Make MoneyHow To Make Money With Woodworking (38 Easy Ways)

How To Make Money With Woodworking (38 Easy Ways)

No matter how much we earn, we usually want to make more money, and some people are going through serious situations. They must make side hustles, especially single parents, or any other money-making business that can provide them extra income. Woodworking is one of the best businesses. 

I have seen people making up to $1000 daily by making woodcraft and selling wood items. So if they can do it, you can also do it. 

Nowadays, the woodworking industry is growing rapidly around the world. Therefore, it has become easier to make money from Woodworking by making some of the best wood products that sell. 

In this article, I will cover how to make money from Woodworking, the best wood projects that make money, and many other ideas to make money that are easy and generate more sales. 


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Make Money With Woodworking


What is Woodworking?

Okay, let’s assume you are a newbie. You do not know anything about Woodworking. The first question that will come up is what Woodworking is. 

Woodworking gives a new and memorable shape to the wood. People who give a new shape to wood are called carpenters. Look around yourself. Wood items like a computer table, beds, sofa, chairs, and many more surround you. All these are unique examples of wood workmanship, which has been going on for centuries and still exists today and will continue to be so.

Carpenters have increased the beauty of our homes because of their skills by making beautiful designs for us, such as sofa beds, sofas, etc. In many places, wood is used to build houses, especially in snowy areas, as it is affordable and good-looking.


Can you make money from Woodworking? 

We all know we can make money from Woodworking, but the question is, is it profitable? The simple answer is yes, you can make money from woot working if you create a unique product and your marketing studies are good, which I will explain in this article. 

But for now, let’s get an answer: Can you make money from Woodworking? If yes, then how?

Demand: Wood items dominate many other items as they look more premium. Secondly, wooden items look like a piece of art that people like to have in their homes. 

Versatility: Woodworking is not limited to beds, sofas, tables, etc. People like to decorate their homes with small items made of wood, like toys and other crafts designed by skillful workers.

Business opportunities: Nowadays, we see a lot of videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok where people promote their wood items. On the other hand, we see a lot of items being sold on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. Therefore, there is a large customer base, especially on online platforms, so that you can grow your business in the United States and even worldwide.

Profitable Business: Most people are doing 9 to 5 jobs, making $10,000 a month, and paying taxes, too. So they do not have as good an amount of money as you can achieve. Some people are making $30,000 a month from Woodworking. The business is profitable, which you can also take globally. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, but if you work hard, it is easy. Because if others are making up to $30,000 a month, you can also do that. 

Growing Interest: People are trying to become more environmentally friendly as we become more aware. For example, people used to give plastic or different gift boxes on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other event. But now, they use wooden items that look premium, beautiful, and attractive.


What are the tools that you need to start Woodworking? 

Did you know once Abraham Lincoln said If I have to cut down a tree in 6 hours, I will spend four sharpening the axe? So now you can understand why tools are important. Let’s know the most important tools you need to start Woodworking. You can buy these from Amazon or a nearby shop. 

Wood: To make a wood items

Safety equipment: Goggles, ear protection, a dust mask, gloves, proper footwear, etc.

Saws: To precise and efficient cutting of wood.

Clamps: To securely hold pieces of wood together while glued.

Hammers: To drive nails, set dowels, adjust joints, shape wood, etc.

Glue: To bond wood pieces together

Standing Blocks: For precise and controlled sanding of wood surfaces.

Screwdrivers: To insert or remove screws while assembling wooden components.

Routers: To shape wood surfaces, create decorative edges, etc.

These are some of the most essential tools a carpenter or a woodworker needs, but these are not enough. You will need much more to start a good business, such as a Dust Collection System, Workbench, Power Drill, Miter Saw, and Table Saw.

I recommend you not to compromise when buying tools for your work because my father was a carpenter about a decade ago. He bought a drill machine that costs less than $100, but he faces a lot of trouble while working. 

The reason he bought that product was that it was cheap. So, you should not do it if you don’t want to face trouble. I recommend you not to compromise with tools. If you buy lower quality products, they will stop working or sometimes will not work effectively.


How to make money from Woodworking?

This is the first question that comes to our mind. When we start a woodworking business, can I make money from Woodworking? The simple answer is yes.

You can make money from Woodworking, but you must have good skills. You must select a good niche, like what you will design, and create high-quality products. Your marketing strategies should be excellent; many more factors will determine how much money you can make as a woodworker. 

Some people $100 to $1000 from woodworkers, and they are ideals. If you start a company, you can make more money than this. 

Let’s understand how you can start a woodworking business, create the best woodworking projects to make money, and much more. 


Niche Research

Okay, this is the most important thing to determine your future, so you must research your niche. For example, what you want to do as a woodwork, whether to design art like curving wood or making bad so far, etc.

No matter whether you choose a big niche like making beds, sofas, computer tables, cabinets, etc., or you can choose another small niche like making a good piece of art by curving wood, etc.

You must always see your competitors, market trends, and what others are doing. What are the best wood projects that are in demand? Like them, you must upgrade your skills and learn more techniques related to your niche to rise in your field.

Another idea I would recommend is that you should choose or design a product unavailable in stores. Suppose your product is unique and rarely available online or offline. So, everyone will buy from you because you will be the only one to sell that product. Therefore, always focus on making unique products. 

You can also monitor social media trends and what products are being promoted on social media platforms, whether on TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, etc. Once you start watching these videos related to woodworking products, these platforms will recommend more products related to your niche. That’s how you will get more unique ideas.


Choose Products 

Though I have already mentioned, you need to research the niche and make sure which products are being sold which is more popular and highly beneficial. 

Besides this, I also recommend that products are mostly sold on any platform online or offline.

Woodworking is a worldwide famous business; therefore, it might be hard for you to choose a category. 

You can choose a category like you want to make boxes from wood, you can start designing different types of boxes for gifts, like a heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day, and many other different types of boxes for different people, like for children, for moms, father’s Day, etc. 

You must design products according to the festivals or events to boost your sales. For example, when Christmas is near, you must design a box related to Christmas. 

Besides this, if you do not know how to design a product, you can search on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or any other platforms. 

These platforms will help you to find a good product. Besides choosing an eCommerce platform, you can also watch YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and TikTok videos. 

Once you start watching videos related to your niche, most platforms recommend wood product videos to help you find a perfect product that will make a lot of money if your strategy is good. 


Market Research

Okay, so you have chosen the product categories and did niche research, so now it is time to do market research. 

No matter what business you are doing, Woodworking or anything else, you have to do market research to increase your business and product quality and get more ideas. If you do that, you can get an idea that other products from your careers are doing well in the offline and online market or not. 

If they are not performing well, you might like to make them more unique and attractive, or you do not have to work on those products. 

So firstly, you have to go to the market (Offline stores) and check out. If possible, ask which products are doing well in the market. However, a woodworker may hesitate to tell you because nobody wants to create a competitor. However, you have to know which products other woodworkers are selling.

Checking offline is not enough. Besides this, you also have to check online websites such as Etsy, Craigslist, eBay, etc. Although there are many websites, we are looking for those websites and applications that sell wooden products. There, you will see product reviews, and choosing a trendy product category will be easy.

Besides customer reviews, you will also see price descriptions and many other things related to the product you want to sell. So that’s how you will get a rough idea of how much money you can make and which product can benefit you.


Design unique products

I know finding low-competition products or products with no competition is difficult. No matter what wooden product you choose, you will always have to face some competitors in both the offline and online Market. 

The only way to beat your competitor is to make more reliable, unique, attractive products. You will design a piece of art; therefore, do not copy someone’s product. You need to make it unique. If the competitor’s product is red, it doesn’t mean you make it red. In simple words, do not be a copycat.

You should focus on the packaging if you sell a gift box on Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, or any other event. If the packaging is good and attractive, people will consider your product premium. 

For packaging, you have to check how other competitors are packing, just like doing some research. However, it should be unique and completely different from others.


Make Affordable Products

Okay, so you should make an affordable product, but that doesn’t mean you must use low-quality raw materials. I will explain where you can buy wood but remember you will not compromise on the quality. If the quality is good and the product is more affordable than your competitors, most people will choose your product, especially in the online Market. 

To find the best raw material, you can also check out nearby stores and other online marketplaces to get an Idea, and wherever you see the prices are lower and the material quality is good, buy that material. 

If you buy raw materials at a high price, your product will be the same as a competitor. But if you buy cheap raw materials with high quality, then your product will be more affordable. Then, most people will choose your product over your competitor’s products.

When you start working on wood products, you should not waste wood because it will be used in the future. I have seen my father using wood powder with glue to bond something. Therefore, you should not waste wood because you can use it somewhere that will save some money. 

These are some of the most important factors you must consider to make money with woodworking. 

I’ve seen many normal people work 9 to 5 and make about $10,000. On the other hand, I have also seen woodworkers making $20,000 to $30,000 a month. It will take some time to increase your business. If you want to see fast growth in your business, you can start making YouTube videos or advertise your product on Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Now, before we talk about how to make money from woodworking or wood projects that make money, let’s know where to buy wood.


How to Start a Woodworking Business? 

Starting a woodworking business is a great idea as it will provide you with a good income. If you are into crafts, you will enjoy this business, so let’s know what you have to keep in mind if you want to start a woodworking business.

Plan: Firstly, you need to plan how you will start your business, like price, marketing strategies, etc., and then analyze your competitors.

Skills: To take your business to the next level, you must acquire woodworking skills. If you have skills, you can design unique and trendy products and customize items, especially if you can focus on handmade wooden art.

Tools: I have already mentioned you must buy good tools, so do not compromise. If you think of buying cheap, they will start stopping while working. I had seen my father when he bought a cheap drill machine, and it used to stop while working. Trust me. It gave him so much headache.

License: Depending on where you live, you must get a license to start a woodworking business. You can Google your area to get an idea of the requirements to start a woodworking business there. 

Local Market: When you start creating wooden-made items, firstly, you need to approach your local community farmers, etc. You can also talk to retailers, interior designers, or contractors to see if they can promote your business.

Online Marketing: If you feel hesitant to talk to interior designers or local retailers, you can start selling products online on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. You can advertise your items or company on Facebook or through Google ads to get more attention.

Patent your design: If you have created a design that people have not seen before. Then, you have to license your design. So that if other retailers try to sell your design, they will have to pay some amount to you, it can be a better source of extra income. 

You have learned everything and will start a woodworking business. We will need wood for that, so Let’s understand where you can buy wood.


Where to buy wood?

Well! If you are trying to make money from woodworking, you will need wood and many other materials, but wood is the first thing you will use. If you have never purchased it, it can be overwhelming. 

I have heard people asking where I look for a good piece of wood for my work. Where do I purchase wood? What is a good price for a piece of wood? What kind of wood is better? Do we need a treated lumber? And so many other questions. 

Most of the time, beginners ask these questions, so I am giving you helpful information if you are a beginner.

Recognize the quality: If the wood is smooth, there is no crack on it, and it is dry, then it is considered that this type of wood is good for making wood items.

Local Store: If you are a beginner, you should go to the nearby hardware Store to buy wood or a renowned seller like Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Because if you go to the local store, you can feel and recognize the quality as I have mentioned above. 

One of the best things about Homedeopt and Lowes is that they will give you a piece of wood, whether you want a charge or small. 

However, it doesn’t mean you start asking them for a very small piece of wood; just make a small box, which they will not give you.

Price: Well! The price depends on the quality and the size. If you are willing to buy 2×4, it will cost around $3 or sometimes less on average. 

However, it depends on the project that you are trying to make. You can even buy wood that costs $100. 

I have an experience. Sometimes, my father used to buy a large piece of wood because he could design more products.

Lumber: As mentioned earlier, many people ask, especially newbies, do I need lumbar? Simply put, you do not need it if you are not working on outdoor projects.


13 Best ways to make money from Woodworking

Many wood products generate good income, but here, we will only discuss the best woodworking projects to make money. 

Also, if you have skills and can design unique products, you can generate huge income, but remember that your marketing strategies should be excellent. 

I mention the most popular woods and products that can attract anyone. 


1. Sell Crafts 

This is one of the most in-demand projects that you can work on. People want to have wooden art that looks unique and amazing.

This is the online era where people use online shopping platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. You can use one of the best platforms that you found easy or use all of them if you can manage. 

I recommend using one or two platforms to sell products because it will be easy to manage them.

If you are taking your business online, you need to think about the logistics of your business and how you would ship big projects like beds, sofas, etc. 

Because it is easy to ship small items, I recommend you start selling small projects, light-rolling pans, etc.

You can also create an online store, but you will have to shift your products here. You can join Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, where millions of sellers are already selling their projects.

Keep in mind that when you are selling Craft online, you have to take good-quality pictures. Focus on building a brand, and don’t forget to write your product description. 

More than quantity, you need to focus on quality to get a return user.


2. Build Furniture

Wooden Furniture is one of the best ways to make money from woodworking. My father was one of the people who used to make wooden Furniture. 

For centuries, we have been seeing Furniture made of wood being used. The Market is still growing. 

No matter how many small products come into the Market or what alternatives come, I do not think any other material can replace wooden Furniture. 

Therefore I suggest you focus on wooden Furniture. You can also sell it locally if you find it hard to take it online.

I know thousands of sellers are already focusing on wooden Furniture and are huge brands. 

You can do that too. Initially, you can start from Craft but must take it online to make a huge business. Remember that, at one time, this huge brand used to be small.


3. Sell Crafts Locally 

One of the best ways to make money from woodworking is selling Craft offline. You need to talk to farmers and other community members in your local areas. 

If you are designing woodcraft, you can also talk to interior designers or their companies to see if they can buy your product. If your product is unique, they will buy it. You only have to approach them. 

And do not forget to collaborate with local retailers and other furniture stores already selling large items. You can talk to them if they can take your item and sell it, you will give them 30%.  


4. Flip Furniture 

Flipping Furniture is another way to make money for woodworking. There are many online and offline thrift stores where you can get old Furniture in good condition that you can buy and resell.

For example, if you buy something for $100, you need to make it look new. By painting it or giving it a new look, you can add your profit and resell it for $200. 

So, this is a great opportunity if you are looking for a woodworking project that makes money. 

However, remember many times, you will face a situation when you will not get profitable Furniture in a thrift store. So, if you are doing a side hustle, you can flip Furniture. 

But if you are taking it as a business, you must also make new products along with Flipping Furniture. 

If you only flip Furniture, you can make about $1000 a month, and if you focus on new products, you will make more money depending on how many products you sell.


5. Teach woodworking classes

Nowadays, people are selling all types of courses online and offline. This is a great way to make more money, even when doing a woodworking business. Still, you can start giving woodworking classes to generate more income.

So, if you have expertise in woodworking, you can also provide classes on online platforms such as Udemy. 

Besides this, YouTube is another great option where you can upload tutorial videos, and if you start caring for views, you can also promote your product. And another option is a local community center where you can give classes locally. 


6. Sell woodworking plans

If you like designing woodworking projects and think they can generate good sales. Then, you can start creating and selling woodworking plans.

You can sell woodworking plans through an online marketplace or create a YouTube channel and promote your Patreon account, where you will be selling premium woodworking blueprints or plans.


7. Sell Custom Furniture

One of the best ways to make money from Woodworking is to start building custom pieces for people.

For example, you can build a table, computer table, bookshelf, desk, etc. And this is easier than making a craft because you need to create a unique design.

On the other hand, computer tables, bookshelves, desks, coffee tables, picnic tables, chairs, etc. are traditionally made similarly.

Secondly, custom-made furniture is expensive, so there is a high possibility that you can earn top dollar. So, it is easy to acquire woodworking skills to make money from your woodworking shop.

Do not compromise with the quality because high-quality custom-made furniture can cost thousands of dollars, and you can make hundreds of dollars in profit.

If the furniture design is good, you can make more money. You can design furniture such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, SolidWorks, etc.


8. Provide Woodworking Service

As I have mentioned, woodworking products like sofas, beds, computer tables, bookshelves, desks, coffee tables, picnic tables, and chairs are expensive.

Therefore, many people do not think about buying new furniture. Instead, they prefer to restore old furniture as it saves them money.

If people already use an expensive product, they will not consider buying another piece of furniture.

You can talk to a local interior designer, architect, or contractor to get more work in woodworking service because these people get more complaints.

Many interior designers provide a few years guarantee on their items, so if someone faces any problem, they send local woodworkers to repair that furniture.


9. Licence Your design

Suppose you have created unique products that people were not using before you and already have a small or large brand. You have to license your design.

For that, you can talk to local manufacturers or retailers and agree. They must give a one-time fee or royalties if they sell your product. So, licensing your design is one of the ways to generate passive income, as you do not have to work.

Your product will make you money that you have designed only for one time.


10. Local woodworking Store

I know everyone cannot start a woodworking store. It will take a lot of money. However, if you have money to start a woodworking store, go for it.

Through a woodworking Store, you can let others complete their project and charge some money. Besides this, you can also keep working on your project. In this way, you will earn in two ways.

However, if you are new, I do not recommend starting a woodworking business by making a local woodworking store because it might be risky. But if you are still ready to take risks, I recommend you do more research on it.

As I said, it is risky, but if you do market research and build strategies like attracting customers to your location, it can also be very profitable, where you will be making thousands of dollars monthly.


11. Sell online courses

If you want to make passive income, you can start selling online courses. You will have to design a course only once; if you attract students, you will start making passive income.

If you give classes in person or in the local community, you have to be present every day, and you will be asked many questions. If you want to avoid these things, going online is the best thing. And I have seen people making thousands of dollars monthly by recording and selling one course.


12. Start a YouTube channel

One of the great ways to make money from woodworking is by creating a YouTube channel about woodworking.

Because many woodworkers are already making money in different ways, they promote affiliate links to their products and generate revenue from Google ads.

Initially, you will not get views on your videos. In that case, you can start uploading short videos on YouTube. It will be helpful to get views. So YouTube is a decent way to make money online from woodworking.

To start a YouTube channel, you need a camera. You can also use an iPhone. You will teach about DIY wood crafts to sell and much more.

Once you start seeing growth in your YouTube channel, you can take it to advance and upload more advanced videos on different projects.


13. Start a blog

Like a YouTube channel, you can also create a blog to write articles related to woodworking and share your experience to make some extra dollars monthly, so we can also call it passive income.

Remember that your blog will not start getting traffic within a few days. You will have to give a year one more, depending on how many articles you write and what quality you provide through your articles.

There are many ways to make money from your blog. Some of them are you can promote other affiliate products related to woodworking. You can sell online courses where you will be teaching woodworking. Google ads and many other digital products can be sold through a blog.

To start a blog, you must find a domain related to woodworking, buy good hosting, and install WordPress and theme. After that, I started writing articles.

You also have to learn SEO to get traffic on your blog.

Thousands of people create blogs daily, but most leave because they do not know how to blog. If your content is helpful, Google will rank your article on its first page.

However, you can promote your blog on your social media page if you already have enough followers on Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media platform.


14. Rent Out Space

Suppose you have extra space, like a garage or a shop you are not using anymore. You can run it out to other woodworkers and earn passive income.

The money you will make from this space can be used to develop this space more. You can also start creating more products or Flipping furniture. For example, you first need to buy old furniture, renew it, and resell it.

So, if you only rent your space, you can make a few hundred dollars, but if you also work with it, you can make more money.


Best wood projects that make money

1. Wooden Cutting board

Where are you wooden cutting boards for centuries, but they are very simple. So, engraving them with a beautiful theme or message is better. So, it can be a personalized gift for someone, especially for weddings or housewarming.

You can design wooden cutting boards on Mother’s Day, and before Mother’s Day, you can advertise it on Facebook or Google ads. It may generate sales, as many people would like to gift these beautiful cutting boards to their mothers.


2. Personalized signs

One of the best woodworking projects that sell is engraved wooden signs, especially for most businesses, homes, and interior designers who prefer these Personalized signs.

Examples of personalized signs are wedding welcome signs, shop signs, etc. So, you can start creating wood signs in different shapes and customize them with a personalized message per your client’s demand.


3. Wooden Toys

Kids like toys too much, but wooden toys can also decorate your home. Not only children but adults will also find it beautiful.

Secondly, most toys are plastic made. On the other hand, people are becoming more environmentally friendly, so that they will choose wooden toys.

Looking at the vintage decorative items, you will find wooden toys looking more beautiful. Secondly, they provide a premium look.

This is why people consider exchanging wooden gifts on Christmas, New Year’s, and other festivals and events.

Some of the most wooden toys are wooden blocks, puzzles, trains, dollhouses, etc. These are small woodworking projects to make money.


4. Home decor items

Home decor is one of the most profitable wood crafts to sell. You can start designing candle holders, decorative trays, etc. These are some of the most important things that attract buyers, especially interior designers, contractors, etc.

There is a high profit margin for home decor items. They take less wood, and you will not take too long to build them. Besides this, people do not think of repairing these items; they simply replace them with new items.


5. Rolling Pan

We have been using rolling pens for centuries, but they used to be very simple and not stylish, so if you can design a rolling pin engraved with various designs such as flowers or other themes.

It can generate too much sales as it will be looking unique. Secondly, it will make the cooking experience interesting. And people will also like to give them a rolling pan on Christmas or at someone’s wedding.


6. Picture frames

I have pictures on my room’s wall. All of them are in frame. Like me, many people want to display a beautiful picture on their room’s wall. Therefore, you can start designing frames with beautiful patterns, personalized messages, or meaningful quotes.

The more your picture frame looks good, the more money you will make. You can also consider curving wood. It may generate more sales.


7. Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are easy to make and one of the easy woodworking projects to profit from. If you don’t even know how to make a planter box, you can learn it, which is very easy. People give it on New Year and many other occasions.


8. Wall Arts

Did you know you can make up to $50 from wall art? Yes, that’s true because it is one of the best woodworking projects that makes money. And it does not take too much time. Within 2 hours, you can complete it even if you are a newbie. If you spend too much time on it, you will make over a hundred dollars.


9. Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree

This is one of the best festivals on the planet. We waited the whole year for it. But most people use plastic and different things for a Christmas tree. It is better if you are providing a wooden Christmas tree with a unique design. It can generate many sales on Lion and in the offline market.


10. Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks are among the best woodworking crafts that sell. And the demand is still increasing because people are becoming more environmentally friendly. It looks attractive and increases the beauty of the room, therefore many people would like to buy this.

If you want, you can start designing wine racks and selling in online and offline markets. Keep in mind. The more unique designs you make, the more chances you will have to generate online or offline sales.


11. Fruit Bowls

Wooden Fruit Bowl is among the easy wood projects to make money. They are created to store wood and increase the room’s beauty; therefore, people like to buy them.

If you can create eye-catching bowls, you will have a high chance of generating sales. Interior designers prefer wooden bowls as they look more beautiful than normal, as seen in any commercial advertisement.

If you are willing to sell wooden bowls in an online marketplace, I recommend using good packaging as it will leave a good impression on the customers. Therefore they may consider buying more products from your stores.


12. Coat Racks

Coat Racks are among the most profitable wood crafts to sell as they can increase the beauty of anyone’s home. They last long. So, if you are looking for woodworking projects for money, you can design a coat rack and sell it in the local market.

However, you will need some skills to craft a coat rack, as it is not easy for newbies.


13. Kitchen Racks

Thousands of interior designers prefer Kitchen Racks. Even if someone has a modular kitchen, they still ask for Kitchen Racks to store mugs and other things.

It is quite similar to wall shelves, but we cannot compare it with wall shelves because it’s smaller. You can generate too many sales on eBay or Etsy on festival lights, Christmas, or Easter.


14. Wall Shelves

Wall Shelves are among the best easy wood projects to make money from. Most interior designers prefer wall shelves to increase the charm in the drawing room. People who are designing modern homes always like to have wall shelves.

It is very useful for them. Besides this, it is also easy to learn and to make. It does not require too many skills like other wooden crafts. With the minimum woodcraft skills, you can start money and get a good profit.


15. Dog Home

Dogs are considered humans’ best friends; therefore, people care for their dogs. This is one of the reasons people can give anything to their pets.

People always want to give their dogs space, so look for a small home or bed. Traditionally, people buy plastic homes, but now they are becoming more eco-friendly, so they prefer to buy wooden homes for dogs and cats. You can start designing a unique home for dogs to make money as a woodworker.


16. Birdhouse

Making a birdhouse can be profitable if you are looking for DIY wood crafts to sell. People with a garden or backyard always look for a birdhouse to increase the beauty of their backyard.

A birdhouse made of wood looks more beautiful than a traditionally iron or ammonium-made birdhouse. It’s eco-friendly and does not change its color.

And making a birdhouse is easy with hardwoods like redwood, cedar, Cypress, etc. If your design looks more beautiful and unique, it will catch people’s eyes and generate sales.


17. Jewellery Box

A wooden jewelry box looks amazing and charming; therefore, people gift jewelry boxes on Christmas. So that their loved one or relative can store their jewelry, most people like to give it to their mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife; therefore, you can design a jewelry box in a unique way that looks amazing and a good piece of art.

You do not need many skills to design a jewelry box as it requires limited resources. A good quality box can give you a high profit.


18. Wooden Clocks

Clocks are other wood projects that make money and good profits, and they require minimal skills. This is the most popular item people give each other on any occasion.

Not only just to check the time but also to increase the beauty of the wall. And the wood looks Amazing on the wall. Therefore, a lot of people would like to buy a wooden clock.


19. Wood Utensils

Wood Utensils are other woodworking projects that make money. People traditionally use Utensils made of aluminum or plastic. Meanwhile, wood Utensils are eco-friendly. Therefore, you can design a good piece of art or curve wood Utensils.


20. Blanket Ladder

If you go to the local market or online marketplace such as Etsy, you can see that Blanket Ladder costs $50 to $100 or even more. And they are not very tough to make. They require minimal skills and do not take too much time.


21. Cabinets & Drawers

Cabinets and drawers cost hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on their size, quality, and design. If you can design a beautiful cabinet, you can make a lot of money from this wood project. However, you are required to have good skills because it is not as easy as Blanket Ladder or other woodworking projects that make money.


22. Picnic Tables

People go out with their kids and other family members on picnics. So, they look for a picnic table. If you can design a small, beautiful picnic table, you can make a good profit, and it does not take too many days. You can complete a picnic table within a few hours and sell it.


23. Wood Carving

Wood carving is one of the ancient arts, and it requires a lot of skills. It is not easy, so you need some skills to earn money from wood carving.

Besides skills, you need to have some experience, which you can gain over time or take classes. Once you learn it, you can make too much money from it because everyone cannot do it.


24. Coaster

Coaster is another easy woodworking project that can be sold easily and profitably. There are many types of materials that you can use to design a coaster. Some of them are cork, wood, and recycled leather.



Woodworking is a very good business you can do at a small or international level. However, making a huge business requires good marketing strategies, skills, and many things.

But if you don’t want to take it to the national level, you just want woodworking as a side hustle to make money. Still, you have to learn some skills and start working on easy projects, as I have mentioned earlier in this article.

If you start selling woodworking projects online, you can consider using Etsy. It is one of the best platforms to sell art. So, if you are creating a piece of art made of wood, besides Etsy, you can also list your items on Amazon, eBay, etc.

And if you are building a woodworking business, build a website, YouTube channel, social media platform, etc. It will help you to scale up your business.


What are some profitable woodworking projects for beginners?

Some of the most profitable wood-working projects for beginners are Cutting boards. Plant stands, Wine racks, Smartphone/tablet stands, Wooden toys, Wooden utensils, Wooden jewelry, Wall shelves, etc.


How can I sell Woodworking projects online?

If you want to start selling woodworking projects online, you need to keep some things in mind, including:

Certainly, here are the steps to sell woodworking creations online:

Create high-quality products, and take high pictures of your products.

Build a website and Utilise the online marketplaces, and don’t forget to set competitive prices.

Manage payments and shipping and establish a social media presence to attract more buyers.

Engage with customers, take their feedback, and satisfy them if you want to make a brand. And you can also consider collaborations.


Tips for affordable and quality wood materials?

Some of the best places to get affordable quality wood materials are Local sawmills, Reclaimed wood, Online marketplaces, Woodworking clubs, Local woodworking schools, Discounted wood lots, etc. You can use anyone. Wholesale is another best option to buy affordable materials.


How can I determine the right pricing for woodworking products?

Firstly, you need to do market Research. You have to see how others are selling the same product. After That, you must calculate the cost, including labor time, material, etc. After that, add some profit margin, like 20% or 30%, depending on you and the competitors.

What are the best marketing strategies that woodworkers can use to attract customers?

Some of the best marketing strategies to start any business are creating a social media account and uploading quality pictures daily; if you have a website, you can do an email listing and participate in craft fairs and markets.

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