HistoryIndia Nepal board dispute

India Nepal board dispute

India Nepal board dispute

The kind of close relationship india has Shared with Nepal Historically which hasn’t been shared with the other country

Indian and Nepalese can cross each other’s borders with none visa also they’ll reside and add each other’s countries so INDIA and NEPAL are like supporter, But these relations have begun to sour over the past few weeks and Years

Recently, The prime minister of Nepal [KP Sharma Oli] claimed that india is that the accountable for the spread of corona virus in Nepal even we all know who’s accountable for the coronavirus furthermore, the prime minister of Nepal has accused india of occupying some more area of Nepal, A border dispute is brewing between india and Nepal

• what’s the Border Dispute
This controversy surfaced within the indian media when Nepal commence with it’s new map some days ago within it Nepal included a district which they didn’t earlier the world which is i India’s control today if you look their new map
this area could be a triangular shaped disputed area within the North Western tip of Nepal this area is that the eastern tips of Uttarakhand
this entails a district of around 300 square kilometers and also the northmost village/ place is Limpiyadhura the South Eastern a part of it’s Lipulekh pass, Gunji lies within the south west and kalapani within the south
So this area has been defined on the premise of those three places (Limpiyadhura) (Lipulekh) and (Kalapani)
Nepal believes that this area rightfully belongs to Nepal whereas as India believes it’s India’s

• History of this border
Our story begins within the 1800s, around 200 years ago when India was under British rule the Britishers where trying to expand towards Nepal which was under the dominion (THE KINGDOM OF GORKHA) a battle befell between the Britishers and also the Kingdom of Nepal which is termed the (Anglo Nepalese war of 1814)
This battle regards for 2 years until 1816 after which a treaty was signed (Treaty of sugauli) to make a decision which area would be controlled by the Britishers and which area would be controlled by the dominion of Nepal what quantity area would be assigned to both the countries at that point, in step with the Treaty of Sugali, Nepal lost its area of Sikkim and Darjeeling in order that area was ceded to the Britishers, and two rivers where made use of to define the dominion of Nepal, the Western boundary of Nepal would be a protracted the mahakali river and also the Eastern boundary food along the mechi river even, even today if you observe what the eastern and western boundaries of Nepal and India are then they’re defined in step with these two rivers, the Nepal – India border runs along the rivers
the problem arises at the Western border of Nepal if you go along the mahakali river you’ll be able to see it in map

• Who is correct ?
therefore the biggest question is that this who does the disputed area rightfully belong to INDIA or Nepal
To answer this question i’d present the argument of either side
•Nepal’s View
Nepal argues that the sugauli Treaty was the last Treaty within which either side are in agreement afterward there has been no treaty within which either side are in agreement and then they might take the sugauli Treaty as a base and thereon basis, This area should be theirs because the Treaty defines that their Western boundary would be along the mahakali river, and where this river is visible into two, it’s clearly visible that the broader river is that the mahakali river and then this area comes under them

• India’s View
The argument in India’s favour is that regarding this for therefore a few years this border has been in use for many years after the 1860s this has been the unofficial boundary in use Nepal didn’t object then, Neither did the monarch of Nepal have a controversy thereupon so what’s the logic behind rising this issue and rising dispute for nothing?
• Nepal’s counter
In Counter to the current Nepal could argue that democracy came to Nepal within the 1990s before that, the monarch Ruled and he exercised his own will the people’s Will was never paid heed to now that they need democracy why should they obey the monarch if he agreed to an unofficial boundary

• India’s counter
Here, Another argument in India’s favour would be that even after 1990s when Nepal head become democratic Nepal had not declared the Limpiyadhura under that for therefore a few years so what changed so suddenly that it necessitated a replacement political map

•So these are the arguments of either side

• so now i’d prefer to know your opinion because you recognize the history about it!!
• in step with you who does the disputed area rightfully belong to ?
• India or the Nepal ?
• write down your opinion within the comments section below


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