Historykurapika Eyes: Know Everything About His Eyes

kurapika Eyes: Know Everything About His Eyes


Before talking about kurapika’s eyes, let’s know who is Kurapika.

He’s the Light Nostrade’s organization leader, a blocklist hunter. Most importantly, he was the last surviving character of the Kurta Clan.

Currently, he’s the memeber of the Zodiacs by the name of “Rat.” He’s on a mission to recover the remaining Scarlet Eyes.


Kurapika eyes

Is kurapika a girl in HxH?

Nope. He’s not a girl even though he looks like a girl. However, he’s a teenage boy and a memeber of the Kurta clan.

Due to his appearance, voice-over, and eyes, he looks and sounds like a girl; that’s the reason why many people assumed him to be a girl.


What does it mean when Kurapika eyes turn red?

kurapika eyes red: His eyes are naturally brown, but they turn red if any of the memeber of Kurta Clan has died.


What happens when Kurapika uses his scarlet eyes?

His eyes turn scarlet when he feels intense emotion. In that situation, he unlocks nen abilities, and his strength is boosted considerably.

After getting scarlet eyes, he became a specialist from a conjurer.


Are Kurapika eyes stolen?

Yes, His eyes are stolen by Omokage, who was a former member of Phantom Troupe. He was the number before he got replaced by Hisoka.

Kurapika eyes in jar: His eyes were in jar when they were stolen.


How did kurapika get the eyes?

Kurapika has excellent working skills. However, he explained to Mizaistom that he founded the set of eyes once he met, and he would threaten Barbies to get back his eyes.
During the journey against Ants


Did kurapika’s eyes get taken?

Yes, They were taken by Omokage, the ex-member of Phantom Troupe. However, kurapika kurta is trying to get his eyes back.


Did kurapika get his eyes back?

Not Yet. However, he’s continuously threatening barbies to get his eyes back. Hopefully, he’ll get back his eyes very soon.


Did chrollo take kurapika’s eyes?

No, chrollo did not take his eyes. The guy who took his eyes is Omokage, who used to be an important member of the Phantom Troupe.

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