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Mallu Reshma is one of the most searchable lady in all over India; she is also known as Mysore Kalyan Nagar Reshma.

Read this article completely to know everything about mallu aunty Reshma movies, biography and career.


Mallu Reshma

Mallu Reshma Biography

Profession  Actress
Name  Mallu Reshma, Huma Khan
Nationality  Indian
Age  Not Known
Height 5 feet 3 Inches
Weight  62


Who is Mallu Reshma

Mallu Reshma is one of the most famous actress, and she specifically worked in Malayalam movies. Mallu is also known as Mysore Kalyan Nagar Reshma. She is count among the hot and beautiful actresses who ever worked in Malayalam Industry.

Although it’s been a long time since she has done any new movie, there is not much information about her. However, she is still a very famous actress among the youth even though she has not worked in film for 12 to 13 years.



Since childhood, it was Reshma’s dream to become a famous Malayalam actress. She was interested in working item songs and hot scenes; therefore, she is worked explicitly in those kinds of movies.

She started her film journey in the 90s decades. And she got the fame after working with a few famous other actresses such as Shakeela and Silk Smitha. Before appearing in the movie, she was doing some short videos.

However, she came to light after working in a famous movie known as Chilkamma in the 90s. One of the reasons that this movie became superhit was that many other actresses and actors were already well-known, such as Sindhu, Shakeela, Mamooty and Mohan Lal.

Mallu Reshma Movies

  1. Sundhara Kanyalu (Telegu)
  2. Mayuri (Telugu)
  3. Sundarikutty(2003)
  4. Vivadam (2002)
  5. Andala Sundari (Telugu)
  6. Miss Reshma (Telugu)
  7. Qatil Dilruba (Hindi)
  8. Prem Chakori (2002)(Hindi)
  9. Husn Tera Matwala Hai (Hindi)
  10. Kunwari Jawani (Hindi)
  11. Tan Ki Aag (Hindi)
  12. Bas Karo Tum (Hindi)
  13. Umang (Hindi)
  14. Hawas ke darinde (Hindi)
  15. Lovely (Malayalam)
  16. Dear Sneha and many more

Is Mallu Reshma hot

Definitely yes, she is beautiful. Therefore, she got many chances to work in different movies, which brought her into the limelight and made her famous among the youth.



Her career was going good, and she was a very famous actress. For the money, she started working on such kinds of movies which were not suitable for the youth and future generation.

That was one of the reasons for which mallu Reshma became more popular among youth. However, she has raised the matter of concern for the Government of India.

In order to stop her popularity among the youth, the Government of Kerala arrested Mallu Reshma along with other actress such as Simran and Ramya in 2007 and that was the decline of her career.

Although a producer who worked with her said that mallu Reshma has told him that she would never work in a movie which would be bad for the youth. The producer also said that she had never played any destructive role in her 40 plus movies. However, he was shocked to win. Mallu has worked in the wrong film for two lakh rupees.


How was injustice done to Mallu Reshma?

She faced injustice, Humiliation and much more problems throughout her life. Already society and the government was putting pressure on her. In that situation, the policemen asked her many irrelevant questions and harassed her too. Apart from this, the policeman started posting her videos on social media.

Nowadays, many Bollywood actresses and actors work in modern clothes and wear any clothes whichever they want to wear, but no police and government stop them. But it was different with Mallu Reshma police, and society disliked her for her wearing style. Sadly Media didn’t stand for her.

She got the popularity, but unfortunately, her popularity has turned into terrible disrespect. Because still many actresses and actors work in item songs and wear anything else, but they are still free.


Where is Mallu Reshma

She belongs to Bangalore, India. In 2015 it was a rumour that Mallu Reshma had died. Although it’s not confirmed yet, if she is alive, she might be in Bangalore because it was her hometown. However, her family also disowned her because of her film career. Therefore, she would be living in another city if the rumour of her death was not valid.



Reshma never wanted to work in bad films because her dream was to work in the Bollywood industry in Mumbai. According to some media reports, her family was against it, but she came to Mumbai to fulfil her dream.

Reshma struggled a lot but never got a chance to appear in a good Bollywood movie. Therefore, she started working in B or C grades films to survive in the dream city. On the other hand, she could not go back to her hometown because her family did not accept her.



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