How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed (22 Pro Tips)

How to sell feet pics without getting scammed


Like any other business selling feet pictures is another legitimate business that an individual can do to earn cash. There are many best ways to sell feet pics. However, when we sell feet pictures, a question arises: how to sell feet pics without getting scammed?

Unfortunately, Internet scams keep rising because of that many feet pics sellers are afraid of being scammed. So how can you find this scammer earlier and save yourself from being scammed?

Read this article thoroughly. You will get every single answer related to this question. Besides, I’ve also mentioned the best places to sell foot pictures where you will not get scammed.


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How to sell feet pics without getting scammed


How to sell feet pics without getting scammed

Every business faces challenges, so if you are selling feet pics, scammers and fraudsters will target you to take advantage.

Therefore, It is essential to keep some things in mind to avoid getting scammed. So, the following are the 22 best tips on how to sell feet pictures without getting scammed.


1. Read Reviews and use trustable platform

You might be in a hurry to make money. However, you should always use a trusted and reputable online platform when selling feet pictures. It will ensure your and your buyer’s safety and security because trustable platforms provide a safe and secure environment.

Most platforms are usually equipped with tools and features that help to protect foot pics, sellers, and buyers. Furthermore, reputable platforms typically have privacy policies prohibiting the sale of illegal or inappropriate content, which you should always read.

These platforms offer customer support, which can help resolve any disputes or issues between the buyer and seller.

Before using any feet pics selling platform, you can read reviews about that otherwise selling feet pics can be dangerous.


2. Receive payment before you release images

Suppose someone is asking for your pictures, whether on social media platforms or feet pics selling apps. But he is not paying money or saying he will pay after seeing your one shot, so there is a high chance it is a confirmed scam.

Therefore you should have some transaction terms and conditions, especially if someone asks you on social media, then send your requirement first.

This is good for you and the buyer that you both agree with the terms and conditions, especially the buyer.

Even if you find that the buyer is potential, he will buy your pictures. In that case, you can send photos, but they should not be clear, so you should blur them.


3. Make use of secure payment gateways

Secure payment gateways become essential when you sell feet pics or any other pics. Some buyers may try to fool you if you sell pictures via social media.

There are many foot pics selling websites that do not pay a penny. However, If you sell via social media, then PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or Wise should be your payment method. Even if a website allows you to use any of these platforms, especially PayPal, you should go with PayPal instead of Linking your Bank account directly to the Website.

4. Be wary of the buyer who overpay

In these modern days, an overpayment is considered the best trick to fraud anyone. Therefore, you have to stay away from this trick. It is the easiest way to identify scammers and get secured in advance.

But how does this trick work? Well! There are two ways. First, they will pay you some extra money and later ask you for a refund. Second, the buyer will pay additional cash and then ask for a return. Besides this, the buyer may raise an encrypted link for the repayment.

Encrypted links may clean your account.


5. Make your terms and conditions beforehand

Whether you are selling pictures or any other digital product, sticking to your terms and conditions is always recommended. In our scenario, we are discussing foot pictures selling.

However, you should mention all the details about your work. For example, what kind of feet pictures are you selling, what are your payment methods, and can you do a refund? Can you send photos in advance without paying money, for example? These are some of the most critical questions you must include in your terms and conditions.

So whenever the buyer tries to communicate with you, you can send him these terms and conditions and continue the conversation if he agrees to your terms and conditions.

If the buyer disagrees with your terms and conditions, then possibly he might be a scammer.


6. Secure your devices and internet connection

Almost everyone knows that people use antivirus on their computers and other digital gadgets where they have excess internet access. Why do they do so? It is because they know anyone can harm their businesses.

Therefore if you are selling foot pictures, you should also be aware of hackers and scammers. You can use an antivirus or any trustable feet picture selling platform.

Use a secure browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.


7. Prefer using a business account

Creating a business account is beneficial for a feet Pictures seller as business accounts provide work like a shield against scammers and fraudsters.

Additionally, using a business account when you receive payment is always recommended. The benefit of using a business account is that nobody is going to take your information related to a personal account.

Therefore no scammer will be able to scam you or clean your account.


8. Sell as an Anonymous

When you are selling pictures, you will have to talk with many buyers, and a few buyers will try to get some of your personal details. In that case, you should avoid these personal questions because there is a high chance it will be a scam, especially if you are asked about bank details, location, etc.

However, you will see this kind of people primarily on social media, besides this, on feet pic selling apps too. If you get Vibes that the buyer is potential, you can keep communicating; otherwise, blocking is the best choice that feet pictures sellers can.

Being anonymous is always in your favor, especially in the digital world.


9. Do not accept Gifts

Not a professional website but on social media, you might be asked whether you accept a gift card. It is because payment with a gift card increases the chances of being scammed. Sometimes you will be asked to accept gift cards and sometimes coupons, like Sodexo Coupons.

So how do scammers scam innocent people by sending gift cards or coupons? Well! First, they will give you a gift card, then cancel it before you take the benefit. In that case, he will have your pictures without paying anything because whatever he would have paid, in the form of a gift card, will be returned.

This is better if you don’t not take a gift card, even if you are taking it from a professional website, because most scammers will cancel the coupon or card before you use it.

Therefore I recommend you use cash apps such as PayPal, Payoneer, etc.


10. Use a Strong Password

Most of us have social media accounts, and we prefer to have simple passwords because they are easy to Remember. Although, when you have a simple password, it becomes easier for fraudsters to scam you.

The study shows that when you have an eight-digit password, it takes 8 hours to crack it. On the other hand, when you have an 18 digits password, it will take 438 trillion years to break it. Therefore you should use a long password.

Therefore, you should use a long password containing later digits and symbols, such as (1234ABCD*@#*). Most importantly, Never use your phone number, or email ID, as a password. The Length should be a minimum of 10 characters.

11. Send a blurred Photo as an example

You will be asked to send a few photos as a sample when you sell pictures. By doing, so, buyers want to check the reliability and quality of your content. However, all buyers who will that will not be genuine whom you should trust.

Therefore, In this situation, you should send them a blurred picture with a watermark on it. If you don’t have a watermark, you can create it and use any symbols, names, etc.

And you can tell the buyer that once you like these pictures and make payment, I will remove the watermark and send a normal picture of my feet. However, this concept applies to some social media platforms. Because most picture-selling platforms are subscription-based, you do not need to worry about Picture or Video selling sites such as Onlyfans.


12. Avoid Meeting

No matter how nicely a buyer talks to you and tries to meet you in person, you should never do that. It can be dangerous to meet a foot pictures buyer in person.

The buyer may say he will pay you when you meet him, or he has jewelry or a footwear brand for which he wants to sign you as a model. He may also say, you will receive more money, or I will give you a check, but you have to stick with your words, which is NO MEETING IN PERSON.


13. Bargaining should be under your Control

Most buyers will try to bargain whether you do an online or offline business or sell digital or physical products. It is fair to do bargaining because anyone would like to choose a product that suits his budget.

Therefore, being a foot picture seller, you must stick to words. You can offer a counteroffer, but there should be a limit. You can’t just say yes, whatever the buyer says, so have a fixed price in your mind.

It decreases the value of your picture. For example, you have a picture whose price is $25. Then it should have a fixed price, like, I cannot sell the price for less than $15. So, please stick to your cost, and do some bargaining but not too much there.

14. Do not reveal your face

Although if you show your face, there is a high chance that you can attract more potential buyers. However, all buyers are not possible. Therefore if you are only planning to sell your feet pictures, you should never show your face at any cost, no matter how good the buyer is.

Most buyers ask for pictures for authentication verification, but in your case, the primary purpose is to sell foot pictures, not to sell hand pics or face pics. If you are too private and you reveal your photos, any buyer can misuse them, so we cannot trust everyone.


15. Use only Genuine feet pics selling platforms

There is also a flip side to earning money online, as fake websites are conniving money from unsuspecting individuals like us.

So here is the 1st step to consider: sell your feet pics to find a trusted and reputable online platform.

The Internet is full of fake websites that claim that we buy feet pics. You might be hurrying to sell foot pictures online to earn money by side hustle. However, prevention is better than cure; therefore, take time to recognize the best foot pics selling Websites or apps.

Therefore it becomes essential to review all these feet pics selling websites and take some steps in order to protect yourself from getting scammed.

However, some steps can help you to recognize a genuine website. Genuine websites always have a shielded URL, i.e. (HTTPS) standard payments method such as PayPal, good reviews, broader audience, privacy policy, terms and conditions, social media accounts, facility to contact them, etc.

If a website has everything mentioned above, you can create an account to sell feet pics.


16. Be aware of fake screenshot

You should always be aware of the screenshot because it happens that scammers send fake screenshots, and innocent sellers easily trust them and do not verify payment.

Almost 50000 people get scammed daily by fake screenshots, even when paying at the shop. How do scammers do that?

For example, A buyer has to pay $50 to someone, so he will pay $50 to his different account, edit that picture through a photoshop app, and then send it to the seller.

Therefore I suggest you check your bank account or cash app to see whether you received payment. Do not believe when someone sends you a screenshot because it might be fake.

17. Don’t Accept payment from third-party apps

The best way to sell your feet pics without getting scammed is always to use a standard payment method. If any buyer is trying to pay you through a different payment method that you do not know or asking you to click on the link, then it’s undoubtedly a scam.

However, you should always use a reputed payment method such as bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, AmazonPay, GooglePay, Stripe, etc.

18. Set Boundaries

No matter what your business is, there must be some set boundaries. You must know what you can do and what you will not do. I know customers are essential for every buyer, but having boundaries and limits increases The authenticity of a business.

For example, many buyers will ask you to show your face, and apart from face pictures, they would like to see many other body parts. Therefore you have to be very clear that no matter how much money you get from the buyer, you will not show other body parts.

However, it doesn’t mean you cannot sell hand pics or any other body part pic for money. You can also show other body parts if you feel comfortable because the body is yours, and the business is yours too.


19. Don’t Answer Personal Questions

Another way to sell feet pics without getting scammed is you should never to answer any personal questions. Most personal questions will be asked about your location, contact number, Instagram or Snapchat, etc.


20. Consider using a VPN

You should start using a VPN to protect your Internet and your IP Address, location, etc.

Using a VPN will encrypt your computer or smartphone by hiding data, providing data protection, adding an extra layer of security, allow you to access content from anywhere in the world.


21. Don’t get into pressure

The Federal Trade Commission Study shows that many scammers “Pressure” an individual or a company when they want to scam it.

You should always take your time and focus on getting the best deal while still providing quality content at a competitive price.


22. Watermark your preview images

Suppose you have enough followers on social media accounts and want to drive them to the platform where you feet sell pics. In that case, you should upload pictures with watermarks or blurry images.

When a picture has a watermark, it becomes hard for people to steal and use, especially for commercial purposes.

Watermarks give protection to your pictures and increase their authenticity. Pictures with watermarks are often high quality. Secondly, a watermark will increase the value of your other pictures. You can use a logo, signature, or any symbol for a watermark on all the pictures you want to upload on social media.


How to not get scammed selling feet pics

To avoid getting scammed selling feet pictures, you should never share personal details, like your contact number, social media, or Instagram ID. Secondly, you should always use the best app for feet pics; you can read an app or Website’s review.

Always use a watermark, and never send pictures before you receive money in your bank or PayPal account.


The safest way to sell feet pics

The safest way to sell feet pics is to use a reputed platform to Sell pictures. To send a sample, you can send a blurry image with a watermark. Never send a clear image to a buyer if he does not pay in advance.


How to sell feet pics on Instagram without getting scammed

If you are selling feet pictures on Instagram and want to avoid getting scammed, you should upload pictures with copyright, watermark, and semi blurry. However, if someone asks you to send photos on Instagram, in that case, you should always ask for payment first and then send your pictures. If someone is not following your instruction, chances are high that it can be a scam.


Best app for feet pics

Although I have written multiple articles on the best app for feet pics, however, some Best apps for feet pics are as follows:


Wikifeet men

Wikifeet men are specially designed for male celebrities and those who want to sell their feet pictures. However, WikiFeet is not working right now because the founder of this Website is designing a new UI for the Website.


When it comes to selling feet pictures, feetify can be the best app because it has over 200k active users. This application allows you to create a free account, but you must take a subscription that costs $49 for 12 months.

Whenever you sell a picture, you must pay 20% of your total income, but if you have a subscription plan, you can keep 100% of your income.

Where to sell feet pics

Other best apps to sell feet pics without getting scammed are Instafeet, Feetfinder, Creating your own feet pics website/store, Sell Feet Pics on Foap, Create a Discord Feet Pics Channel, sell feet pics on social media, especially on Instagram, Craigslist.


Pros and cons of selling feet pics

Pros Cons
Opportunity to Earn More Money Your content might get stolen.
Passive Income You might get scammed.
Low Budget to Start Income will be less if you are an Anonymous seller.
High Demands of Feet Pics
High Demands of Feet Pics
Opportunity to become model
You can create your own brand.

Is selling feet pics Illegal

No! You can sell images in any country, whether Australia, England, New Zealand, India, America, or any other country. Selling feet pics is not illegal, but your age must be 18 or above; otherwise, many websites will not allow you to sell pictures.


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