How To Make Money On All Things Worn (Review)

all things worn

Do you know that you can sell anything for money if you have the art of selling? Inflation is rising worldwide, not only in the USA or Canada, while people’s income is not rising accordingly. So how good it would be to find a better source for making extra income from your home?

To earn money from the method that I am going to explain, you need to be open-minded or have modern thoughts. I will discuss how you can make $400 to $1000 by selling panties, socks, gym clothes, and unwanted clothes. Besides this, I’ll also tell you how you can earn money by selling digital content on All Things Worn.

Keep in mind that your age should be at least 18 years old or older if you want to work on All Things Worn (ATW).


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all things worn

What is All Things Worn?

All Things Worn is a marketplace created for buyers and sellers. You can sell panties, socks, gym clothes, and even digital content there. It is one of the most reliable platforms. Besides this, you can also purchase any used thing.

But mostly women sell digital content on All Things Worn, and men are mostly buyers. Most women only buy clothes, panties, shoes, underwear, etc. However, it is widely famous for digital content. Selling unwanted clothes, shoes, etc, is like extra topping on the pizza.

When you are selling digital content, you may feel a little wired because it is specially designed for that. For some people, it is normal to get into this because they are already working on various websites such as onlyfans and other feet pics selling website that also allows you to same digital content and earn money.

The benefit of the website (ATW) is that you don’t have to give any commission on your earnings.

Therefore, if you think you can behave normally on this website and provide high-quality content. So I would recommend you to work there and give it a try. There are I have read various reviews and saw most sellers and buyers are happy with ATW.

However, if you accept all terms and conditions and you are ready to be a little naughty and open-minded, then you can generate extra income with ATW. Because, in general, it’s an adult material website, let’s no more about this website in detail.


How much money can you make on All Things Worn (ATW)?

There is no specific answer to this question. Your earnings depend on many factors. I have seen people who are making $500 or more, and I have also seen people who are not making anything because they’re not working as they should.

One of the factors that determine your earnings is how much content you are providing. There are specific rates for specific content, such as 2 videos at $40 each = $80, panties at $25, 1 naughty at $50, 1 photo at $15 each, bra at $40, and 1 pair of leggings at $30. If somebody wants to talk to you privately for content, you can charge as much as you want.

According to the CEO of “All Things Worn,” their platform is gaining popularity from around the world. There are many women who are selling their content to rich people. On the other hand, there are many women who are looking for quality clothes at cheap prices so they look for ATW.

However, you will have to make some effort. For example, first, you will have to attract buyers, and once somebody wants to buy your product, then you need to shift that item to their home. If there is a male who wants digital content from you, you can negotiate the price, especially when you are a beginner.


What can you sell?

There is a misconception about ATW that you can only sell panties there, but that’s not true. There are many categories there to sell besides panties, such as used gum, sex toys, face masks, used shoes, underwear, hosiery, shirts, gym clothes, toothbrushes, and most importantly, Digital content that will help you to get the most revenue.

Some customers may also ask you to be in a relationship for a short term, for which they will pay money. On the other hand, you might also be asked for sexting. If you are interested in sexting, then you can check out our article, where I explain how you can make money from sexting.


Is All Things Worn legit?

All Things Worn is one of the most legit websites for selling and buying products, whether they are digital content such as videos or physical products such as panties. T

hey have good ratings for security and privacy and secure transactions. One of the best things is that ATW is not charging commissions for now, and they are providing 24/7 support to their customers, whether they are buyers or sellers.

They have a specific team for scammers that have a job to delete all the accounts that are fake and trying to scam sellers. So, being a seller, you should be afraid of being scammed; if you ever feel suspicious activity, then you can block that account, or you can report it to customer service.

However, it is not really easy for you or even the customer service to identify a scammer. And it is not only with the ATW, you may find them on every website whether it is about selling foot pics, digital content, or anything else.

You can identify scammers if someone is offering too much money than your expectations and more than the real cost of the product. Or somebody is asking you to provide him with digital content, and he’ll pay in person. So you need to be smart there, first take money, especially for digital content, then provide the instant content for money.


Is selling on All Things Worn safe?

We have discussed the legitimacy of All Things Worn, i.e., ATW. So again I would say this website is a hundred percent safe and genuine, nobody can see your contact number, Gmail ID, or other private details.

On the other hand, All Things Worn gives you the right to anonymously sell anything that you want. Also, you can hide your face, or change locations to make yourself more secure.

However, as I have said before, if you see any suspicious activity then you can report it to the admin team. If somebody wants to meet you in person, you can say no to him because it may be a scam and dangerous for you, too, at the same time. So keep Business aside, and do not come into the trap of sweet talker; it applies to both buyers and sellers.


All Things Worn pricing and commission

First of all, All Things Worn is a website that does not have an application on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Therefore, if you want to work on this, you need to open their website because you can’t find their application on the Play Store.

They have a membership plan for sellers, so if you are a seller, you can pay around $15 every month. And if you are serious about it and want to make extra income, you can buy a package of 6 months in which you will have to pay money for 5 months and you will get one month free.

Once you have the premium membership, you will have many benefits. For example, you can send unlimited messages to strangers, add polls, find potential buyers, add unlimited items that you are willing to sell, and add images to your feed to attract more buyers.

They are taking money for creating an account and asking for some money from the sellers because they do not charge commissions. Many websites allow you to sell videos and pictures, for example, OnlyFans, but it takes around 20% of your total income. For example, if you are making $100, they will take $20 out of it.

On the other hand, if you are making $100 on All Things Worn, you will keep $100. If you are making $100 every month and paying $15, it is still less than other websites, and there is no limit. You can make much more money by selling panties and various other items.


How do you get paid on All Things Worn?

Okay, so this is the most important thing: how do you get paid? However, remember there are many other legitimate ways to make extra income if you are a single mom, but if you want to make money right now from ATW, you need to know how you get paid here.

There is a currency on All Things Worn, which is known as KinkCoins, so when a buyer pays you money, you will get KinkCoins. You will have to provide some data to All Things Worn, as you do not have to give your PayPal or bank details to the stranger. This Makes it more secure, especially for payment and transactions.

However, there is a high chance that websites like PayPal and Venmo will stop money withdrawal from All Things Worn because they find it 18+ Business. However, you don’t need to worry that you can still withdraw that amount.

Plus, you can use kinkcoins to buy other items, such as clothes, pay a membership fee of $14.99, tip other buyers or sellers, and use that money to promote items that you are willing to sell.

One KinkCoins is equal to $.10, which means you will need 10 KinkCoins to make $1 or 100 KinkCoins to make $10. However, if you want to get cash in a PayPal account, then you can ask the buyer directly to pay money first into your PayPal account then you will send the digital content.

And if you are a buyer and want to buy digital content, if you like a creator or seller, you have to open their website and buy KinkCoins.

If you are a seller who has made at least 300 KinkCoins, which means $30, then you are eligible to withdraw that amount, and for that, you will need to provide some details about yourself. Firstly, you need to create a Bitsafe Talent Account and then provide your IBAN.

Once you have a minimum of $30, which means 300 coins, you can request a withdrawal, and for 7 days, Bitsafe will hold your income. I have mentioned that there are no charges for making money on ATW, but Bitsafe takes some commission for transactions.

If you’re from the United States, you will have to pay $5 for a transaction because you are withdrawing in dollars, while if your currency is Euro, you only need to pay 0.75c.

However, you need to become a verified seller if you want to make money from it because only premium sellers can verify their identity. Without identity, you can’t withdraw your amount into Bitsafe.

So if you want to make money from it you must have to pay for the membership otherwise you cannot pay money. This is the way All Things Worn makes money.

If you don’t want to get KinkCoins because it is a little tricky, first you get money in KinkCoins, then you have to withdraw that in your Bitesafe account and from there to your bank account.

So, I have a simple idea: you can directly talk to the buyer and tell him to pay money into your people account directly in order to provide him with content. However, you might get scammed; therefore, you need to get money first.


How to sign up as a seller

If you want to make money from All Things Worn “ATW,” you need to open their website, click on the join button, provide some details about yourself, and create an account where you can buy a premium membership, which will cost around $15.

After that, you need to set up an account in which you have to create a checklist to help other people find your profile. For example, you can upload a profile picture and bio that you usually add on Instagram, too. And then tell what service you are offering, like whether you are selling underwear or digital content as well.

You need to decide why you are clearing an account. You want to sell digital content or physical content such as underwear or workout clothes. So, whatever you are offering, you need to list that thing in your bio or account. If you do not feel complete information, you may not attract potential from us, which means you will not be making enough money.

If you are selling a physical item such as underwear, panties, shoes, clothes, etc., you need to take a high-quality picture and upload it. You can also write about whether it is branded or not and how much your product costs in much more detail about it.

On the other hand, if you want to sell digital content such as photo videos, etc., you need to buy a membership that will cost $15 and then promote your profile. You will always get an advantage if your photos and videos have good tags, descriptions, names, prices, etc. You can upload 15 files at the same time which includes 5 videos and 10 photos.

You have to remember some important things if you want to attract potential buyers. For example, you need to stay active and repost at least one post every day. By doing so, you will attract more buyers, and if you do not do so for a long time, then you may lose them.

You should not repost all of your pictures and videos at one time. Instead, you can repost around 5 pictures or videos in one day if you want to keep your profile on top.


How to make more money on All Things Worn

1. Talk good to attract potential buyers

First of all, you need to make your profile look beautiful and have to make sure what you are going to provide to the buyers. No matter if you are selling digital content or physical content, you need to be good with your words and talk nicely.

Your words are going to play a very big role even if you do any business in real life. If you talk nicely, you can attract any man, or you can generate a sale due to your politeness and the way you talk.


2. Stay Active

One of the things that many sellers say is that you need to be active on the platform. Not sure if the site likes to show active profiles or if buyers take notice of active sellers and just buy from them.

It happens on almost all websites. When you are active, you get more buyers. I have worked on Fiverr, and whenever I was activated, I got more buyers who wanted me to work for them. When you are active on All Things Worn, the website will show active members first, so there will be a high chance that you will get a buyer.

I know it might be a little harder for you to stay active all day because it is not Instagram or TikTok where you can scroll down and stay engaged. So, in that case, you can check All Things Worn every hour so you do not feel bored.

Another way to stay active is that you can view other sellers if you are feeling bored. However, I prefer you to check your profile every few hours so that the website will show you on top.


3. Provide Details

People want to know who they are buying from. So write about yourself! Your likes & dislikes, your personality, etc. My best advice is to sign up and browse other profiles to see how others write about themselves. Don’t copy them, but use their profiles to inspire you to write about yourself.

No matter what you are trying to sell or buy, you need to provide the details about yourself and about the thing that you are going to sell. You can provide the details about yourself when you create an account and buy a premium membership.

When you have listed items for sale, such as you are going to sell workout clothes, you can write how old those clothes are and what their brand is.

Because of that, people can get a rough idea of what they are going to buy, and even if you are selling digital content, you have to provide some details. For example, if you are selling digital content, you can tell your buyers what you can do for them and what you cannot do.


4. Focus on Photo Quality

Whether you are selling digital content or physical ones such as bra gym workout clothes, panties, bras, or shoes, you need to provide a high-quality picture that has a clear background so people can judge the quality of the product.

Pictures and videos are going to play a very big role in attracting buyers. When you have a good profile picture, it will attract buyers, and when the picture is not looking beautiful, you can’t attract. And I am not talking about your physical appearance for digital content or quality or the brand of your clothes. I am just talking about the way you take the picture.

If you are selling bras, panties, or gym workouts, it is better if you wear them and take sexy pictures and upload them.


5 . Be a financially smart seller

You need to check out the competition, and for that, you need to check other people who are selling the same content as yours. After that, you have to decide your pricing.

And here is a basic thing that you have to remember. For example, you want to sell sports clothes for $50, so you need to calculate the total price.

Such as how much money you will have to pay to the company that will shift your product to the buyer’s house and how much the box, tissue paper labels, etc, will cost. Including all of that amount, you have to set a total price.

One of the best ideas is that you can offer free shipping to the buyers. I am not saying that you will not charge for this; you can include that price in the total cost. For instance, You want to sell clothes for $30, and the shipping company is charging $15 to deliver the item to the buyer’s home.

In that case, you should price your clothes as “Sports Clothes for $45 with FREE SHIPPING”. This is how you can attract buyers.


Price guide for All Things Worn Sellers and buyers

As I have mentioned before, you need to include the price that you have spent on preparing and sending the items, such as washing, taking pictures, and some of your profit, then set the price. On the other hand, you can also buy cheap products from other sellers and them for a higher price.

You can sell a bra for $30 to $50, shoes for around $40 to $50, photos bundle (10+ photos) for $30 to $40, videos for $5, and customized video for $1 to $2 per minute, gym clothes $25 or more.

However, many things will determine the price of your product. Most important is the brand, and second is the condition. If you have branded clothes that are in good condition, then undoubtedly, you can sell them at a higher price.


Things you should remember when selling on All Things Worn

There are some guidelines they apply to all buyers and sellers that everyone must follow in case you do not want to get blocked by them. First of all, you do not have to upload naked pictures in your profile. However, you can do that in your feed when your profile is locked and only buyers can see that.

Always remember to take a screenshot or keep receipts when you for a few days in case somebody wants to scan you so you can prove him wrong. For example, if somebody is asking you to ship him a few clothes, in that case, you need to ask him to send his address and then take a screenshot.

Then, shift that item to his address. Later, if he says that he did not receive the items, you can show him the address that he provided.

If you do not want to receive Coinkink, then you can add your payment method to your profile, such as your PayPal ID, etc. Besides this, it is also good to provide more payment details in your bio, which the buyer has to pay on the first day in a PayPal account.

You can also provide your other account details. For example, you want to get a buyer from All Things Worn but don’t want to work there, so in that case, you can provide your Instagram handle, email, etc, in your bio.

If somebody wants to get digital content, they can contact you directly, and when they contact you can ask them to send money via PayPal and then provide them with content. But do all of these things in your profile, not in the published dashboard.

You must stay away from the person who newly came to you on All Things Worn and asked you to come on Instagram or asked for your personal phone number or email ID. He might be forcing you, so in that case, it might be a scam.

It is better if you stay away, besides this you can also report to the customer service if you feel suspicious.

Always keep track of the order of whatever you are going to sell. Always take an eye on order fulfillment. It will help you and the buyer as well, especially since you must remember that you have received the payment and the correct address before you decide to shift an item.

You must remember that there is only something that it allows you to sell, such as your panties, bras, sports clothes, dresses, digital content, etc., so if you are trying to sell any illegal thing such as animals underage, blood, then you may get into serious consequences. It is battery even if you do not upload these kinds of pictures that are promoting any illegal content on ATW.

You need to be polite on ATW; otherwise, you will get blocked, so you need to maintain some dignity whether you are a buyer or a seller. If you are verbally abusing, harassing, or abusing someone, there is a high chance you will get blocked.

This platform is specially designed for women sellers, and if you are a man or even a woman who wants to make money from it but doesn’t want to show herself. And stealing someone else’s content or any content that already exists on social media so that case, once their team gets to know about you, they will block you.

Also, if you are creating orders and not fulfilling them, you will still get blocked because they have a no-tolerance policy.


Pros & cons of selling on All Things Worn?

There are many pros and cons of this website, but I have only discussed the important ones.


The best thing that I like about All Things Worn is that it is not like other websites, such as onlyFans, where you have to pay 20% of your earnings. Instead, here, you have to pay only $15 a month, and after that, no matter how much you earn, you will keep all of your income.



There is a high chance that sometimes you may get scammed by a buyer or a seller. But it is only if you cannot recognize suspicious people.

Besides this, you will have to make an effort for shipping, because it is not really easy. However, if you are doing this only in the United States of America, it might be a little easier.

Another thing that I don’t like about this website is that if you are a buyer, you might get into a trap; this is not really serious. Sometimes sellers create different buyer accounts, and they buy pictures from their accounts to show other buyers that they have too many buyers.

You have to buy a premium membership, which costs around $15. However, you keep a hundred percent of your income. But it would be better if they would let you create a free account, and once you withdraw your balance, they could have cut $15, which is the premium membership fee.

However, if you want to pay money later, if you do not have it right now, so, it is better if you create an account on FeetFinder because it lets you create an account for free. They have over 100,000 verified models, but they will keep 20% of your income. The benefit of this website is that it is one hundred percent reliable and older.


All Things Worn Reviews

There are both types of people who are happy with All Things Worn and many people are not very happy with the same site because it does not have a lot of traffic as compared to others such as OnlyFans and FeetFinder. Etc. Therefore, not too many reviews are available on TrustPilot or any other website.

There are not too many happy or unhappy sellers, if you want you can try this website, otherwise, I would recommend you to FeetFinder, as this is the most genuine website and it is popular as well, and they have a good system and a big team.


All Things Worn FAQ

What are KinkCoins?

It is a currency that is used on All Things Worn. 1 KinkCoin is equal to $0.10, and you need to have at least 300 coins, which means $30 to withdraw in Bitsafe.


Who buys used clothes or appliances?

Well, there are many other websites where you can sell used appliances, but this website, “ATW,” is a specialty designed for digital content and sells panties, bras, and other used items. So you can sell digital content or your clothes as well there.


Is there any alternative to All Things Worn?

Credit: FeetFinder

Yes, I would recommend you use FeetFinder. It allows you to sell Feet pictures and digital content. This is the most reliable website. I have also reviewed FeetFinder. They have a very good customer support system and are continuously reducing scammers.

They also have over 4.9 ratings out of five on various ratings platforms. It is secure, safe, and reliable, with over 100,000 verified models and continuously growing more and more.


Can people see my private details on All Things Worn?

They cannot see any of your private details like your contact number, email ID, etc. All they can see is what you are providing, such as your profile pictures, bio, and if they have subscribed to you. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your private details; it is only between you and All Things Worn.


How do I get paid on All Things Worn?

I assume that you are a seller who is selling panties, bras, and digital content as well. So you will receive a coinkink. It’s the currency name of ATW, 10 KinkCoins equal to $1, so when you have a minimum balance of 300 KinkCoins ($30), then you can withdraw that amount through Bitsafe.

It is an alternative to Venmo, PayPal, etc, because these websites do not accept payment from All Things Worn. You will have to pay a $5 platform fee.


How much money can you make selling panties on All Things Worn?

Well! It depends on various factors on how much money you can make on All Things things worn by selling panties, such as what is the brand of your panties and what is their condition. See, you must be making from $200 to $700 if you’re buying at cheap and selling.



I hope you like this way to make extra income from your home in your comfort zone where you do not have to make too much effort, and you can make a lot of income. You need to stay patient because, initially, it will take time to grow your profile. However, you need to repost your post again and again at least one time in 24 hours.

And I would recommend that if you feel comfortable while selling digital content, then you should sell it and provide your high-quality pictures or videos. If you are not feeling comfortable, then you can simply sell bras and other clothes.

One thing that I like about this website is that it does not have a 20% commission rate, so no matter if you are making $100 or $1000 a month, in both cases, you will have to pay only $15 a month. If you make $1000 on other websites, such as OnlyFan, it will charge around 20% means $200.


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