HistoryKomal Pandey: Wiki, Career, Boyfriend, Family

Komal Pandey: Wiki, Career, Boyfriend, Family


Komal Pandey is a fashion blogger who loves her job and got fame rapidly in the fashion world. Follow the article below to know all the detailed information about Komal Pandey’s personal/professional life, family, friends, and boyfriend.

The fashion world is what most people, especially teens, are strictly following it. People mostly love to wear updated outfits, buy brand clothes, and follow the latest clothes and costumes. As a result, working in the field of fashion has become popular.

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Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey Wiki

Full Name Komal Pandey
Born June 18 1994
Age 27 years old (as of 2021)
Nationality Indian
Hometown New Delhi
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Religion Hinduism
Occupation YouTuber, Modal, Blogger, Actress
Educational Qualification Graduated
Height 158 cm (approx)


Weight 50 kg (approx)
Figure Measurements 30-26-34 (approx)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark Brown (Dyed in different colours)
Mother No details available
Father No details available
Brother Micku (younger brother)
Sister None
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Siddharth Batra
Gym, Analysis fashion blogs, Partying, Watching video


List of Komal’s Favourite stuff

Actress Karisma Kapoor
Actor Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan
Food South-Indian Cuisine
Songs Aa ja mere humdum, Havana, Paris
Sport Cricket
Style Icon Gigi Hadid
Colour White
Fashion Brand H&M, Forever 12
City Milan


Komal Pandey Career

Komal Pandey was attracted to the fashion world since she was young. Her friends encouraged her to start her venture related to the fashion world from an early age. Komal Pandey began a blog, “The Collage Couture”, to follow her dreams in the fashion world.

This blog became a bridge between Komal Pandey and the fashion world; she was an expert in her job. After a while that she was doing her activities in her blog.

She received an offer from an Indian blog POPxo because of her impressive work, which affected others successfully; Komal Pandey started a professional job in POPxo as a fashion video coordinator. She became famous by working in POPxo.

However, Komal left POPxo after half a year because she wanted to share her activities on YouTube. She started a YouTube channel and now sharing her daily activities with her fans.

Komal Pandey is a successful fashion blogger. She gained an award for the most stylish blogger in 2016, which made her more famous. An interesting thing about her blog is that Komal Pandey’s blog was recently declared as Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Blog.

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Komal Pandey POPxo

Komal Pandey started her fashion blog named “The Collage Couture” when she was in college. She uploaded several photos and videos related to fashion and from herself on this blog.

Finally, POPxo offered her to join them because they were under the effect of her impressive works. Komal Pandey worked in POPxo as a fashion video coordinator for a year and a half. Working in POPxo, made Komal Pandey well-known.

After a year and a half working in POPxo, Komal left there and decided to start a YouTube channel and continue her activities in the fashion world through social media.


Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey Personal Life

Komal Pandey dated Ravit Shrivastav, but currently, she’s with Siddharth Batra. In an interview, when the interviewer asked her reason for failing in college, Pandey said she was in love with a boy, so that’s why she failed in college.

Komal Pandey has two best friends; their names are Dolly Singh and Ankush Bahuguna. Pandey and one of her best friends, Dolly Singh, recently featured in a show, “What Women Want.” This show belongs to Kareena Kapoor Khan. During the show, they were talking about their friendship and personal experiences in the fashion world.

Komal Pandey and her friends created a team and named it “Team Pixel.” She also uploaded her image with her friends on social media accounts.


Komal Pandey Boyfriend

She was dating Ravit Shrivastav. He was a model and also employed as an analyst with Uber. However, currently, she’s in an eye-catcher relationship with Siddharth Batra; he is a fashion blogger and model just like his girlfriend, Komal Pandey.

They have many videos and images with each other on their social media, including Facebook and Instagram. People describe Siddharth and Komal as a strong couple.


Siddharth Batra and Komal Pandey

Siddharth Batra and Komal Pandey are two fashion bloggers who shocked their followers when their relationship came out on Instagram. Currently, Siddharth Batra and Komal Pandey are in a relationship and share their couple’s images and videos on social media.

Siddharth talked about their relationship in an interview with Humans of Bombay. Siddharth said that he met Komal for the first time in Gurgaon through a mutual friend and found a common point: fashion.

“We spoke a lot that night. We were both from the fashion world, so we had a lot to talk about. She showed me her page the followed each other on Instagram,” said Siddharth. Although Siddharth admits, he felt an instant attraction towards Komal.

Siddharth said that due to a short distance between them, just 15 minutes, they decided to meet each other again after a while. It was their first alone meeting; Siddharth described it as a comfortable meeting for the first time.

According to his talks, he and Komal Pandey talked about life and goals and watched FRIENDS TV show.

After that, they started to meet each other more and more and spend a lot of time together. They made some videos and images for Instagram and some other activities same like that.

“But believe it, or not the lockdown acted as a catalyst in our relationship,” said Siddharth. Moreover, he said, “we would be on video call 24/7 motivating each other, sharing ideas, acting as critics and of course bantering.

It would mostly be me taking her case, and her responding with her standard come back, TUM CHUP KARO!” These talks show from Siddharth Batra shows that they were in good contact with each other during the lockdown times because of coronavirus.

But Siddharth talked about their first meeting after lockdown, too. “Being able to hold her felt emotional. I didn’t leave her for the longest time!” He said. After all these events, they decided to make this relationship official on Instagram on Komal’s birthday.

“She’s the one I go to when I’m happy and when I’m sick, especially when I’m sick because she makes the best curd rice!” Said Siddharth. It’s been more than a year that Komal and Siddharth are in a relationship. In this period, they met each other’s families and friends and travelled together.

Siddharth Batra said, “And I live for her to say the three magical words, TUM CHUP KARO! It makes my day, every time!”


Komal Pandey and Dolly Singh

A best friend is someone who is by your side in all moments of life and can always be trusted; moreover, a best friend never leaves you and always try to make you happy and motivated in your personal or professional life. Komal Pandey found all these things in one person, Dolly Singh.

Dolly Singh is Komal Pandey’s best friend. Komal shared many pictures and videos with her best friend, Dolly Singh, on her Instagram page. Once, Dolly and Komal participated in a show called “What Women Want” and talked about their friendship and the fashion world. This show belongs to Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Dolly Singh filled Komal’s vacancy of a sister, and still, these two best friends are making great moments with each other.

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Komal Pandey Family/Parents

Although Komal Pandey has shared photos of herself and her family on her page, there is no information about the names of his parents. Pandey has one younger brother, and his name is Michu.


Komal Pandey’s Surgeries

Most people claimed that Komal Pandey did some surgeries to make her look suitable for her job and be perfect. They said that she was looking different from now when she was working in POPxo.

Most of all other surgeries, she believed in doing lip surgery due to comparing her old pictures and current ones.

Komal Pandey denied several rumours about her, times and again in her interviews or social media.

She has always expressed her hatred for negative comments and stories. Moreover, Pandey said that she likes to wear makeup all the time. Komal also talked about body shaming and her many struggles related to this matter in interviews and shows.

People should stop commenting negatively because it can be a kind of treason that they think and feel she looks different from the past just by makeup and beauty surgeries.


Did Komal Pandey get lip surgery?

The answer is yes. Fans of Komal Pandey say that whenever they look at old pictures of Komal Pandey, the period she was a college girl and was working in POPxo, they realize that she did lip surgery.

Some people liked her new face too; however, some didn’t like it and said that her previous look was better and cuter than now. A few others also claimed that not just her look. Instead, her personality also got changed during these days which she gets famous rapidly.

It is better to respect Komal’s choice to have surgery and let her look like what she wants to look.


Komal Pandey YouTube Channel

After Komal Pandey resigned from POPxo, she launched her personal YouTube channel on August 27, 2017. Currently, she has 983K subscriptions on YouTube (as of August 22, 2021). In some cases, her video’s view on the YouTube channel reaches to near 200K viewers.

She uploads content about fashion, as written in Pandey’s YouTube channel. Fashion therapy, hacks, DIY, budget shopping, Vlogs, style challenges, and modest fits are topics she’s working on.

Komal Pandey has been seen in other YouTube channels, too. Beer Biceps and Malvika Sitlani YouTube channels are channels in which Komal Pandey has appeared.

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Komal Pandey Instagram

The famous fashion blogger also has an Instagram page. Currently, she has 1.4M followers, 1,310 followings, and 2,805 posts on her Instagram page (as of August 22, 2021). Her Instagram ID is “Komalpandeyofficial” She posted her pronunciation as She/Her in her Instagram bio.

She posts images and short videos from her friends, especially her best friend, Dolly Singh. She posted some photos and videos with Siddharth Batra, her boyfriend. Furthermore, Pandey shares style challenges videos and some parts of her personal life and daily activities. Moreover, you can see some of Pandey’s YouTube videos on her Instagram, too.


Komal Pandey Net Worth

Komal Pandey’s net worth is estimated to vary between ₹8 to ₹41 crores. One of her income sources is her YouTube channel; due to the high amount of subscriptions and video views, she would receive any money from YouTube.

In addition to YouTube, Komal Pandey receives money by advertising and approving various brands in the fashion world. Honour, Vivo, Garnier, and Maybelline are some of these brands which worked with Komal Pandey.


Komal Pandey Interesting Facts

  • Komal loved to act like her teacher when she was a child.
  • Komal had a break-up with her boyfriend at the age of 20. They were in a relationship for four years.
  • She started her first fashion blog in 2012 and named it “The Collage Couture,” her college friends encouraged her to start this blog.
  • Compare with Komal Pandey’s college days, now she looks a bit different.
  • Komal shared her photos on Facebook and Instagram with #Lookoftheday in her college days.
  • Komal is a dog owner and loves pets; she shared some pictures with her dog on social media platforms.


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