HistoryMaharana Pratap History | Biography, Battle

Maharana Pratap History | Biography, Battle

Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Information

Maharana Pratap was born in Rajasthan and was the ruler of the Sisodia dynasty in Udaipur and Mewar of Rajasthan.

Due to bravery, he is still remembered in India and his glory stories are told to children.

Maharana Pratap, along with his army, faced the army of the great Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar.

Although Maharana Pratap’s army was very small in front of Akbar’s army, but Maharana Pratap was fearless and brave since childhood, due to which he stood in front of Akbar.

Although Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar had told Maharana Pratap that you can rule Mewar but being under my control, but Maharana Pratap did not want to rule under the control of any Mughal emperor.

Akbar sent his envoys on by one, including Man Singh, Jalal Khan, Todarmal, and Bhagwan Das.


Early Life of Maharana Pratap

He was born on 15th May in 1540 and his childhood name was Maharana Pratap Singh, and his father’s name was Uday Singh II, and his mother’s name was Maharani Jayavanta Bai, his father was the ruler of Mewar.

He had three brothers and two sisters.

In the year 1567, Uday Singh was the king of Chittor but at that time when the Mughals attacked there, his father left the place instead of fighting and went to Gogunda with his whole family.

Due to this Maharana Pratap was also very angry with his father Uday Singh II and asked his father to return, but he did not listen to his son. Because the decision of his father was justified by other people.

Delhi Sultanate

Death of Rana Uday Singh

Maharana Pratap’s father died in 1572, After this, Queen Dheera bai wanted to make Jagmal king.

After this, Queen Dheera Bhai wanted to declare a ruler to Jagmal, he the elder brother of Maharana Pratap.

However, some experience people explained to the queen and said that making Maharana Pratap a king is a good option because he is more brave and fearless.


Personal Life

Maharana Pratap had 11 wives and 17 children.

Wives Name

Amarbai Rathore, Jasobai Chauhan, Ratnawatibai Parmar, Lakhabai, Phool Bai Rathore, Shahmatibai Hada, Champabai Jhati, Ajbade Punwar, Khichar Asha Bai, Alamdebai Chauhan, Ajbade Punwar, Solankhinipur Bai.


Children Name

Amar Singh, Sheikh Singh, Kunwar Garbage Singh, Kunwar Gopal, Kunwar Raibhana Singh, Chanda Singh, Kunwar Ram Singh Kunwar Hathi Singh, Kunwar Natha Singh, Bhagwan Das, Sahas Mall, Kunwar Kalyan Das, Kunwar Puran Mall, Kunwar Jaswant Singh,


Reign of Maharana Pratap

His elder brother Jagmal Singh was very angry because Maharana Pratap was declared the ruler.

Due to this, he gave much important information to the Mughals, due to which the Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar was pleased and declared him the ruler of the Jahazpur city.

Many Rajputana politics had succumbed to Akbar’s army and many people started working under him. Some of the princely states surrendered to him due to fear of Akbar, some surrendered with diplomacy. But Mewar did not accept the subjugation of the Mughal Empire.

However, Akbar never wanted to attack first, because he used to believe in diplomacy, that’s why he sent his messengers to Maharana Pratap 4 times. But each time Maharana Pratap used to challenge Akbar.

By the year 1573, Akbar had sent his messengers to Mewar about 6 times, including his brother-in-law Mansingh. But he did not listen to Akbar, due to which Akbar made up his mind to conquer Mewar with an army.

Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar had a simple theory, either you accept his subordination or you are ready to face his army.

Real History of Alauddin Khilji

Battle of Haldighati

From the perspective of examinations, the battle of Haldighati is very important. Whenever it comes to the medieval history of India, there is a mention of the war of Haldighati in it.

This war started on 18 June in the year 1976 and this war took place for about 4 hours. In this war, the Mughal army was being led by Mansingh and Aasaf Khan and on the other hand, Maharana Pratap’s army was led by Hakim Khan Sur.

Rana Pratap’s army was small in front of Akbar’s army, Akbar’s army consisted of about 80,000 soldiers while Rana Pratap’s army consisted of 20,000 soldiers in total.

At the beginning of the battle, Rana Pratap’s army was performing very well for some time and was also able to stop the Mughal army to some extent. But when Rana’s army started repelling Akbar’s army, one of the soldiers started saying loudly that Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar himself is coming to fight.

When Akbar’s soldiers heard that Akbar was coming to fight himself, the courage of all those soldiers was doubled due to which they had very badly repulsed Rana Pratap’s army.

Although Akbar’s army had won in the battle of Haldighati, but Pratap showed tremendous courage.

Akbar and Maharana Pratap’s army were fighting a fierce battle when Akbar’s army was falling heavily on Rana’s army when one of his soldiers wore the crown of Rana Pratap.

He asked Rana Pratap to leave the place after which he had also left and at the same time his horse had crossed a large trench after which that horse died.


Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak 

Although Maharana Pratap had many horses his favorite horse among them was Chetak, he loved it very much. This horse saved his life from the soldiers of Akbar in the battle of Haldighati and this horse was very clever. Chetak’s pairing with Rana Pratap was awesome, despite being an animal, he understood his master’s feelings well

He died after saving his master’s life in the Haldighati war. Rana Pratap was also deeply saddened by his death as it was his favorite horse.


Maharana Pratap Death

He died in 1597 at the age of 56. The reason for his death was that he had licked the wounds given by Mughal.


Maharana Pratap vs Akbar

If we compare Maharana Pratap with Akbar, there is no doubt that Akbar was a great and vicious king but Maharana Pratap was also a brave king.

If we compare the armies of these two, then Akbar’s army was many times bigger than Rana Pratap’s army and his army was well Disciplines and modernized.

Akbar never used to attack without warning, at first he tried to make a connection with diplomacy, but when someone used to challenge him, he would not tolerate this thing and used to attack him.

No matter how good Akbar was, and no matter how many Rajputana states have knelt in front of him, but Maharana Pratap never knelt in front of him.


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