HistoryJasleen Kaur case: Where is she now?

Jasleen Kaur case: Where is she now?


Nowadays, everyone is discussing the Jasleen Kaur case because the court has given its verdict after four years. Apart from it, then the court has acquitted Sarvjeet Singh.

Let us know further in the article what happened to Jasleen Kaur, who she is? And who is Sarvjeet Singh? Apart from this, you will learn important information related to this case.

Jasleen Kaur

Who is Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur is a student at St Stephen’s College; she accused a person named Sarvjeet of eve-teasing in 2015, in which Jasleen was convicted.

Many women misuse feminism; Jasleen is one of them. Perhaps such women do not even know the meaning of feminism. Misusing its power can ruin someone’s life. They can send anyone to jail by making false accusations.

Jasleen has also sent a young man to jail using feminist power. However, he remained in prison for a few days; he was out on bail after that.

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Jasleen Kaur case

In 2015, a bike stopped at a red signal in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar, and sarvjeet was riding this bike. Jasleen Kaur was crossing the road, but suddenly, there was an argument between them.

After a few times, Jasleen wrote a post on her Facebook profile which become viral all over India. Read below what was written in her post.

She said, “the man-made obscene comment on me around 8 p.m. near Agrawal. He was on silver royal Enfield, vehicle number (DL 4S CE 3623). When I said I am clicking his picture and going to complaint against it, he said, “Jo Kar Sakti hai kar le, complaint karke dikha, fir dekh mein kya Karta hun” (do whatever you can, just complaint and see what will I do).

“But there was something that was disturbing me too much more than his obscene remarks. There was a red signal, and twenty other people heard what he was telling me. Yes, no one minded. No one stood up for me. I decided to stand up for myself and complained to Tilak Nagar police station with his photo and vehicle number.”

“Share his picture and vehicle number as you can to pin this creep.”

“Today, he had the audacity to say these things to me, tomorrow he will have the audacity to move one step ahead and do it.
PS- I couldn’t have written here exactly what he said in his comment, but I don’t want Facebook to remove my post.”

Gradually people started sharing this post too much so that within few days, it becomes viral all over India. Many famous personalities like Arvind Kejriwal, Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha stood up for Jasleen.

There were often debates on TV where the news anchor made Jasleen and Sarvjeet face to face and forced Sarvjeet to apologize to Jasleen. Although Sarvjeet did not apologize and said that when I have no fault, then why should I apologize

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What was Sarvjeet Response

After Jasleen Kaur post, sarvjeet also wrote a post on his Facebook account. And there was written “Hello, The man this girl is talking about is me. Hearing a side story, people give their advice, but no one wants to know what actually happened. I was near Agarwal Sweet in Tilak Nagar Jasleen tells me and others to stop, But I said I want to go left side; why should I stop? I’m not going to break the signal.

Then I said if you are in a hurry you can go, but just because of this, she started clicking my pictures and said that when the police come to your house, you will regret it. Then I said, tomorrow I will go to the police station, to tell the truth, and I know people do eve teasing with girls But it doesn’t mean that you will trap anyone without any reason.

Then I said her to remove my post and said, do share as much as you can. If I have done something bad, then why people did not talk to me? Even there were too many people. I am not a don; I am just a normal person. I don’t want anyone to feel fear of me.


What did the witness say about it?

When there was an argument between Jasleen and Sarvjeet, another person was present there later gave a statement and said that Sarvjeet had only said that I have to go to the left side, so I do not need to stop.


What happen to jasleen Kaur case

Jasleen Kaur case lasted for almost four years. Sarvjeet Singh’s personal life was greatly affected even he had to leave the job and faced many other problems.

However, this case could be easily short out. Still, it did not happen because the court called 14 times Jasleen and Sarvjeet, but Jasleen never went to the court, although Sarvjeet reached the court every time.

Although Jasleen Kaur’s parents were asked why Jasleen does not come to testify in the court, her parents said that she has gone to Canada to study, which she cannot reach. In this response, Sarvjit Singh said that she has the right to study and make her career, but what about my career?

And when Jasleen did not reach the court even after being called 14 times, in December 2018, the court acquitted Sarvjeet. Those people who had forced Sarvjeet to apologize apologized to him; apart from this, Sonakshi Sinha also apologized to Sarvjeet.

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Impact of Jasleen Kaur case on Sarvjeet life

There are four people in Sarvjeet’s family, mother, father, brother and he himself. When his case was going on, he was fired from his job because the company believed that he would bring the company’s name into disrepute.

He also tried to get a job in many other places, then he did not get the job, once he got it in a company but the salary was not enough.


Where is jasleen Kaur

In 2018, when Jasleen’s parents were asked why she does not come to court and where is Jasleen Kaur, her parents replied that Jasleen Kaur is in Canada. She is studying, so at that time, she was in Canada. She may have come to India in 2021, but no concrete information is available about this.

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