InformationalKing Crimson: the most disgusting character

King Crimson: the most disgusting character


King Crimson or sometimes shortened to K Crimson, is the Stand of Diavolo, a character in Vento Aureo. He has Epitaph, which Vinegar Doppio introduced, Diavolo’s split personality.

King Crimson is an impressive Standa in this series. He’s physically strong, has many exciting abilities, and is famous for his color, crimson.


Name King Crimson Jojo (キング・クリムゾン Kキング・クリムゾン)
Localized Name Emperor Crimson Eulogy (Epitaph)
Users Diavolo & Vinegar Doppio
Type: Close-Range, Range Irrelevant, Foresight, Natural Humanoid, Shared
Japanese Voice Katsuyuki Konishi (Anime)
Dub Voice Kellen Goff

Sugoi dekai


King Crimson Jojo has a human-shaped body. A tall and big character whose body is covered with raised diagonal grid except for his face, neck, shoulder guards, elbows, hands, abdomen, crotch, knees, and feet. He looks similar to another character named Diavolo but a little taller and more prominent.

His eyes are not perfectly round but have a sharp inclination to his nose. Eyes are small and without sclera. His eye socket is clear, and his pupil is fragmented, hence resembling Diavolo.

From the top of his forehead comes a raised surface with another face on it, a face with a small mouth and eyes resembling King Crimson’s eyes. It constantly bares its teeth with its smallmouth.

This second face on King Crimson’s forehead is named Epitaph. It sometimes appears on Doppio’s forehead whenever Diavolo conveys the power of King Crimson. The only difference between them is that the two raised levels don’t appear.

Epitaph rests on the bulge of the forehead, its eyes and mouth moving, and it follows the movements of King Crimson’s eyes and mouth, mimicking the expressions on King Crimson’s face.

King Crimson’s design has been inspired by the character George/Kuato, a mutated human with a smaller twin brother conjoined in his belly, in a science fiction film named Total Recall.

In the colored manga version, King Crimson’s body is crimson with a silver face and grid. Epitaph is pink, eyes are green, and armor is silver and gun-metal gray. In media, King Crimson has appeared with this look. Here is its colored manga picture:

King Crimson

In anime look, King Crimson has a crimson body similar to colored manga, but face and grid are white. Epitaph is pink with silver border, eyes are lime green, and armor is white and silver, with some green accessories. Here is its anime picture:

King Crimson

As you see, befitting his name King Crimson, the most eye catcher color is crimson in both anime and colored manga versions. All media featured him in this color.



Most of the time, King Crimson has an angry or irritated face and mood. His grin appears when events happen in Diavlo’s favor, like when he gets his hands on the arrow.

King Crimson embodies Diavolo’s personality. He always speaks through his Stand. King Crimson is a character who transmits fear to his opponent through his facial expressions and physique.



King Crimson is a character full of ability, such as the ability to erase time or predict the future. In other words, King Crimson is one of the impressive and skillful Stands in the series. He is described as invincible against all other Stands whose powers don’t affect time.

In addition, He is physically strong and has a tall height and bid body which increase his power in punching and beating opponent. This decisive Stand can punch bodies or chop them quickly.

King Crimson’s actions are based on swift attacks and reactions, which are invariably fatal than other types. However, the other melee-based Stand Users use painful and multiple attacks, unlike King Crimson.

There are many examples to illustrate the power of King Crimson. During the series, He blew up an opponent’s upper body with just one fist, tossed the scissors with such force that Risotto Nero’s right leg was amputated, dismembered the body with little energy, and destroyed the wall with his punch.

King Crimson has weaknesses too. Poor effective range and permanence make fighting difficult for him, and he can’t hide his identity faced with multiple enemies. This is a common weakness among other Close-Range Stands.


Time Erasure

King Crimson can pause time while fighting and restart after his abilities are activated. It can be made to last up to 10 seconds. This makes his reaction speed extraordinary.

During this erased time, only Diavolo is conscious and has the authority to act and the ability to readjust his actions. However, other people cannot experience any events in this period and, after that, will continue to work as they were acting before.

After an average of 10 seconds, when the effect of time erasing ability ends, all people around except Diavolo can’t remember anything and retain no memories of what happened or did during the erased period.

After erased time began to continue, as usual, people will suddenly see themselves in their right situation. Their actions get continued as they should be. For example, when Pannacotta Fugo wanted a water bottle from Giorno Giovanna, after erased time, the water bottle was between Fugo’s hands without Giorno give this water bottle to him.
In simple words, the Time Erasure ability removes the cause, but the effect remains.

In the manga version, Diavolo sees the erased time as a vacuum filled with what is happening at this time. But in the anime version, Diavolo visualizes a ghostly red image of his opponent’s next move instead.

Furthermore, during time erasure, Diavolo and King Crimson become intangible. This gives them the ability to allow attacks to pass through them.

Diavolo can’t make attacks while King Crimson’s time erasure is active, so he tries to avoid attacks, move them into a favorable position, and then use King Crimson’s destructive power. In this situation, Diavolo can directly attack his enemy.

Public Communication 


Epitaph is a sub-Stand that helps and completes King Crimson’s time erasure ability. Epitaph gives Diavolo/Doppio the ability to see 10 seconds of the future and predict it. The vision of the future appears as an image on the inside of their bangs.

Diavolo/Doppio use this forecasting ability of Epitaph to predict all possible incoming threats, so sneak attacks become ineffective against them.

Epitaph unavoidable predictions effectively help Diavolo and Doppio to have super fast reactions against incoming danger and give the possibility to alleviate the damages.

King Crimson can stop predicting time if he erases the right time when the prediction would have come true. In this way, opposing Stands that can affect the King Crimson, like Gold Experience Requiem, easily failed. These Stands can return King Crimson’s power to the zero states.


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