20 Proven Ways To Get Free Food Delivered With No Money

How To Get Free Food Delivered With No Money

Food is necessary to live, but unfortunately, some people cannot afford it. Therefore, I shared 20 ways to get free food delivered with no money.

Whether you are rich or poor, famous or infamous, everybody wants to eat food all the time as humans need at least one meal per day to survive.

Not all people can afford food, such as those experiencing homelessness or tough financial situations. 

In that case, there is a high demand for free or cheap food that can be delivered to your home. 

Moreover, the cost of living in the United States is rising every day. The reason is rising inflation: hiking and fuel, groceries, clothing, and prices. 

Food becomes more expensive when fuel prices are higher, and transportation trucks have to pay toll taxes. 

On the other hand, salaries are not increasing as inflation is increasing every year. Therefore, I recommend starting a side hustle whether you are a single mom, Dad, or anyone else.

Many people who have to pay debt stop eating food. Instead of eating 2 to 3 times daily, they prefer to eat only once. This is not good for health, especially when free food is available.


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How much money do Americans spend on food?

As per the report by the US Department of Agriculture, American consumers, businesses, and government entities were spending $1.81 Trillion a year in 2020. 

But in 2022, Americans will spend $2.39 trillion on food. Inflation is one of the most important reasons for a rise in food pricing. 

Those earning an average income spend almost thirty percent of their income on food. At the same time, those who get high salaries spend seven percent of their income.

Although this number that I have mentioned is lower than 2020. 


How much food do Americans waste every year?

It is very unfortunate to see $408 billion worth of food wasted by Americans every year. People simply throw food in the dustbin, which is very disrespectful.

Wasting that much food is 40 percent of the total spending of Americans on Food. That all goes in the dustbin, trashcan, dumpsters, etc.

It becomes more unfortunate when over 34 million people in the United States sleep hungry or face problems due to lack of food. 

So if Americans stop through $408 billion worth of foods or simply start donating them, these 34 million people will not have to sleep hungry

However, some companies and NGOs collect food from them, ask for donations, and provide food to needy people.

However, America is not the only country wasting so much food. According to a World Population Review study, countries like China waste 91 million tons of food, India 68 million tons, and Japan 8 million tons. 


How can It benefit you?

You have seen the number of wasted foods, and it’s huge. That means it is now easy to get free food delivered to the USA with no money. Also, some companies are not delivering to home so you can get free food there. 

Some companies and Organizations are providing free food. On the other hand, some superstores and restaurants are trying their best to stop food wastage in the USA.

It is a good act of kindness when organizations collect waste food to provide to needy people. It’s unkind to throw billions of dollars worth of food in the dustbin while 34 million are starving for a good daily meal.

Well! That was enough data that I have provided about the spending on foods and the foods being wasted. Now let’s find out How to get free food delivered with no money or the best ways to find free food near me (You). 

Everyone should know how to get free food with no money because hunger does not know what’s going on in your life, whether you’ve lost your wallet or don’t have money.


How To Get Free Food Delivered With No Money

How To Get Free Food Delivered With No Money?

First and foremost, If you need food for today or the problem is temporary, I recommend you ask your neighbor or find a restaurant that gives free food. You can also visit a charitable place that provides free food to those in need.

However, If you are hesitant to ask for food from your neighbor, here are the places that give free food. I have provided more information about these places, apps, and websites.

Note: Some of them may not work everywhere in the United States. In that case, you can try a different place with free food. 


1. Food waste Supermarkets 

First, the best place to get free food waste is a supermarket because many supermarkets take the initiative to collect food waste. Instead, they will donate it. Therefore, they’re also called Food waste supermarkets.

Many restaurants and people gave their extra Food in Supermarkets instead of throwing it in a trashcan. Foods in Supermarkets are well-checked; if they’re not edible, they will not be stored for donations or distribution.

Although these foods are not completely free, you will also have to donate something, or you can work in the Warehouse. So they are free, but you have to work a little bit. If you are ready to do work, you can eat free food for a long time. 


2. Olio

You can download Olio from the Google Play or Apple Store for free food. Olio is a mobile app that allows people to donate their things to someone in need, whether it’s food, grocery items, or something else.

You can download this app and provide the correct information about you when creating an account. You have to provide your address, contact number, etc. Once you do that, you will be eligible to get free stuff. 

Most importantly, do not turn off your location. Otherwise, it will be hard for the person who wants to donate to you. 

The method is simple: get free food whenever someone cooks a delicious meal or they will have some extra groceries. 

They will take pictures of that grocery meal and upload them on the app. They will also mention the address. 

If you can go there and get free food, then you can go. Otherwise, you can ask the donor to provide food at your location. 

The donor will only ask you for correct information, such as address. That’s how you get free food delivered at home with no money.

However, you must be a little faster if you want free food. Besides you, many more people want food for free. 

When you open the app, you can see many pictures of foods, showing the address and availability of the food. 

So you need to reach the location as soon as possible; otherwise, someone else will grab this golden opportunity to get food for free without money.

Olio will show you food availability on Google Maps even If you search for Gift card exchange kiosks near me, the Best place to get free clothes near me, etc.


3. Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go is an alternative to Olio and is also available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can download this application if you want to get free food. 

Too Good to Go is playing an important role in collecting food from those 40% of people who are wasting so much food in the United States, while 34 million people cannot have food a day.

Too Good to Go has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, which is still increasing. 

Olio has 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, but I like both because they provide 2-minute delicious meals, including oatmeal.

You simply have to download the application from the Google Play Store and create an account. The registration is 100% free, and it is also easy. 

Once you download the application and create an account, you will see the store restaurant and how this location provides free food instead of throwing it in a trashcan.

You can choose any place where you can see many free foods, and then you can go there and collect food. 

And if you are in a situation in which you cannot go, in that case, you can ask if they can deliver food for free to your home, and you can tell the donor about your problem.

And there is also another option: some people provide food at cheap prices. You can get a delicious meal for $4 or less. 

So how do you get this cheap meal from a restaurant? It is possible when people buy food at a restaurant and cannot finish it, so the restaurant collects that food, and instead of throwing it away, they prefer to resale that food item at very low prices. 

Besides, they also charge for packing and delivering to your home, so you can still consider it as you get free food. 

However, there are a majority of places providing food for free, but only a few restaurants will charge a little bit.

However, keep in mind that every receiver has a daily limit, while the donor can donate as much as he wants. 


4. Decluttr

The Decluttr application provides free stuff, but do not think that Decluttr only provides food for free; there are many more things you can get for free. 

For example, you can get free clothes, shoes, used appliances, books, furniture, electronic items, and many more. And some things are also available cheaply, which you can buy.

Interestingly, many people also give their refrigerators and expensive furniture for free, which you can sell after taking from them. Still, I recommend taking anything for free when seriously in need.

Other people can also sell it, but they give away their expensive furniture or refrigerator to the person who needs it.

When it comes to getting free food delivered with no money at home, it is impossible here because most of them provide uncooked food or groceries for free. 

Some of the most famous items you can get for free are uncooked rice, eggs, meat, fish, beans, and many more. So you can take free groceries from there and cook at home if you want. 


5. Feeding America

As the name suggests, Feeding America is another popular organization that provides free food in the United States of America and works across the nation. 

They have opened various food banks available in almost every state of America. Feeding America is counted as the largest charitable organization, which fights 40% food wastage in the United States and helps millions of people early. 

Feeding America provides groceries and food to thousands of families and individuals daily, and you can be one of them if you want. 

Another good thing about Feeding America is their personal food pantries in every state and various cities nationwide.

However, as I have said, they are fighting with 40% food wastage, so providing food to everyone from their pantries is not impossible. 

That’s why they are working with many more local organizations, Food banks, groups, families, and individuals willing to change the society and provide food to 34 million people.

Feeding America Bank near your home is easy, and food is free.


6. Mystery Diner

One of the best ways to get food for free is to join a market research company that hires mystery shoppers. 

Once you become a mystery shopper, you will have a high chance of getting food for free, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other delicious meals.

How will you get food for free being a mystery shopper? 

The company will send you to a restaurant or anywhere else where you will have to buy food from your pocket money and experience how the restaurant treats their customers and their food tastes. 

You will have to collect a lot of information from there, and later, the company will pay you back all the amount you paid during this mystery shopping. 

And now, there might be a question about why the company will send you to a restaurant to review foods or other items. Well, that’s all because they want to get real customer reviews. 

And your review will help them work on their business if they are struggling somewhere.

Being a mystery shopper, you will act like a detective agent who will go to a restaurant wherever the research company sends. 

After that, you will have to collect important information about the restaurant or hotel, such as food taste, employees’ behavior, and whether they are teaching their customers politely or not. 

There are many more things because, in the end, you will have to explain everything to the research company so that I can work on it.

Note that it is not easy to be a detective agent or a mystery shopper, as you have to be sharp. That is all because you will have to collect much information about the restaurant as you will almost raid them. 

This is all because market research companies want experienced people, and they are paying because they want to grow their business. 

You can take it as a side hustle, but Mystery Shopping is not a charitable organization that will provide you with free food without taking advantage of you.


7. Birthday and Anniversary Offers

There are many places in the United States which are providing food and various other things. 

If it’s your birthday, you can receive multiple gifts, but you must prove it is your birthday. 

And it is not only for your birthday, it is also allowed. You can get a free meal even if it is your marriage anniversary. 

The easiest way to prove it is your birthday is to show your birth certificate, driving license, or any other government-issued ID card where your date of birth is visible. 

Nowadays, this trend is going up when people are getting free meals and receiving other gifts on their marriage anniversary or birthday. 

Remember, the meal will not be delivered to your home because the restaurant will only give you it for free. After all, it is your birthday. 


8. Free food sample

When a new restaurant or outlet opens, the owner organizes an event to provide free food samples to people to gather feedback. 

This helps them build their customer base for the outlet or restaurant easily in the future.

While they do not ask for money for the free samples, they would want to hear your opinion on their dishes.

You only have to find out where a new restaurant is opening and whether they organize free food sample tests. At the same time, they will only ask your opinion about the dish.

Note: No, all restaurants have free food samples, even new ones.


9. Restaurant Apps

Many famous restaurants such as Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, A&W, and many others allow people to order food from their home to their service or anywhere else, and they also deliver food from the restaurant.

And you can take advantage of the customer loyalty programs. You have to order food from the restaurant and spend your money, so someday they will give you a huge discount, using which you can get free food delivered to your home without money. 

The more you order food, the more points they will give you, and because you are a frequent buyer, you will have a lot of deals. 

One of the best ways to get free food delivery to your home with no money is by being chosen in a lucky giveaway. 

Restaurant chains offer free food on some days, such as Christmas or any other day, but they do not reveal when they will give away free food. 

These free foods include soft drinks, delicious meals, cakes, and many more. 


10. Soup kitchens

You can search on Google for any Soup kitchens near your home. They provide free food to needy people, and they can provide free meals because they accept donations.

However, they will not give you so much to fill your stomach. They’ll provide you with food so that you can survive because there are over 34 million people in America who are not able to eat food every day. 


11. Get free food from the surrounding area

If you live in a place with trees and bushes around your house or near your location, you can collect many things to eat, such as berries and mushrooms.

Mushrooms are very easy to find because I have collected many mushrooms. 

The funny thing is that I used to be scared looking at mushrooms because, as a kid, I used to believe they were snake’s homes, but I remember collecting many mushrooms from the roadside. 

However, there are limitations. You cannot find them daily, so you can use them if you are in a serious situation or have lost your wallet. 

You have nothing to eat today and are looking for free food. You can also find free fruits to fight hunger, not mushrooms.

Remember that not all fruits you find on the roadside or in the bushes are edible; some might be poisonous. 

Therefore, always search for food in the Jungle or on the roadside.


12. Local Churches & Mosques 

If you seriously need something, a church is the best place to get anything for free, including free food, clothes, shoes, or any other things. 

You do not need to find a big Church. Even local churches are always ready to help. And it is not limited to only churches; you can even visit a mosque and tell the authorities that you need free food, clothes, shoes, etc. 

All worshipping places teach generosity; for example, a quote by the prophet Muhammad. 

He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbor goes hungry – Prophet Muhammad

It applies to every Muslim; there is a high chance that you will get help in a mosque.

And there is another beautiful verse from the Holy Bible:

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you  Luke 6:38, NIV.


13. Vincent de Paul USA

Vincent de Paul is another great organization founded in Paris in 1833. Since then, Vincent de Paul has been working to improve society by providing needy things to poor people. 

Although it was started in France, it also works in the United States as “Vincent de Paul USA.” Even though it is related to the Roman Catholic Church.

 It does not discriminate whether you are Black or white, American or non-American, or anyone else; whoever goes there will receive respect and help.

Vincent de Paul USA provides free food and other items in the United States. You can visit the Vincent de Paul USA office or a food bank anytime to get free food. Importantly, Vincent de Paul is available across the United States.

All you need to do is simply visit their food bank or food pantry on appointed days and collect the groceries.

Another good thing about the Vincent de Paul USA is that they do not ask you to provide anything, like a government-issued ID card, to prove your age, address, or anything else. Without any discrimination, you will receive help.


14. Ask a neighbor or People to give you foods

One of the best ways to get a free meal without money is to ask others to give you food. You can tell them why you are not able to afford it.

The majority of homeless people do this. They ask other people to help them, and millions of kind people in the United States are ready to help.

But if you are not homeless, you are just going through a tough situation right now; then you can ask your neighbour. 

They will probably give you food if you ask for one or two days. They can provide you even for a long time if you convince them why you need food and what problem you are going through. 

My mother told me a story about when she was a kid and her home was broken. Then, my mother and grandmother lived in a neighboring house until the home was built. 

And the neighbor allowed us to live in their home rent-free because the problem was genuine, and they could understand it. 


15. Applebee’s Email Club

If it is your birthday, you can visit Applebee’s website, which is an email club. After that, you will receive many offers from their website and a higher chance of receiving a free meal coupon code on your birthday. 

Besides free meals, they provide drinks and other things, such as a neighborhood grill and bar. 

Interestingly, Applebee’s restaurants are in Colorado. So if you are from there someday, you may also receive a surprise on your birthday. 

They will sing songs for you and provide you with delicious food and drinks for free. And it is not enough that you will receive it on your birthday and your marriage anniversary. 

However, you must be a little lucky to receive that grand celebration on your birthday, especially when striving to have food.


16. Trade labor Food

Well, they are not 100% free, but if you are going through a situation, you can get free food. You will have to do some physical work, which is, of course, hard work. 

You need to be stronger physically and mentally because you will be loading trucks, working in warehouses, etc.

They will give you a lot of food for free if you help them lift and move heavy objects from one location to another. 

Besides this, they might also pay you some money. However, there are many ways to earn money right now if needed.

How To Get Free Food Delivered With No Money


17. Grow Foods

One of the best ways to get free daily food is to grow it in your backyard, terrace, or balcony.

There are different types of foods and fruits that you can grow to get free food every day. Some of the best foods to grow are as follows:

For Balcony/Terrace:

  1. Herbs like basil, mint, and parsley.
  2. Cherry tomatoes in containers.
  3. Strawberries in hanging baskets.
  4. Lettuce and other leafy greens.
  5. Chilies or bell peppers in pots.


If you have a backyard, then you can grow these foods in your backyard:

  1. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini.
  2. Carrots and radishes.
  3. Potatoes in containers or bags.
  4. Dwarf varieties of apple or citrus.
  5. Herbs and spices.


18. Dumpster Diver Clubs and Groups

Dumpster Diver is among the most popular groups worldwide, including the State of America. 

Nobody knows when the dumpster driver was started. Some claim it started during the Second World War. Because, at that time, It was really hard to find food. 

However, as I have said, there is no exact date when the dumpster group was created; therefore, it is not as well organized as others, such as Feeding America. 

Some people also believe that the beginning of the dumpster group was started in Germany. 

At that time, people used to collect food from the garbage, meat shops, military camps, and various other places to beat their hunger. 

Some people also say that dumpster drivers often throw some packets of food so people in need can find it. 

It was one of the nicest ways of charity when people did not show themselves while donating something. 

Fortunately, the Dumpster diver moment is still working in various places, including the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 

If you want, you can also join the dumpster driver club or group and help people by providing food and items. However, you will not receive food at your home from a dumpster driver. 


19. Community Gardens 

Many community gardens prefer to give some food for free, which grows in their garden. But they mostly give to those who are their neighbors, so if you have a garden in your area, you can ask them. 

If you live in a community of people who grow their food in such gardens, you can request them to help you with food.

Even if your neighborhood has no garden, you can go somewhere else and ask them to help you with food for free. 

If they are generous with you, then you might get anything they have planted in the garden. However, You must cook them because they do not give you cooked food.


20. Get free leftovers in Restaurant 

One of the most famous people on the planet is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has over 600 million followers on Instagram. Besides, he is also one of the richest sports personalities on the planet.

But when he was a kid, his parents could not afford food. Ronaldo said every day, he used to go to different restaurants and ask for leftovers, and every time, he used to get some burgers or chicken and other foods. 

A kind girl used to keep leftovers for Cristiano Ronaldo so that she could give them to Ronaldo every evening. 

You could do the same thing if you want to get food for free. You have to go to the restaurant and ask for leftovers. 

It is hard to find someone who can keep leftovers for you so that you can get them every evening. Fortunately, you can feed yourself many times, although you may get 

Many people do not finish their food in a restaurant, so they prefer to donate it instead of throwing it in a dustbin. 


Is Free Food Worth the Effort?

It does. Especially when you are battling hunger, you will have to do everything. As I have mentioned, there are various places to get free food delivered with no money. 

A few do not give money or food without an Interest, especially as a mystery shopper. 

You will have to collect a lot of data and provide detailed feedback to the research company, and then they will give you the money you will spend on food.

Only charitable organizations, NGOs, and groups provide free food, but they are not completely free because someone pays to give you this free food and free meals.

I have also discussed that you can receive free food from the restaurant on your birthday or anniversary or sometimes on a social day when the restaurant gives away free food or nice deals.

Well! Those are not 100% free; they charge someone, even sometimes, from you. Many times, they also increase the amount of a meal. 

You can only receive effortlessly free food from a charitable organization, which collects leftovers from restaurants, Airlines, and military camps. 

Later, they give food to orphanage homes and food Banks so that individuals and needy families can receive it.

I recommend you should receive free food when you are poor, homeless, or going through a very tough situation, which can be physical, mental, or, most importantly, financial.

And if you can pay money and buy food from a restaurant, you should never get free food from a chair table organization or NGO. 

If you do not take food from a charitable organization such as Feeding America, someone battling hunger can take it. And it is not only about food. It applies to everything. 

We should only take something for free when we genuinely need something or cannot afford it. 


Final Thoughts

There are many best places to get free food delivered to your homes with no money, such as Olio and Too Good to Go. On the other hand, many charitable organizations offer free food for the needy person. 

When you are hungry and looking for free food, I recommend visiting any Church, mosque, or neighbor’s home or requesting other people to help you with food.

However, if you are physically and mentally fit, I recommend you do a side hustle or any job and earn money for yourself.

Secondly, if you have money to buy food, then in that case you should not ask other people to give you food. 

You should not even go to any Church, mosque, or charitable organization to get food for free because they are for the needy. Who is genuinely striving?


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