InformationalMamaearth products reviews: Oil, Creams & Face wash

Mamaearth products reviews: Oil, Creams & Face wash

Mamaearth company

Mamaearth company is the first Asian company with a “Made Safe” certification. This company made its products with natural ingredients and helped to save the earth!

This company is headquartered in Gurugram, India. In the year 2016, Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh had founded mamaearth company.

It offers more than 80 natural personal products such as baby care, hair care, and skincare. People like to buy these products; these are compatible with Indian’s skin and hair.

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Mamaearth Reviews

Are the Mamaearth products 100% natural?

Mamaearth always claims that its products are made with natural ingredients, but it seems to be not 100% true. All the cosmetics are caring products at least include chemical ingredients.

This claim seems like Mamaearth is minimizing chemical ingredients in its products compare with others. Also, by reading the ingredients part in every product, you can easily understand it.

Using natural products rather than chemical ones can probably take a long time to be effective. Most of the products of Mamaearth are also like that, so you should be patient!

Products are not 100% safe, but it is the safest products to use, because of natural ingredients. The products won’t harm your health.


Mamaearth products review

Like every purchasing product, Mamaearth products have both negative and positive reviews. People comment due to their personal experiences of Mama Earth products.

We will tell you some publish reviews of Mamaearth products, which are completely honest, and you can trust them.

So you can decide to buy them or not. Hope it helps you.


Mamaearth onion hair oil review:

At first, we should say that most people had a bad experience with this product. However, a few people commented on positive reviews.

Users claimed this product doubled their hair fall. Onion hair oil didn’t decrease their hair fall and made their hair dry. Moreover, they commented about its expensive price.

People talked about its smell; they said it was excessive. Packaging wasn’t suitable, and the amount of oil was so less.

Apart from these reviews, some other people experienced good results. This Mamaearth product stopped their hair loss and made the roots stronger.

In addition, users commented about its effects; this oil made their hair soft and smell good. Probably, it depends on people’s personal choices.


Mamaearth argan hair mask:

This mask gives a frizzy, less shiny look to hair, increases hair growth, and causes a good smell. Argan hair mask brings straight hair.

This hair product, made with non-chemical ingredients, is extremely compatible and safe to use. As you can see in its name, the hair mask contains argan oil.

It is very easy to use, will make your hair stronger. Users said that it was a lovely product, quantity and price were also suitable.

However, some claimed that it causes an itchy scalp and irritation in the neck and ears. So, you should be aware of this matter to prevent it.

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Mamaearth onion shampoo review:

If I speak the truth, so we could not found positive reviews of this product. Hair fall got to increase, and it can not clear the hair well.

It causes irritation and dryness in the scalp, makes hair very rough, and does not affect good enough.

According to user’s comments, it can be a total money waste. In the first use, they couldn’t see differences, but little changes got appeared the second time.

But, a few people shared good experiences. Hair loss got controlled and caused to own silky and smooth hair. Packaging was proper, too.


Mamaearth ubtan face wash review:

It smells good, which is enjoyable while it is on the skin. Skin looks amazingly clean and bright. Utban face wash works on tan skins, too.

It is too much suitable for daily use and has sensitive changes on the skin. It keeps the face moisture and is reported to control face whiteheads, too.

The people who own sensitive skin and face didn’t felt good about utban face wash. After using this product for a while, some little bumps appeared in the nose and cheeks. So be careful about it!

A few users did not like its price, which was expensive compare with its amount. Furthermore, it is not suitable for every skin type.


Mamaearth vitamin C serum review:

This product solved skin pigmentation problems and treated uneven skin tone in users. It makes moisturizes your skin and gives it a lighter look.

Vitamin C serum fades skin spots, and the skin can absorb it easily within a couple of minutes. It contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is essential for owning healthy skin.

This serum does not work well on sensitive skin types. It increases the pimples and rashes and causes dryness. although it could not affect marks, too. It worked opposite in some cases.

Affects slowly, and because of that you need to buy it again and again, so financially do not recommend. Some reacted; it is a waste of money and no results.


Mamaearth Under eye cream review:

This product is loved for its natural ingredients, which do not harm the skin and eyes. It contains cucumber and caffeine and is reported to stand to its claims truly.

This cream was successful in fading dark circles and fine lines as well. Moreover, it causes to feel soft touch in under eyes.

Mamaearth under eye cream is lightweight, and skin can absorb it easily. It also can decrease puffiness. Packaging is attractive to buyers.

However, some claimed that it did not affect dark circles at all. Plus, it couldn’t disappear pigmentations and does not worth buying and use.

The positive reviews on Mamaearth under eye cream were more than its negative effects.


Mamaearth sunscreen review:

This sunscreen has a suitable color tone for Indian skin tone; and contains a light yellow tint that fits very well on Indian skin tone.

It creates good protection against sun lights, moreover, improve your skin quality. It doesn’t give a white cast to the skin at all.

Mamaearth sunscreen owns a mild scent and is made by natural ingredients rather than chemical ones. It can be used under makeup and absorbs easily.

This sunscreen was completely uncomfortable for sensitive skin types. It was allergic, and acne appeared after consumption.

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Mamaearth baby products review:

Many users claim that it is a big scam that claims to use natural ingredients in its products, but the fact is the opposite. Its smell also backs to chemical ingredients.

Shampoos are too much harsh for baby uses. They also did not satisfy with its packaging.

Compare with other baby products, Mamaearth products have less price than others. Moreover, people are encouraged to buy this product because of its natural ingredients.

A few people liked its all products, especially mosquito repellent; they bought it many times and reported good experiences with Mama Earth baby products.


Mamaearth tea tree face wash review:

This face wash causes fewer pimples and acne on the skin but can’t clear them up. In some cases, it brings the face burned in cheeks and nose due to chemical ingredients.

Most people are attracted to Mamaearth tea tree face wash because of its natural ingredients. However, they found that it is a chemical product sold in the name of a natural product.

Users liked its smell; this face wash has a great tea smell. Acnes and pimples got fade, and face skin became smoother than before.


Mamaearth aloe vera gel review:

You can use this aloe vera gel for multiple purposes; it will never irritate your skin and can absorb easily to the skin. Moreover, it has a good price compared with other aloe vera gels in the market.

It is usable for scalp massage and will control dryness and make your hair looks shiny. It is a natural product with no chemical ingredients.

Mamaearth aloe vera gel has good packaging. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any side effects, generally.

Apart from these positive reviews, some users claimed that it feels itchy and burns their face skin. Also, its smell was unpleasant.

This aloe vera gel is reported to cause red rashes and create dark spots on the skin. It does not get absorb rapidly and feels sticky.


Mamaearth Bye bye blemishes review:

This product by Mamaearth is effective on blemishes of skin; this product also treats hyperpigmentation. It also stopped acne from appearing and can clean the face-up.

It has a brilliant smell that is enjoyable while applying to the skin if you have a sensitive skin type. Bye-bye blemishes can be a good choice for your usage.

Many people were not satisfied with this product because it increased their pimples after applying. It didn’t feel comfortable on the skin and can be a waste of money.

A little comparison between 30ml bottle and 50ml one has been shown that 50ml bottle contains all great oils but 30ml one not. So it is not trustworthy.


Mamaearth hair fall kit review:

In addition that it couldn’t decrease the hair fall. It also caused to increase. It made hair and scalp dry. Moreover, it is too costly!

The packaging of this product is poor, so you probably fall into trouble if you order it online. It makes the hair more curly than before.

Besides all these negative comments, a few people reported a reduction in their hair fall and were satisfied with its good smell.


Should I buy Mamaearth products?

It is a personal choice to buy Mamaearth products or not. At first, you can give them a try; then, if you feel satisfied with the products, you can use them regularly.

Mamaearth is offering natural products with not no harmful chemical ingredients, which are looking a little bit unbelievable. So before every purchase, read the ingredients written on the product.

Before every order, please check reviews on several online shops, including Amazon and Flipkart. Search for honest reviews because every company has a digital marketing team, and they can encourage you as well.

Never trust YouTubers and bloggers in this field. They do advertising so surely they will talk about product’s positive points. Just look for reviews parts.

Mamaearth is not a fake company and doesn’t offer fake products, so it’s completely safe to purchase from this company.

If you are interested in buying the products but don’t know what you should do, first of all, search for the product’s review, then try to decide and buy. If a product works well with your skin or hair, keep buying and enjoy.



Consequently, it will be your choice to buy Mamaearth products or not. Negative comments can become from wrong using ways or sensitive skins. However, some positive reviews can be the digital marketing results of this brand.

If you decided to buy Mamaearth products, at least you can give them a try.


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