HistoryMajor dhyan Chand | History, Biography, Achievements

Major dhyan Chand | History, Biography, Achievements

Major Dhyan chand

Dhyan Chand Biography

If you play hockey and you don’t know about Major Dhyan Chand, then in reality you are not playing because Dhyan chand was the greatest hockey player.

Major Dhyan chand illuminated the name of India all over the world and has won the hearts of many people even a dictator like Adolf Hitler.

Even in modern times, Major Dhyan chand is called the king of hockey and he has been mentioned in many school books in India.

He used to get rid of the sweat of his opponents. You can get a sense of his greatness that he was a player like Ronaldo Messi in football, Mohammed Ali in boxing, Sachin in cricket, and Bruce Lee in martial art.

Major Dhyan Chand is also known as the Hockey Wizard due to his greatness.

Alauddin Khilji

Early Life and Education

Major Dhyan Chand was born on 29 August in the year 1950 in Allahabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh. His real name was Dhyanchand Singh

Major Dhyanchand lived in Allahabad since childhood, which is now known as Prayagraj but his father’s transfer was to Jhansi. And for this reason, Dhyanchand could not study well and he left school after sixth grade.


Dhyanchand’s Hockey Career

Dhyanchand’s real name was Dhyan Singh and he was poor as a child, often he used to make his hockey by plucking wood from a tree and made a ball by bringing a cloth from home.

Once a hockey match was going on, Major Dhyanchand went to the stadium with his father to watch it. Seeing the losing team in that match, Dhyanchand had said that “I would like to play on behalf of the weaker team because I can change the entire game of the losing team”

The things Dhyanchand was talking to his father were heard by an officer, therefore that officer told Major Dhyanchand to go to the ground.

At the time Major Dhyanchand was just 14 years old and when he went to the ground, he scored four consecutive goals.

Seeing all this, his father, officer, and all other members watching the match on the ground were completely surprised.

When he was 16, he joined the Indian Army and continued to play hockey.

After joining the Indian Army, Dhyanchand did not have time to play hockey, due to which he had to play hockey at night. Although there was no light facility available at that time, despite this, Dhyanchand used to play in the light of the moon.

Dhyanchand was very fond of playing hockey, so even while in the Indian Army, he paid full attention to his hockey career and due to his passion, he was selected for the Indian hockey team and at that time his age was 21.

He played the first match against the New Zealand team in which India won 18 out of 21.

Mahatma Gandhi

Amsterdam Olympics of 1928

The Amsterdam Olympics were to be held in the year 1928 in which the Indian team was also participating. And Major Dhyan chand was also selected in that Indian hockey team and at that time he was only 23 years old.

And in the Olympics, the Indian team had played 4 matches and scored 23 goals, due to which the Indian team was successful in winning the gold medal.

Major Dhyan Chand was the captain of the Indian hockey team in 1932.


Major Dhyan Chand Hockey career

On August 15 in 1936, the Indian hockey team had a match with the German hockey team in which the Indian team defeated Germany 8–1 and won the gold medal.

German dictator Hitler was also present to watch this match, Hitler was impressed by watching Dhyan chand’s performance, after which he met Dhyan chand and praised him.

After this Hitler said to Major Dhyan chand that what your country has given you, you play for Germany, I will give you money but Major Dhyan chand refused and said “It’s not the responsibility of my country to take me forward but it’s my responsibility to take my country forward”.

In the year 1932, the Indian hockey team played 37 matches and scored a total of 338 goals and 133 of them were scored by Dhyan chand.

It’s a big thing to score goals in hockey, yet Dhyan chand scored the most goals in the world, he scored a total of 300 goals in his international hockey career.

He used to play so well that people started to doubt whether he had magnetized his hockey.

Once, while Dhyan Chand was playing a match in Holland, he was stopped on the ground and checked his hockey to see if he had magnetized his hockey, but there was nothing like that.

But still, his hockey was changed and the old hockey stick was sent to Japan to check if the magnet or some kind of glue was used in that hockey stick.


Major Dhyan Chand Award and Achievements

He took retirement from the Indian Army at the age of 43, after which he was awarded the Padma Bhushan Award.

It’s a fact that his birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day in India.

Dhyanchand was awarded the Arjuna Award, the Guru Dronacharya Award and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna. Not only this but his statue was also installed in a sports club in Vienna.

A stadium was built in Delhi, the capital of India, and the stadium was named Major Dhyanchand Stadium.

Major Dhyan chand was named the player of the century in hockey in the year 1999.


Major Dhyan Chand Death

After doing so much for India, that moment had also come when he had to leave India. She is suffering from cancer After which he was admitted to the well-known AIIMS Hospital in India. But he could not escape from death and died at the age of 76.


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