Make MoneyHow to do ola cab business in India

How to do ola cab business in India

How to do ola cab business

If you want to know how to do ola cab business and earn money, this article is for you. Ola is one of the largest ride-hailing companies in the world, working in Australia, the United Kingdom, and India.

People use ola cabs to travel from one place to another Because it takes the passengers to their destination at a low cost and at the right time.

Ola has different types of cars; the better car you have, the more money you will earn; old has five categories, Ola Prime, Ola Sedan, Ola Mini, Ola pink, and Autorickshaw, If you have any of them, you can earn money.

How to do ola cab business

How can I start ola cab business?

Ola cab is an excellent platform that connects passengers to the car owner. The Ola cab app is available on the Play Store.

From there, you should download this app too, whether you are the passenger or the owner of the car, so let’s learn how to do ola cab business and earn money.

If you have a car in good condition, big or small, you can connect that car with the ola cab company and earn money.

In order to connect your car with ola company, you will have to verify, and for that, you will need some documents such as a PAN Card, Bank Statement, and UID or Aadhaar Card.

To connect your car with ola company, you should go to their office; the address is given below, but remember you must have a current bank account; if you don’t have one, open it.

Old cab registration offices are situated in most of the major cities in India, such as Banglore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. Plus, you can contact the customer care number on their website.


How to do ola cab business step by step

  • You must have a car, and it should be in good condition.
  • You must have a driving license, PAN Card, UDI, and Bank Statement.
  • Current Account in any Bank
  • Once you are registered with ola cab, you will get a smartphone where you have the Ola cab application downloaded.
  • After registration, they will give you all the essential guidance.
  • Now you can start ola cab business and earn more than 40000 per month.


Ola cab business plan

Ola cab Business plan is pretty simple; suppose you have a car in good condition that you have connected with ola cab; now, whenever someone travels in your car, they will keep some money and will give you a commission too.


How do I get drivers for Ola cabs?

Suppose you have a car that you want to connect with an ola cab but want to avoid driving that car. You hire any driver from or any website or offline. Whatever he will make from your Ola-connected car, from that amount, you can pay salary to your driver and keep the rest of the money with you.


Can I do business with Ola without having any car?

Yes, if you don’t have a car but want to do business with Ola, then you can do it quickly; for that, you can take a rental car and contact it with ola, and whatever you will earn from that amount, you can pay your car rental and take rest if the money.

If you don’t want a rental car too, so the best option is you can be an ola driver.


How much money can I make by registering with Ola Cab?

On a single ride, you will get a 10% commission; suppose a passenger is going from New Delhi railway station to Karol Bagh for 100 rupees, so you will get 10 rupees. You will also get a bonus if you’re an excellent driver, but there are few conditions for that.

In Peak Hour time: from 7 am to 12:30 and 5 pm to 11:00 pm, you will get 250 rupees on a single round.

If you drop Somebody off at an airport, you receive 800 rupees in your bank account.

After completing 12 rides a day, you will receive 45000 rupees.


Is it profitable to attach the car with ola in 2023

Of Course, it is profitable. If you take more than ten passengers daily to earn more than 45000 monthly, many ola drivers are making 70 thousand rupees and more than this.


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