Instafeet Review 2023: How to Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet

Instafeet Review: How to Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet


Is there any E-commerce website for selling pics of feet? Is there any Amazon for people with foot fetishes, or is there any Facebook marketplace for foot enthusiasts? The simple answer is YES. In this Instafeet review, I’ll discuss it. 

So do you want to make money online, or is your interest in ideas-related business? seriously, you can make decent money just by selling your feet pics. 

It seems impossible. You’ll be thinking, why will someone buy my feet pics? Well, this is possible; even if you can’t believe it, after reading this Instafeet review, you’ll take an action.

Instafeat can be the best side income source for you, where you can sell decent pictures of your feet, and make money from it.

All you will need for instafeat is a camera that can take high-quality pictures of your feet and some knowledge about instafeet.


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The process of selling pics of feet is very simple and easy.

  • Take beautiful Pictures of your feet
  • Upload your feet pics on the website
  • People will give you money for your pics

But why? Let’s start an Instafeet review.

Note: Instafeet is now called FeetFinder. Instafeat was its former name so it’s emerged now. Read Feetfinder reivew


Instafeet Review: How to Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet

Instafeet Review: Instafeet/FeetFinder

Year of Establishment 2018
Available countries World Wide (Most feet sellers are from Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia, where selling feet pics is legal)
Instafeat/FeetFinder purpose To buy and sell feet pics
Applicable All gander, older than 18 can sell feet pics
Instafeet pricing $10 a month
The commission that Instafeet takes 10%
Payment Methods PayPal
Minimum Threshold No minimum withdrawal (Withdraw when you’ve $100 or more)
Rating 2.7 out of 5
Instafeet Review Instafeet was a legit website, and now it’s merged with FeetFinder.
Website Link Instafeet
Referral Program Nope, They don’t have a referral program


What is Instafeet?

Like other eCommerce websites like Amazon, and Flipkart, Instafeet is also a Selling platform, but as the name suggests, it’s not for selling everything. It is specifically designed for those people who buy and sell foot pics.

This website’s primary work is connecting the sellers and buyers of feet pics. It was developed by Fabian Lejsek, headquartered in Santa Clara. It was established in late 2017 or early 2018. 

For selling feet pics, it’s the best platform, and it has more than 100k registered members, which is a good sign that Instafeet is a legit website to buy and sell feet pics online. 

If your age is less than 18 years, then this website is not for you. It’s a social media platform for buying and selling feet pics for those who are 18 or more, and gender doesn’t matter. 

If you’re a feet pics buyer, you’ll have to pay for a subscription which is $20. Then you’ll be able to access content and see beautiful feet pics. On the other hand, if you’re a content creator, you’ll spare commission.


How does Instafeet work? 

This platform is 100% free to join, where you can sell your feet pics; anyone subscribing to your profile will have to pay first. 

A question would come into your mind, why would someone subscribe to my profile to see my feet picture? And pay for it? The answer is simple: most people who will subscribe to your profile will be content creators, such as Youtubers and other influencers. Therefore a random gawker can’t see your picture.

It is a subscription-based platform. Only people who subscribe to your profile can access your foot photos for their use. Not a single random person can’t access your foot pictures. 


Who can use Instafeet?

Instafeet allows everyone to sell feet pics online, whether you are transgender or any other LGBT community or straight. But if you are a male, chances are less that you can make money from Instafeet because most buyers want to buy female feet pics.

To do so, you will need a government-issued ID and a camera that can take high-quality pictures of your feet along with a Laptop, smartphone and Internet. When you apply for instafeat, which is now feetfinder, they’ll ask you for an Id card to see your age because they want their seller to be older than 18. 


Is it illegal to sell feet pics? 

This is the most common question whose answer sellers want to know. You might be one of them. They usually asked, “Is selling feet pics dangerous? or Is it legal to sell feet pics online? The shortest answer to this question is YES. 

Selling feet pics is safe. It’s 100% legal, but make sure you’ll follow all the terms and conditions of Instafeet or any other platform that allows you to sell your feet pics online.  

If you’re under 18 and you sell feet pics online, especially on Instafeet, then it’ll be called illegal because they want sellers to be 18 years of age or more. Your pictures must not hurt someone’s feelings. 

For example, you’re running with shoes in a mosque or running someone’s photos, such as Jesus Christ, because it’ll hurt someone’s religious feelings and culture.

Also, if you’re wearing socks, chances are high chances your profile won’t get monetized.


How much money can I make on Instafeet?

Are you thinking about how much money you can earn on Instafeet? The simple answer to this question is that your earning depends on your subscriber or followers. And secondly, you have to set pricing for your pictures because it will be one of the most important reasons for determining your income on Instafeet.

Beginners sell feet pics at $5, and some pros sell at $100 per pic. 

For example, if you are a beginner with five subscribers, you are selling your foot photo at $5. Then you’ll make $25 a day.

And on average, sellers charge $20 for a pic, so in that case, if you have 5 subscribers, you can still make $100, but you’ll get only $90 in your account because Instafeet takes 10% commission. 

Thousands of people are making money on instafeat, then why not you? Go and create an account and can get some subscribers and start making money. 


How to sell feet pics without paying? Do you have to pay to sell feet pics on Instafeet?

Nope. You don’t have to pay if you are a seller. Create an account, and start uploading your pictures for free. But if you are a buyer, you must pay a specific person whose picture you want to see.

As a seller, you must create an account, upload pictures, and add payment methods. I’d suggest PayPal and adding the “Subscribe” button. The platform will only take a 10% commission of your total income, and you’ll get all your payment in the closing months.


How does the Instafeet website work?

Instafeet Website work for buyers and sellers. Whether you are a seller or buyer, you must create an account and get verified by their expert team.

Once you get verified, they will ask you for a government-issued ID card because it’ll determine you’re old enough to sell your feet pics. 

Let’s learn how to create an Instafeet account step by step.

  • Create a seller account and get verified by their professional team. 
  • Upload more than 5 pics of your feet, and you can also upload your own photos.
  • Choose to price. Initially, you can set $5 because it’ll bring more viewers to your account.
  • Once their team verifies you, you will get a unique link which you have to attach with your feet pics for sale.
  • Set Payment method: you get paid between the first to 15 of the month, and in my opinion, you should connect your PayPal account to withdraw money


Why and who buys feet pics on InstaFeet?

That’s a genuine question which will come to your mind. There are many Pics available on the Internet. Why will someone buy my photos, and what will they do with them?

Well! There are many websites that buy pictures of your feet for commercial purposes; for example, many bloggers, production houses, tattoo artists, painters, foot fetishes, modelling agencies, and stock photo websites. Professional people don’t steal someone’s photos from the Internet because they might get a copyright or they’ll get legal notice from the person whose picture they are using without permission. 

Therefore, they pay a small amount and get a picture of feet. In that case, they won’t get the copyright because they’ve paid for it.


Do you have to pay taxes on your Instafeet earnings?

Of course. Whenever you do business, you have to pay some money. Your payment account must be separate from your personal account. Instafeet is another small business you are doing online by selling your feet pics, so no matter how you’re making money, being a responsible citizen you’ve to pay tax.

If your payment account is separate from your personal account, that taxman will consider you a self-employee; therefore, you have to pay accordingly. Selling pics on InstaFeet isn’t considered a proper job, as it’s part of a side hustle, so you’ll have to pay under Business income.


Is Instafeet safe? 

Yes, Instafeet is 100% secure and safe. Your feet pics won’t be accessible to everyone. Whoever subscribes to your profile will pay you.

Secondly, thousands of people are making money from it. It’s because Instafeet is safe. They will take your identity proof to see your age and monetize your profile, but won’t share your personal information with any third-party website or company. 

They’ll keep your financial details secret. Still, I suggest you use PayPal to withdraw money from it. Also, there are valuable ways to keep your Instafeet account safe:

Don’t accept physical gifts or meetings. A few buyers may ask you for more photos, so you don’t have to get closer to them. 

Only show your face if you feel comfortable because it is not mandatory to show your face, but if you show, you get more profile views than those who don’t show. 

Do not share your account details with your friends or anyone else you don’t trust, keep everything secret, and never give your ID or password to anyone else.

Never give or leave any hint of your location or environment where you take pictures or videos of your feet to sell them online. 

Restrict doubtful subscriptions immediately if you think someone is not genuine or he may have misused your photos.

You can use the watermark on your picture.

Only use PayPal as a payment method; do not reveal your bank account or any other information if someone asks you about that. 

You must remember these factors, although your identity and the details you’ll provide to Instafeet are secured because they also take care of their seller and buyers.


Is Instafeet legit or not? 

Yes! Instafeet is a 100% legit website that can be used anywhere in the world, that include Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and many other countries where the Internet is available. It might not work in Iran, and a few other middle eastern countries, because they’ve sanctioned it, but if you’re an American or Canadian citizen, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Are you a creator or thinking about creating an account on Instafeet? Insta feat only buys and sells pictures of people’s feet; on the other hand, there is a high demand for foot pics. You should list your foot pictures at a low price after comparing them with your Competitors. That’s how you’ll generate enough money by selling foot pictures.

And it is free to create an account on Instafeet, and whenever you generate a sale or withdraw money, Instafeet will only take 10% of your total income as its commission. 

However, when instafeet did not emerge with FeetFinder, you were allowed to sell feet pics online without revealing your identity, i.e. as anonymously, but this new platform doesn’t allow you to do so.

Still, your profile picture won’t be revealed; only customers with subscriptions will be able to access your feet pics.


How much should I sell my foot pictures for?

I assume you are a beginner wanting to make some extra cash. Therefore I suggest that you sell your feet pics at a low cost. If you sell at low, you can make pretty well, but once you have enough subscribers, you must sell your feet pics at a low cost, around $5.

Because if you don’t have enough subscribers and you’re charging about $100, then nobody will pay that much to a beginner, so it’ll be overcharged. So start from $5 and keep increasing your pricing as your followers or subscribers increase. 

Feet Pics Sellers structure when you’re a beginner:

 1 Pics $5

1 Video $10

2 Video and 1 Picture $25

5 Videos for $50

5 Pictures $20

Being a beginner gives a discount when someone is buying more than 1 picture or video.


How to generate more sales on Instafeet?

Firstly, content creators visit Instafeet, i.e. FeetFinder, daily, so you’ll automatically get many profile visitors. 

And another option to get more sales on Instafeet is that you share your profile links on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and approach your friends to share your profile link. When you promote your account sensibly, you get the result.

Although it is not compulsory to show your face, if you upload your pictures in your profile, it can definitely increase the number of subscribers. Therefore I suggested that you show your face and make more money by gaining more subscribers.


How does Instafeet pay its users? 

As I have mentioned above, instafeet has several payment methods, like Cheque, PayPal, and a few others. I believe PayPal is the best option for withdrawing money from it.


Instafeet Review portal

I have checked different reviews websites where I checked Instafeet reviews. I found there are mixed opinions. It has over 2.7 ratings. This is good enough, it means out of 100 more than 50% of sellers, and buyers are happy with it. 50% of people who don’t like this platform would be those who wouldn’t have earned quick Bucks.

Most common and positive Instafeet Review: 

  • This website work so well that I made a good side income (5 stars)
  • I got several subscribers within a month


Most Common Negative Instafeet Review:

  • It only allows beautiful ladies to sell feet pics online
  • The ugly lady can’t make money from it
  • Nobody buys men’s feet pics online
  • Instafeet should be called IInsascam
  • The site needs better customer service. The response was too late 
  • They take too much time to approval
  • Obscene content


Instafeet Review: pros and cons of selling feet pics

Pros of Instafeet   Cons of Instafeet
Free to Join Take time in approval
Worldwide access ID and Photos are mandatory
Active buyers and sellers 2.7 Rating
Safe & Secure Member profiles are under constant review
Private Platform Merged with FeetFinder
Allow anonymous Selling Customer service is not good
No minimum threshold Website is slow
Reliable and legit Enough details about the company are not available


Instafeet Application Rules: Dos and Don’ts

  • Your feet should be clean and moisturized 
  • Use beautiful nail polish
  • Remove hair from feet 
  • To get more subscribers, submit your pics 
  • You can wear a toe ring but not socks


  • Don’t wear socks
  • Don’t upload your feet pics for sale when your feet are dirty


Are there alternatives to Instafeet alternatives?

Yes! There are many alternatives to Instafeet, allowing you to sell feet pics online and get cash in return. Feetify and FeetFinder, are the best alternative to Instafeet.

How to delete an Instafeet account?

If you want to delete your buyer or seller account from Instafeet, it’s easy. Let’s learn step by step.


How to Delete an Instafeet account without a password:

  • Login from a friend’s account
  • Visit Instafeet
  • Support & request
  • Give your email ID
  • Tell them what you want to do with your Id


How to delete an Instafeet account from a PC or Laptop?

  • Login to your account
  • Setting & Privacy
  • Delete account (OK)
  • Reconfirm by filling in your password (Done)


How to delete an Instafeet account on mobile?

  • Open application
  • Login (If you’re not)
  • Privacy Settings
  • Delete/cancel your account



I hope you like this Instafeet review, where I’ve explained everything in depth. Instafeet lets you become a feet model and make money by selling pics and videos online.

If you have any questions related to this Instafeet review, then feel free to connect with us. 


FAQ on Instafeet Review 

Do You Have to Show Your Face On Instafeet?

No! They haven’t mentioned anywhere that if someone wants to sell feet pics online so they’ve to show their face. But there is an advantage for those who show their face because many buyers may judge you for your look, and if you’re good-looking, no matter your gender, you’ll be able to attract a lot of subscribers.


Can you sell your feet pics if you have ugly feet?

If you think your feet are not white or in good shape, you can’t sell your feet Pictures online. Yes! Of course, you can sell. Colour doesn’t matter. The shape doesn’t matter. Only cleanliness does matters. Think practically, some humans buy foot pictures, so they don’t care about colour and size. It would be best if you kept your feet clean and moisturized; you can also use nail polish.


How to sell feet pics without getting scammed 

If you want to sell feet pics without getting scammed on Instafeet, then you should keep certain things in mind. For example, if someone asks you to provide them your feet pics or videos, they will pay you directly instead of paying through Instafeet. In that case, you should never trust the person who is asking for that. 

He may say that Instafeet will take 10%, and if I pay you directly you’ll save this 10% commission. So you should never trust and save them because it’s a sign that you’ll get scammed. 


Can I really make money on Instafeet?

Yes, you can make money from Instafeet, but it depends on your subscriber. The more subscribers you have, the more money you will make. Some of the top earners on instafeet make more than 1000 dollars every month, and you can do that too if you stay consistent and provide more beautiful and affordable pics than others.


Pros and cons of selling feet pics online 

Pros: Cons:
Side Income You might be scammed
Get fan following You’ve to follow the guidelines of every website that allow you to sell feet picture
Become a feet model You’ve to hide the location
You might get an opportunity to work for a footwear brand Some people may ask you for more than feet pics


Is selling feet pics dangerous

Selling feet pics is not dangerous. You’ve to keep certain things in mind; for example, your pics should not hurt someone’s culture, religion, group, or community. If you’re in a country and putting your feet on the national flag of that country, so you’ll get into trouble. Otherwise, it’s selling feet pics is not dangerous, and it’s 100% safe.


How to sell feet pics online

You must find the best place to sell feet pics, such as Instafeet, FeetFinder, and Feetify. These platforms allow you to sell feet pics online. You must create an account, get verified by their team, set a price, and upload a feet picture. Whenever someone subscribes to your profile, you’ll get money, and these websites will keep about 10% commission, so this is the truth about selling feet pics.


Is it illegal to sell feet pics on Instagram?

No, Selling feet pics on Instagram is not illegal, but there are certain things which you should keep in mind. First, you may get scammed by selling pics on Instagram because there is no one between you and the seller. 

For example, someone wants to buy your feet pics on Instafeet or FeetFinder, so these platforms will take money from the buyer and then give them your pics. After that, they’ll keep 10% and give the rest to you. On the other hand, on Instagram, no such features allow you to sell feet pics securely. 

Instagram will run on trust if you’re a model or you’ve got enough followers, so you can take money from buyers in advance and sell your feet videos or pics because having enough followers will increase your authenticity. 

Hope you got the answer that selling feet pics on Instagram is not illegal. 


Can I sell feet pics on other websites?

Of course, many websites give opportunities to sell feet pics online, such as feetify, FeetFinder, onlyfans and many more, but these websites I’ve mentioned are legit, so you can easily trust them and give them a try. How to sell feet pics without getting scam.


Can I sell hand pics on Instafeet?

As the name suggests, until now, Instafeet doesn’t allow you to sell hand pics online, but other websites allow you to sell hand pics, such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, iStock Photos, and Stocksy. The process of selling hand pics is almost the same as Instafeet, FeetFinder, feetify, etc.


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