Elon Musk7 Powerful Lessons to learn from Elon Musk

7 Powerful Lessons to learn from Elon Musk

7 Powerful Lessons to learn from Elon Musk

Lesson from Elon Musk

In my opinion, Elon Musk is the most inspiring and innovative person of the 21st century. Musk is the one who introduced us with driverless electric cars, online safe payment, and fastest transport, and now he’s on the way to colonise mars.

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It’s little hard to believe, that there’s a single man behind SpaceX, PayPal, Hyperloop, Tesla, and solar City. Undoubtedly, he’s one of the greatest achiever of this country, therefore we can learn a lot from him.


Read a lot & talk to people

Read a lot Elon Musk

In an interview, when someone asked him, “Musk, without having any Astronautics degree you’re the founder of SpaceX, one of the most successful rocket company, how did you do all this?”

Musk replied “I used to read a lot

Musk is the best person to idolise for everyone, musk believes everything is simple and can be learned. 

Several times, Musk went to Russia, for help with the design of the rockets for SpaceX. But Russian Scientists didn’t take him seriously and rejected his ideas. 

Therefore, he learnt how to design rockets, in his flight back home.


Think big, small think is a crime

Elon Musk think big

If you’ll read Elon Musk’s biography, you’ll see his creativity. He didn’t just create a single product “paypal”, he changed the financial industry by simplifying the payment method.

Musk is always ready to go against tradition, he always believes in himself and takes risks. He created SpaceX with his own money when Investors saw his company and called it a daydream. 

Musk always talks to people and listens to them, but he does whatever he wants. Now everyone knows the value of SpaceX.


Work like Hell

Work like hell

For many years, musk has been working hundred hours per week. Musk says “If other people are working 40 hours a week, and you’re working 100 hours a week, you’ll achieve in four months what they’ll achieve in a year.

He’s a hardcore workaholic, and he’s working hard than humanly possible. If you’re an average guy, but working 150% more than others, then it’ll give you an edge.

When I came to US, I worked two jobs, and graduated over in $100k debt, said Elon Musk


Money isn’t everything

Money is not everything

When you don’t have enough money it can be a motivator, but money isn’t a sustainable motivator for long term success. 

Musk said, “After leaving PayPal, I thought about other problems that could affect the future of humanity. I didn’t think about the best way to earn money. 

We must have a greater goal to achieve in life than making money. When you start doing something new, focus on the difference that your idea can make to mankind. 

Money is a product, which will come to you if you solve problems. In simple works, find a problem and fix it.


Follow your passion

Follow your passion

Musk is passionate about many things and he’s following his passion. For example, Musk is passionate about technology so he’s working in the field of Fastest transportation system, sustainable solar energy, fastest internet, and space travel. By doing so his empire is getting bigger day by day.

Passion will teach you more skills so you can understand the world in a better way. Musk shows us, a bigger goal can be great for ourselves and the future of mankind.

Look for a hobby that you’ve left behind because you’re too busy, and make a room for those things which you enjoy, it will make you more passionate and a well-rounded person.


Ready to face all Pains

Pain quote

People who are close to Elon Musk say “we’ve never met someone as resilient as musk. He doesn’t care about setbacks and he’s ready to face every pain. In 2008, his Companies were facing bankruptcy and his life was a mess, but he didn’t give up and bounced back. Now he’s the wealthiest individual on the planet and all of his companies are doing good.

He has developed the ability to work under extreme pressure. He says, his toughness came from childhood when was bullied and beaten up by others students.


No fear of “failure”

Don't give up

The main reason we don’t get what we want to have, because we are afraid of failure. Many of us don’t apply for a dream job because we think we’ll fail. Sometimes we don’t approach a person whom we like, because we’re afraid of rejection.

Elon Musk launched two rockets but both were fail and he lost $60 million. Musk didn’t give up, he made bounced back plan and vowed, If he couldn’t get it in $60 million, he’ll spend $100 million. And now SpaceX is one of the best rocket making company.

Musk has faced many economic failures with Tesla and other companies he has invested in. Therefore failure isn’t permanent if you’ve the will to bounce back.


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