Informationalkoorai saree, Why Girls loves wearing koora pudavai?

koorai saree, Why Girls loves wearing koora pudavai?

Koorai saree

What is the history of Saree?

Whenever we discuss about koorai saree, so the personality of women emerges in front of our eyes.

Saree is the main or the most famous garment of Indian a woman even nowadays foreigners love wearing Koorai saree when they visit India.

It won’t be wrong to say that Saree is the longest and oldest garment in the world. It takes around 5 to 6 yards long clothes and women wears saree along with blouse, choli or a petticoat.

In Maharashtra, womens wears a nine-yard long saree. However, if we talk about the history of the saree, so it’s ancient.

The first mention of the word Saree is found in Yajurveda (A holy book of Hinduism). On the other hand, according to the code of Rigveda, it’s believed that the wife has to wear a saree at the time of Yagya or Havan.

Now it has become a part of Indian tradition, and even today, the saree is India’s identity. However, there are many types of Saree, such as koorai saree and many more; let’s talk about them.


Types of Saree

koorai saree: Koorai saree is part of Tamilnadu’s traditions, and primarily brides like to wear red koorai saree for marriage along with heavy jewellery and bright makeup.

Although many friends of brides wear yellow koorai saree and sometimes they also prefer blue koorai pudavai.

Banarasi Saree: It’s is worn on auspicious occasions or festivals. Banarasi saree is mainly made in Chandauli, Banaras, Jaunpur, Mirzapur and Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Maharashtrian Saree: Maharashtrian women wears a unique saree which is nine yards long, also Known as Paithani.

It’s made in the city of Paithan; the inspiration for making the Paithani saree was found from the painting in the cave of Ajanta.

Other famous saree are as follows.

  • Maheshwari Saree
  • Chanderi Saree
  • Patola Saree


Why do Tamil brides wear red koora pudavai for marriage?

Koora Podavai is the best for any woman; also, it’s not worn in the marriage, but it’s also worn when the child is born, and they would keep the child over the saree for the “Thotil.”

The reason for wearing koora pudavai for marriage is that it increases ordinary women’s beauty when they also apply makeup and wear heavy jewellery.


Why should girls wear a Koorai saree for wedding?

Mainly south Indian brides love wearing koorai saree at wedding.

Its made of pure silk, and most of the brides prefer red or reddish koorai sarees.

This looks amazing and gives a royal look to the brides.


koorai pudavai price

It depends on time if you buy at Diwali time so that you may get at a low price, but if you buy in the wedding season, you will have to pay 6000 rupees at least.


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