Make MoneyHow to become a successful blogger as a beginner

How to become a successful blogger as a beginner

How to become a successful blogger as a beginner

Thousands of people create their blogs and work but don’t get success in blogging.

Because of that, they give up quickly; therefore, in this article, I’ll explain to you how to become a successful blogger if you’re a beginner.

If you have a blog or you’re going to create a new one, you should keep a few things in mind, which are as follows.

How to become a successful blogger


14 Tips to become a successful blogger


Before starting a blog, you should have a suitable niche or topic in your mind. It must be engaging so that you can be consistent with your blog.

It can be related to News, Cooking, Yoga, or anything which you wants, for that, you can analyze keyword on Google, and wherever you find the competition is less, you can go into that niche.

Domain Name

After deciding your niche and topic, you must find a perfect domain name that defines your niche.

Finding a perfect domain name for your niche becomes quite challenging because most of the domains you want to buy are already taken or are too expensive for a beginner.

However, you should be at home, which defines your nature; for example, if you in Asia is Yoga, you can go for, or if your niche is related to cooking, you can go for

Note that the .com domain is better for all over the World, but if you want to target a specific audience, you can buy. In, Ir, etc. For example, if you’re an Indian, you can buy

Blogger vs WordPress

Google provides Blogger, so there you can host your website for free you have to buy only a domain name because you would be a beginner.

If you have some money, you must go for WordPress; for that, you will need a good wordpress hosting which you can buy from hosting or Bluehost.

WordPress is very easy to use because you can download the plugin and use it there.

Theme or Template

Suppose that you have chosen a perfect domain name according to your niche and platform as well. It’s time to get a responsive theme for your blog, it too you should choose according to your niche.

Both types of themes are available free and paid, but I suggest you buy a paid one because you will get more features there. is one of the best websites to bug a theme or a template.



After successfully creating your website, you’ve to start publishing articles based on your niche.

Keep in mind that the article should be easy to read; therefore, you have to focus on the article’s quality. The article length should be a minimum of 700 words, and you must be consistent.

If you create a blog and publish one or two articles in a month on your blog, you won’t get any results quickly. You must write at least three articles weekly, and you’ve to be consistent about that.



Only when your blog becomes Older and has 200 to 300 articles should you keep promoting your blog. You can promote your blog for free or pay, but I suggest you promote your blog on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Suppose your blog is related to News so that you can create a Facebook and Instagram page. After writing a blog post, you can share that link on your Instagram or Facebook page.


AdSense Approval

Now that you have created a blog and uploaded a few articles, once you start getting about a hundred page views, you can apply for Google Adsense Approval.

Remember that you should read Google’s privacy policy and terms and conditions carefully. All the articles on your must be unique and genuine.

And on your blog, there must be a few pages about privacy policy and terms and conditions. Otherwise, Google may reject your blog.


Engaging Articles

After getting the Google AdSense approval paper, please don’t focus on their quality, so you should not repeat this mistake.

Write unique and genuine articles that are informative and easy to understand so that if a new user comes to your blog, he can also read other articles.

Users will read other articles if the first one is informative, unique, and easy to understand.


Apart from writing content on your blog, keep an eye on other blogs that are the same as yours.

If you like something about their blog, you can implement that thing into your blog and appreciate the article by commenting down the article.

Whenever you comment, you will have to write your website, name, email, etc. In this way, you will get a backlink which will increase the authority of your domain.

Guest Post

If you have good writing skills with no grammatical mistakes, you can contact a website owner and write a free post for them, and in return, you can ask for a backlink from their website.

By doing that, your website’s authority will increase, and people will start visiting your blog if they like your articles and will return to your blog.

Focus on Authenticity

Upgrading your content by doing so that your article will be fresh and Google gives it value. Some new bloggers make a mistake. They copy-paste, which you should not do at all.

If you keep doing that, you will not get good traffic from Google, and you will not get AdSense approval either. So please focus on a new and unique article and do not misguide your audience.

Quality Content

By the time you will get experience, you have to increase content quality daily. Do not upset your visitor by not providing them with helpful content because many users will not return to your blog.

Remember that you have created a blog to help people, so whenever somebody comes to your blog, he shouldn’t go without getting some knowledge from your website.


Helping Mindset

Your mindset should not be to earn money by creating a blog; you should also remember that you’ve started the blog to help.

Because people will visit your blog because they want to get some information, for example, if you made a blog about Yoga, then you should explain the benefits of Yoga in simple words and explain the way to do it.

By doing this, people will love to read your Articles thoroughly.


Reply to your Visitors

Suppose you have created the blog, so now you will start getting traffic. Therefore many people will comment on your about content. You should reply to them and help them. By doing so, they will come back again to your website.



Creating a blog is not rocket science. You can easily create it, but you must be consistent, which is problematic. Most people can’t do it.

I hope you like this article, and now you know how to become a successful blogger as a beginner; if you have any questions or quarry related to the blog, you can comment below.


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