marketing application. And you can download it from Google Play Store; it is available for free.

A question would probably be occurring in your mind: what kind of reselling platform is it, so let’s understand it.

Meesho App is an application where there are many wholesale companies which sales their product on this site. And if you want to earn money from meesho, you can create an account and share their product on social media platforms; by doing so, you will get the commission.

Let’s understand with an example.

Suppose you help a company on the meesho app to sell their phone, which cost 10,000 rupees. In that case, this company will give you a 5% commission. 

And the 5% commission of 10,000 rupees is 500 rupees. So that’s how you can earn money from meesho.

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How meesho works

Nowadays, everyone getting the full benefit of technology; for example, most people use WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. And suppose you have too many friends on Facebook, or you have enough followers on Instagram. In that case, you can easily earn more than 20,000 rupees monthly.

Perhaps a question would be occurring in your mind What can we really earn from meesho. The answer is yes. You can hundred percent make from it because it’s quite different from other online selling websites.

Meesho works like a wholesaler in real life. For example. Let’s understand with an example.

Just like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho also work. There is a special option for those who want to earn money. 

First of all, you have to create an account on meesho. After that, you can share any product’s links with your followers on Instagram or any other person who is ready to buy the product which you want to sell.

Whenever someone buys any product from your shared link, you will get a commission if he buys an expensive product. You will get much commission, or if he buys a cheap product, you will get less commission. 

Meesho application system will manage everything; whenever a product will be delivered successfully from your shared link after a few times, you will receive money in your meesho account.


Is meesho good for shopping

Of course, yes, meesho is 100% safe and good for shopping. And it’s based in Bangalore, which is helpful for both Resellers and Emerging brands. To increase business, they have collected around 50 million dollars in funding. During Series C funding.

Many reliable companies invested and trusted meesho, such as Shunwei Capital, RPS Ventures, DST Partners, investors SAIF Partners, Y Combinator, Venture Highway, and Sequoia India. So you can also easily trust it.


Why meesho is so cheap?

Meesho is cheap because there is no third person involved between customers and the sellers. Sellers directly deliver the product to their Costumers at wholesale prices; that’s why meesho is cheap compared to other ecommerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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Meesho products review 

Meesho provides you with such a good quality product, and its product quality is quite strict. They focus on maintaining the standard quality of their products which is a good thing from the users perspective.

Apart from this, Meesho has a flexible exchange and return policy. Whenever you face a problem with its products, contact meesho customer care, they will help you. 


Meesho clothes review

To do a meesho clothes review, we first order some clothes to check their quality. While ordering meesho showed us many clothes some of them are quite expensive some were cheap. And we order both types of clothes. 

It’s the summer season, and we know that cotton clothes are good in summer; therefore, we order a cotton Shirt. Apart from this, we also ordered a ladies suite.

After receiving this product, when we opened unboxed them, so their clothes quality was quite impressive.


Meesho review

From our point of view, Meesho is a good application. Still, we also asked customer reviews about meesho, so more than 75 percent of people were happy with it.

Read below what are their reviews and what they think about the meesho app.

Anshitha: Meesho is the best application I have ever seen in my life; also, there are many other, but they are not suitable for me. The product quality on mission is better than others, and products are cheaper, though.

Rules: In the current time when everyone is thinking of getting a job, Meesho show provides such a good opportunity to earn money from home just by using reselling its products. 

Hanna Safvan: I purchased two dresses from this site. One of them was good, but another one was quite bad; however, It’s easy to use. Also, delivery is too late as compared to Amazon or Flipkart.

Aysha Shahana: I like to purchase from meesho because it’s an Indian platform and sells Swadeshi Products. But sometimes delivery is a little late, and sometimes I got a little cheap quality product as expected.

Punitha: it’s worth of money, for the past year, I have been buying most of the products from meesho the main reason is that their product is cheap and they have a good support system.

Note: Apart from asking personally to other people, we also checked different websites and platforms where people discussed the meesho platform. But most of them were not happy with it. We checked on a platform where 8,000 plus people voted for meesho, and they give only two ratings out of 5 to it. So now you can think yourself whether you should use this app or not.



I hope you like this Meesho review. We have told you many important things related to it, and also we give you customer reviews. Now you can better understand that you should use it or not.

We suggest that you check it out once in life if you like their product quality, so buy them; otherwise, don’t buy next time.

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