Is selling feet pics dangerous: 9 Things To Remember 

Is selling feet pics dangerous


Is selling feet pics dangerous? This is the most common question people often ask when they want to sell feet pics online. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to ensure that their data or other private information should be in safe Hands. 

Although selling feet pics or other photographers, Whether personal photos or regular ones, is considered to be a legit job that any individual can do to earn extra cash, I have seen many people who are making money by selling their pictures through different websites and earning hundreds of dollars or more. So you can do that too, but is selling feet pics dangerous?

However, I have written multiple articles about selling feet pics online for cash, but it’s the most asked question. Therefore I will discuss “Is selling feet pics dangerous” and if it is, then how you should prepare yourself to avoid scams and safely make money by selling feet pics. 

Although after reading this article thoroughly, you will get most of your answers, like Is selling feet pics dangerous, illegal, safe, Halal, or a sin? Etc.


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Is selling feet pics dangerous


Is selling feet pics dangerous

No! There is no doubt that all people are not bad. Still, you should not take risks in this materialistic world. Selling feet pics is not dangerous, but there are a few things that you have to keep in mind if you want to stay safe such as: do not reveal your personal information or give someone your identity proof, especially if the buyer asks you.

Selling feet pics is not dangerous because a random person cannot judge your location, contact details, and other private information by seeing your feet pictures. Secondly, it is hard for anyone to judge your appearance just by looking at your feet, even it is hard for those who know you, i.e. your friends.

Thirdly, you are not showing your face pictures. Therefore Nobody can misuse your pics, although I noticed that when someone is revealing, their face gets more attention. However, it’s not necessary to show your face.

There are nine reasons that can prove that selling feet pics is dangerous if you don’t follow them. Therefore you should follow the following tips:

1. Always protect your private information

Privacy and security are one of the most important things when it comes to selling feet pics online. Therefore, You should keep your full name, address, social media accounts, and contact information private. 

Revealing your private information can lead to harassment or being scammed. Therefore you should never reveal your private information to those who you don’t know.

2. Agree on terms and conditions

When selling feet pics on any website or social media platforms, agreeing on terms and conditions becomes essential. 

It is crucial for buyers and foot pics sellers because it can prevent any disputes which may happen due to miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Having relevant information written down and agreed upon will protect you from misunderstandings and help ensure that sellers and buyers fulfil their obligations on time.

3. Never Trust Random Buyers 

You should not trust a random person who is buying your feet pics through social media because there is no guarantee of payment, so you should take money in advance.

Many people will talk so nicely whether you use social media or a feet pics selling website or app. Most of these people will try to earn your trust to get your pictures for free or scam you.


4. Only use safe payment methods

When you sell your feet pictures, you should always use a secure and safe payment method such as PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. 

It is better if you avoid bank cheques, especially from the buyer. It may happen when the buyer says provide me your pictures, and I will send you a bank check, and in most cases, that will be a fake check. 

Also, keep your Bank account information private from a buyer, especially if someone is buying pictures on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. PayPal will be the best choice for you.

5. Ensure that your photos are not used in any way that compromises your safety

Every foot picture seller needs to ensure that their photos are not used in any way that compromises your safety or privacy. 

To protect your safety and privacy, make sure that you understand the website or app terms and conditions where you sell feet pics and, along with it, rate the guideline of selling websites. 

Besides terms and conditions and website guidelines, see who controls your feet’ pics. You should use two factors authentication verification if the option is available to do so. Use watermarks or digital IDs to your feet’ images to prevent photos from stealing. When you use watermarks, any buyer will understand that these photos are your property.

6. Always keep my feet photos secure

You should always keep your photos secure to protect your privacy and safety online. To do so, you can use two-factor verification, and a strong password, that includes a number and alphabet. Two factors of verification will add an extra layer.

Although social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook provide verification of two factors, most foot pics selling websites don’t have such features. Therefore, you can have a separate email ID for such websites. If you take these steps, you can ensure that your feet pictures are safe,


7. Delete your photos after they have been successfully sold

Delete your feet pictures once they are successfully sold. If you do so, it means that you don’t have to worry about someone re-posting or downloading them without your permission. However, in stock websites such as Getty Images, iStock, and Shutterstock, you should not delete them once a picture is sold. 

8. Don’t meet buyers or sellers in person

It is dangerous and unsafe to meet a feet pics buyer because he is random to you. Meeting a random buyer can hurt you physically and might be dangerous to your security.

So be cautious about meeting someone in person because they can scam and take advantage as well, which is undoubtedly a problem for anyone. 

The buyer may request you to meet in person by giving you nice compliments on your feet. 


9. Pay attention to any suspicious activity, and report it if necessary

On feet piece selling apps, like feetify, FeetFinder, onlyfans, Instafeet, etc. You will meet many people who will claim that we buy feed pics. And when you communicate with them instead of buying, they will waste your time. And a few people may try to do some illegal activities. In that situation, you should block and report them. 

Tips for Safely Selling Feet Pics Online (Summary) 

Although showing a face picture attracts more potential buyers because people will love seeing your face and your feet. However, In the feet pics selling industry, it is optional to show your face pictures. Therefore, you can avoid it. If you are unaware of any website terms and conditions, you can use a VPN and turn off your location. 

If you use social media platforms like Instagram or stock websites like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, etc., watermark your feet pics. Besides this, use a safe payment method like PayPal or any other cash app. Most importantly, never sell your pictures directly to an individual before you receive payment in your bank account. 

Suppose you see a buyer who is not an authentic person. You should not sell him your feet pictures. Although I have written in an article that you can sell your feet pictures, many websites will allow you to sell pictures, but they will ask you for money to get their subscription plan. Many foot pics selling websites are legit, and many are not. Therefore you have to be careful and should do some research about that platform.

Is selling feet pics dangerous – FAQ

Here are a few most asked questions related to feet selling:


Is selling feet pics illegal?

It is another most asked question “Is selling feet pics illegal or not? Well! Especially according to the laws of your country. It’s hundreds percent legal to sell your feet pics in all democratic Countries, such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many others countries. 

Secondly, even in a few democratic countries, it might cause problems if your pics contain any nudity that affects society. Most importantly, if your pics contain any nudity, it will be hard to sell Pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

However, If you are selling only feet pics, you don’t need to worry. Even social media will allow you to upload as many pictures as you want. 


Is selling feet pics safe?

Yes! Selling feet pics is 100% safe, but only when you are using a legit website to sell feet pictures, such as Instafeet, FeetFinder, Feetify, Feet Pics or any other photo selling website like iStock, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Getty images, etc. 

All these websites keep their seller and buyer data secure. Selling feet pics can only be unsafe when you are selling them on a website that is not legit. It can also be unsafe if you can’t protect your privacy and share details about yourself on social media platforms. 


Is selling feet pics halal?

Yes! Selling feet pics is halal for Muslim individuals, whether a man or woman. Because most Islamic scholars and contemporary Islamic jurists agree that women do not have to cover their face, feet, and hands, although Islam allows women to wear modern clothes, their clothes should not be transparent, too tight, or short. They should be formal and respectable. 

Another reason why selling feet pics is halal. Once a man came to the Prophet Muhammad, and said, O messenger of god, I want to marry. The Prophet answered, Did you see that woman? The man said no. Then the Prophet said go and see her. Why would he say a male to see a woman? It is because it is permissible for Muslim women to show their feet, face and hands while they can wear modern, respectable clothes—Source: Sahih Muslim 1424 a

Therefore if you are a Muslim woman and want to sell foot pictures, you should not hesitate but remember one thing. It should be only foot pics and not contain obscenity or nudity, etc. 


Is selling feet pics a sin? 

No! Selling feet pics is not a sin. If you are a Muslim, then I have already answered the above. If you are a Christian or Jewish, selling foot pics is still not a sin. According to Judaism, women have to cover their heads after marriage. 

Orthodox Jewish women have to wear long skirts falling below their knees, along with their arms covered to the elbow, and necklines are high-cut.

Mother Mary was a Jewish woman. Still, her face, hand and feet used to be visible, which can be seen in any of her statues. Therefore Abrahamic religions allow you to sell foot pics.

However, It can be a sin if someone is getting attracted to it while your pictures contain obscenity and nudity. Only selling feet for a good purpose is considered to be good.


Best websites to sell feet pics 

There are many Best websites to sell feet pics, such as Feetify, Instafeet, FeetFinder, Dollars Feet, FeetPics, onlyFans, etc. If you have enough followers, like a few hundred K followers, on social media platforms, especially Instagram, then it can also be the best website to sell foot pics.

You can use any of these mentioned websites, some of which charge high commissions, and some have subscription plans.


How much can I earn by selling foot pics?

Well! There are different websites and platforms to sell feet pics, and they all have different commission rates. Secondly, it depends on your followers or subscribers and how many pictures you sell. 

The third and most important thing is that your picture price, and buyer’s number, will determine the cost you will make in a month. On average, feet pics Sellers make $5 to $100 per feet pics on dedicated feet pics selling websites. 

If you sell feet pics and videos at onlyFans, you can make more than $500 after a few months of hard work. If you choose a photo-selling website like iStock, Adobe Stock, or Shutterstock, you may earn more than $50 to $100 per foot’s pictures.

Some feet pics sellers make more than 100k annually, considering it a full-time job. You can charge according to your fan following if you get a deal with an advertisement company. 


If we talk about selling feet pics online, you might face some problems if you reveal your identity. Revealing identity 

Revealing your identity can lead to identity theft and fraud. Once the wrong person has all your details, he may start malicious activities that can lead you to financial or personal losses.  

That’s why to stay anonymous and avoid identity revealing when selling foot pictures. 

Some other serious problems you can face if you reveal your identity: are problems like fraud and abuse, as well as legal repercussions, plus some pictures may be considered pornographic, and selling or distributing pornographic in a few countries. 

Therefore you should never reveal your identity when selling feet pictures, only provide the necessary information to authentic websites and apps.  

If you want to be more secure, sell feet pics to those you trust and who have a legitimate reason for wanting the pictures. Always use a challenging password, possibly two factors-verification.

I hope you understand that selling feet pics is not dangerous, haram or a sin; even religious books are not against them.


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