ScienceImportance of fishing industry | Know everything

Importance of fishing industry | Know everything

What is fishing industry

The fishing industry including any activity or industry that is concerned with taking, processing, farming, transporting, storing, preserving, and selling fish or other sea animals such as crabs, shrimps, prawns, and crayfish.


Importance of fishing industry

Types of fishing industry

  1. Traditional fishing
  2. Subsistence fishing
  3. Commercial fishing
  4. Recreational fishing
  5. Artisanal fishing
  6. Small-scale fishing
  7. Industrial fishing

How is Animal Husbandry useful

Importance of fishing industry

The fishing industry is very important for any country because it boosts the GDP of that country and provides employment to its citizens. Apart from this, because of this industry, people get to eat seafood which is rich in protein. Following are the other advantages of the fish industry.

Fish as food: Nutrients are very important for our body and on the other hand seafood like fish are rich in vitamins A, D, fat, and protein.

Fish for controlling diseases: There are fishing that can stop spreading diseases like Leishmaniasis, Lymphatic filariasis, Malaria, Yellow fever, and Chikungunya. These diseases spread from mosquitoes and on the other hand, there are fish that eats larva of mosquitoes.

Source of Income: Although, India is an agricultural country and the world’s largest milk-producing country after the white revolution, but still there are many places in India where people are dependent on the fishing industry, especially from Maharashtra, Bengal, and few parts of Southern India.


How does the fishing industry affect the environment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, boats go in large numbers in lakes, ponds, rivers, due to which the water gets spoiled, due to which aquatic organisms also suffer. while the number of oxygen declines.

According to wildlife rehabilitators, every year some similar is released into the river or pond by the fishermen, which is harmful to the aquatic life. And because of this many animals have to die, including fish, birds, turtles, dolphins, and other animals.

Why are infectious diseases so dangerous

How does the fishing industry affect the economy 

Fish is a good alternative to vitamins and proteins, but along with that, millions of people are also getting employment due to the fish industry, which is good for the economy of any country. Only fishing industries contribute more than 1% to the total GDP of India. And India is the 5th largest economy in the world.


Problems of fishing industry in India

  • Bad marketing and fish industry network
  • Small fishermen do not have a high level of technology
  • Small Indian fishermen cannot sell the fish all over India because most of the fishermen are poor and do not have many resources.
  • Indian fishermen do not use the scientific method to catch fish and they catch fish in old ways


How fishing industry can be improved

  • Test water quality before you start fish farming
  • Feed fishes properly (with high nutritious food)
  • Identify and register all fishing vessels with a single global system
  • Use scientific methods
  • Implement the Port State Measures Agreement
  • Use new technology
  • Encourage sustainable fisheries management
  • Improve data and catch reconstruction
  • Ignored Overfishing
  • Develop guidelines to ensure the transparency of at-sea transshipment


Why fishing industry is known as robber industry

It’s known as the robber industry because people take resources from nature for their benefits, which is good is for human beings, but truly bad for living organisms in the ocean. 


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