17 Best Ways To Get Free Clothes Online 

How to get free clothes online


Inflation is rising. Therefore, it becomes hard to save money. What if you can get clothes for free? Yes, that’s true. There are many best ways to get free clothes online. In fact, you do not have to pay a penny. A few websites will deliver clothes to your home for free. 


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How to get free clothes online


Why is Free clothing beneficial? 

The first benefit of getting free clothes online is saving money and investing in securing your future. You do not have to go to the market and spend time there. In that case, you can invest money and time somewhere else. 

According to a study, an American family spends more than $61,000 annually; out of this $61k, they spend almost $1500 on clothing early. Women spend around 40% more than men on the latest Faison, about 2.5% of their total spend.

Some people always look for discounts so they can save money. If you are one of them, this article is for you because the following are the best places to get free Clothes where you do not have to pay a single penny. Get free foods, Newspapers.


When should I not get clothes for free?

If you are making good money, you should not get free Clothes online because if you do not bring clothes, someone needier will get those clothes.

But If you want to save money and belong to a middle-class family, you can get clothes for free.


17 Best ways to get free clothes online 

Clothes shopping can be expensive for anyone, especially students, and finding great deals can be challenging. Therefore, if you do not want to break spending money and love Faison, you should get free clothes online from these 17 following places to get free clothes for homeless.


1 The Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army is a place where you can also sell used appliances, shoes, clothes etc. It’s part of Christian churches, and their main target is to provide education, remove poverty and do other charitable works that benefit society, community, and humankind. 

If you are feeling poorer or going through financial crises, then you can get free clothes online from The Salvation Army. Currently, the Salvation Army is operating in 133 countries, including the United States of America. 


2. Clothing swap

A clothing swap is an event where anyone can get free clothes or donate their accessories to someone else. A clothing swap is usually set up by those willing to change society and remove poverty; they can be your neighbors, friends, or anyone else. 

The clothing swaps event benefits those who are more into Faison because they can exchange their no longer used clothes and get another one. If you do not know where to swap clothes, you can try The Fashion Pulpit, Freegood, Swapaholic, Carousell and Facebook groups.


3. Swap.com- Free Clothes Giveaway

Swap.com is a community of thrifters to find affordable, high-quality, used stuff. It is one of the best online thrift stores. They sell like-new or pre-owned clothing. Currently, they have over a million items out of landfills. 

But how can you get clothes for free from Swap? Well! You have to create an account and invite your friends or family members. For each invitation, you will get $10, which you cannot take in a bank account or PayPal account, but you will receive that $10 in a Swap account, which can be used to get free clothes online.

Secondly, you can work at Swap.com, but how? You can sell old clothes at Swap and earn more credit which you can use for free clothing. However, to become a seller, you need to submit an application. Once it’s approved, you will be eligible to sell used clothes.


4. Local Churches

Local Churches are one of the best places to get free clothes if you are homeless or going through financial crises. You can search for a local church offering free clothing to get free clothes. You can use Google or get the information by going there physically.

Although you might not be asked about your documents, it’s better if you keep them. You should follow all the rules and regulations the church sets for receiving free clothing.


5. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a fashion company based in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in One Montgomery Tower, San Francisco, California, U.S. They provide men, women, and kids’ clothes door-to-door with free shipping service.

Stitch Fix has a referral program, so if you invite your friends or family members with your unique referral link, you will receive credit in your Stitch Fix account. You can easily earn a lot of Stitch Fix credit if you have social media accounts and enough followers.

You will get $20 on a referral whenever someone successfully joins Stitch Fix from your unique link. However, you cannot withdraw $20 in the bank account or any cash app. 

$20 will be added to your Stitch Fix account, and when you purchase something, the credit will be deducted from your account. However, you will receive five boxes from there, but you can order a specific package, for example, clothes.


6. Clothing Donations

Clothingdonation.org is a service of Vietnam Vietnam Veterans of the United States of America. If you want to donate your household goods, you can contact them, and after that, they will pick up your used cloth or any other household goods from your home. 

They do not own an outlet to sell cloth, but they sell your unwanted clothes or household goods through a bidding process, and if you donate, you will get a tax deduction. Their purpose is to help the needy, so you can contact them if you are feeling poor, and they may give you clothes for free.


7. Sole4Soul

Sole4Soul is an organization headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Their purpose is to collect unwanted or used shoes and clothes and donate them to the needy. Besides this, they want to create over a billion economic impacts by 2030 by providing relief, creating jobs, and empowering people. 

Although they focus on providing clothes and shoes to poorer countries, you can contact them or reach their Store to get free cloths if you feel inferior.


8. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is an e-commerce website allowing people to rent clothes and accessories. Their referral program pays $30 when someone joins Rent the Runway through your unique referral link.

What are two ways to get free clothes? First, you can rent your clothes for special occasions like weddings, job interviews, etc. Second, you can refer someone, and whenever someone buys their subscription through your link, you will get $30, which you can use for free clothing.


9. Facebook Groups

Facebook is another best place for free clothing, so you can find a group and look for free or low-cost clothes.

There are many groups on Facebook where people donate their shoes, clothes and other accessories because they do not have time to sell their used clothes. So, you can find a group, contact them, and get clothes for free.


10. Out of the closest 

Out of the closest is a place where anyone can donate their unwanted clothes, shoes, handbags, household goods and linens, and jewelry, and they have many Thrift stores where you can buy clothes at low cost. 

But If you want clothes for free then you should contact them and tell them your problem, they would like to help you.


11. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best places to sell your used appliances. It is an online classified marketplace where you can list your car, electronic items, clothes, shoes or any other accessories to sell.

How to Get Free Clothes Online

People who do not have enough time to sell prefer to give their products to needy people. You have to open the website for free clothing and search for free stuff. After that, you will see many options: Free fish tank, free crate & barrel couch, Free armoire Wardrobe, T-shirt, Shirt, and many other things. 

Therefore you have to contact them and reach their home to get free clothes.


12. Free online clothing giveaways

Sweepstakes fanatic is another best place for free clothing because they allow people to participate in a giveaway. You do not have to pay to participate in a giveaway. It’s a free and a hundred percent legitimate website. Still, the possibilities of winning a giveaway are very low, so the more you will participate, the more probability of winning there is. 

You can get free clothes online for children, women or men using this website. However, there are many other places to get free clothes, such as humanitarian organizations that provide free clothes and other stuff to students and needy people.


13. Create a website

It can be your best side business, where you will get money plus free clothing. For that, you have to create a website or a fashion blog where you will teach about the latest fashion and do reviews. Also, you can sell foot pics for extra cash

Once you start getting traffic from Google or via Social Media, many companies will begin collaborating with you. They can be big or small brands.

Secondly, here you can do affiliate Marketing generate a unique link from Amazon or Flipkart, then remote that product, through your blog and get a commission which you can use for clothing. 

However, if you create a website you will not get free clothes easily and very soon, you will have to spend time there until you start attracting an audience who will buy clothes from your link. 


14. Become an Influencer 

Becoming an influencer is always beneficial for you. In that case, you will not only get free clothes online, but along with this, you can also get many fashionable items for free. 

To do so, you have to create an Instagram account because it is the best platform to reach a wider audience. To create an Instagram page related to fashion, after getting enough followers, like more than 50k, you should start approaching brands for promotion. 

Brands you will approach will give you free clothes or cash to spend on clothing. 


15. Use Reward for free clothing

One of the best ways to get free hoodies, shoes, t-shirts, shirts, trousers, and other accessories is that you earn points through cash apps and spend those reward points on buying free clothes online.

Rakuten, Capital One Shopping, Honey, Upside and Fetch are some of the best cash apps. Many of these applications will let you withdraw cash in your PayPal or bank account, and few cash apps will give you coupons or gift cards, which you can use for free clothing or Free shopping.


16. Freecycle.org

Freecycle is a non-profit organization, and they take stuff from people who are willing to change society. After that, they give that free stuff to someone in need. 

They aim to build a worldwide sharing moment, where everyone shares their things with the needy. By doing so, they want to save precious resources, reduce waste, and improve the world.

So, If you need free clothes, check out Freecycle, plus you can also get other appliances, which you can sell for cash.


17. Credit Card Reward Points

There are many types of credit cards. Some will provide 1%, and some, 3% or 5% or more. A few of them give you coins when you purchase something from a particular shop. Depending on your credit card company, you will get cashback. 

However, most people who benefit from credit cards are new, or you can take benefits on festivals like Christmas.


Where Can I get free clothes?

If you are feeling poorer or going through an economic crisis and you want to get free clothes so you can try local churches. Many churches in America provide free clothes and food to the needy; you can also find a humanitarian organization.

How to get free clothes online without paying?

To get free clothes online without paying, you have to play games or use cash apps that give you rewards, after getting rewards you can use those points or gift cards on shopping. Some cash apps are  Rakuten, Capital One Shopping and Honey.


When is the Free Clothes Giveaway taking place?

Sweepstakes fanatics is a website that allows you to participate in giveaways and get clothes in return, but the possibilities of winning are significantly less. 



Suppose you feel poorer or want to save money for the future because you belong to a middle-class family or dream of visiting the world. So you can save money by not purchasing clothes because an American spends over $1500 annually on the latest fashion. 

There are many best ways to get free clothes online, such as Facebook groups, creating a website related to Faison, Craigslist, yard sale groups, local churches and many other humanitarian organisations.

You can use any of the above-mentioned websites for free clothing online or offline.


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