HistoryKhudiram Bose, Biography, Death reason, upsc

Khudiram Bose, Biography, Death reason, upsc

Khudiram Bose

Khudiram Bose biography

Khudiram Bose was born on 3 December 1889 in West Bengal. His father’s name was Triloknath Basu and he was a tax officer.

Khudiram Bose was the youngest revolutionary to be martyred for India, he once planned to kill the British judge Kingsford with his friend, but his plan was not successful, Khudiram Bose mistakenly killed two innocents British women instead of Kingsford.

Therefore, the British government was very angry with Khudiram Bose and the government had announced to hang Bose at the age of 18, although some people tried to stop his execution too, at that time people were divided into two groups

The first group was of Mahatma Gandhi and he was supporting non-violence, he did not want to be killed any innocent even by the fault.

The second group was a little aggressive, in which Khudiram Bose and Bal Gangadhar Tilak were included, although Bal Gangadhar Tilak used to support revolutionaries aggressively through his newspaper. Due to which he was also arrested.


Early Life

Khudiram Bose’s family was financially good. And he had three siblings. He was orphaned at an early age. Bose was about 6 years old when his mother has died, and his father died as soon as Bose was 7 years old.

Like Bhagat Singh and Ashfaqqllah Khan, Khudiram wanted to do something good for India since childhood, as he too saw the British oppressing the Indians, in the year 1902 or 1903 he met a person named Barinder Kumar Ghosh, After which he had made up his mind to do something for the country.


Why did Khudiram bose want to kill Kingsford?

Kingsford was a judge of the district called Alipore and took many decisions in court which were not good for the Indian revolutionaries, and at that time a newspaper called Jugantar was printed, and all the editors of this newspaper were sentenced to life imprisonment by Kingsford.

Once Kingsford had severely punished a revolutionary named Sushil Sen, even though he was too young, therefore all the revolutionaries were troubled by the decisions of Kingsford, and the revolutionaries of Bengal wanted to remove Kingsford from his position,

Therefore Khudiram Bose had made a plan to kill Kingsford.


What was the Khudiram bose plan

Khudiram Bose joined the newspaper printing company named Jugantar at the age of 15.

The Jugantar newspaper made the Indian people aware. Apart from this, at an early age, Bose had learned to make bombs. And many times he used to place the bomb near the police station, although that bomb did not appear to kill anyone, he used to do it only to make his presence felt.

Although the Jugantar Company had attempted to kill Kingsford under Hemchandra’s leadership in the past, but he failed to kill him, after which Kingsford was promoted and he went to a place called Muzaffarpur in Bihar

After this, Hemachandra and Prafulla Chaki went to Muzaffarpur in Bihar to check the security system of Kingsford, and after that, they went to Muzaffarpur with 6 bombs, and this time Khudiram Bose was also with them.

After that, Khudiram and Prafulla Chaki lived in a hospice, and both of them kept an eye on Kingsford, within about three weeks these two friends had learned about all the activities of Kingsford, so on 29th April both of them went there to a school uniform.

But unfortunately, Khudiram and Prafulla Chaki threw a bomb at the place where two innocent women were sitting, Kingsford was not killed, but both women were badly injured, and after a few time they both died.



After executing his plan he went to a place called Vaini with his friend and Prafulla Chaki, which was about 25 miles away from Muzaffarpur, but upon reaching there, the two policemen suspected him and arrested him.

When Bose was arrested so his friend threatened the policeman and tried to flee from there, but their attempt was 50% unsuccessful, because his friend was successfully escaped from there, and the place where the Bose was arrested Its railway station also named Khudiram Bose railway station. Apart from this, 2 guns with 37 bullets and 30 rupees were recovered from Bose at the time of the arrest.

After getting fail in his plan, Prafulla Chaki had gone very far, and later he met a person named Triguncharan Ghosh, and this person helped Prafulla Chaki. This person had arranged a room and food for Chaki, and after this, the ticket to Howrah train was also provided by him.

While he was going to Howrah, he found a British sub-inspector in the train, and he recognized Prafulla Chaki. After this, he thought that running away from there was a good option, but while running he had committed suicide by shooting himself at a railway station called Mokmaghat.

After Prafulla Chaki’s death, Khudiram had taken responsibility for all the acts on his own, due to which he was produced in the court. His case was decided after three hearings. The first date of Khudiram’s case was 21 May 1908.

Khudiram’s second hearing was held on July 8, during this hearing, his lawyer told the court that the bomb was blasted by Prafulla Chaki not Khudiram, but the court did not accept this, And after this, the judge sentenced Bose to death.



Khudiram Bose was hanged on August 11, 1908, and at that time he was just 18 years, 8 months, and 8 days old.

Although the people of Kolkata were protesting against the British government, they wanted to take Bose’s case to the High Court, but Bose did not allow this to happen and accepted the death sentence.


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