ScienceHow organic chemistry is important to everyday living

How organic chemistry is important to everyday living

What is organic chemistry

Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that chemists study structure, properties, and processes related to organic compounds which have carbon in their structure with covalent bonding. Throughout these studies, chemical composition and formula, and applications of organic compounds are discovered.

In addition to hydrocarbons (compounds with carbon and hydrogen) other compounds also can be studied in organic chemistry, this compounds mostly contain oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphorus, halogens are among this group, too.


How organic chemistry is important to everyday living

Why organic chemistry is important

Organic compounds and their related branch of science, organic chemistry is the study of life and all its reactions. To illustrate it, we learned that carbon is the basis of organic compounds, moreover, carbon is taken place in carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, enzymes, and proteins, these all molecules are vital for life.

Organic chemistry studies are needed for various occupations such as a doctor, dentist, chemical engineering, etc. To work as well as expected in these careers, workers need a general view of organic chemistry.
Common household chemicals (food, fuels, drugs) are also required organic chemists to help to be made and developed.

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How organic chemistry is important to everyday living

If you are meticulous, you can see traces of organic chemistry everywhere in life. It is the traces and effects of organic chemistry in life that make it important.

Organic compounds with carbon and their covalent bondings are the raw material of vital molecules of the body and environmental substances.

Several reactions such as burning fuels, cleaning yourself, body-related processes ( digestion, cellular respiration), etc, are studied in organic chemistry.

Oil and its properties, reactions, and applications have been discovered by organic chemistry. Oil is called black gold because of its significant importance in life or a variety of industries.

To live safer than before, it’s better to have a few useful information about organic chemistry. According to facing organic chemistry-related reactions in everyday living, this information will help us. For example, Can I mix these household chemicals to get better hygiene? or Which fuel should I choose to keep my car and its engine strong as well?

Basic Organic Chemistry is key to understanding other sciences like other branches of chemistry, some topics of physics, biology, geology, because of that you need to apply an understanding of organic chemistry to some careers ( dentist, doctor, chemical engineering, etc).

Organic chemistry is directly involved with fuels, so these educations and chemists are essential for vehicle development.

Creating new products from oil and exporting them to other countries even countries which have many oil resources, undoubtedly have positive effects on the economy.

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Where organic chemistry is used

Due to the importance of organic chemistry, it is expected to have many important applications.

PVC, nylon, polycarbonate, cellulose, polyethylene. These are just some of the polymers that are among organic compounds. Polymers are large molecules with long chains and branches with thousands of repetitive patterns.

Petrochemicals such as gasoline, plastics, detergents, kerosene, food additives, and medicines are separated from crude oil or petroleum by the difference between their boiling points. To have all these important products we have to know their boiling points and separation mechanism by organic chemistry.

Soap and detergents are too much used and essential everywhere, for humans, industry, hospitals, etc. These substances also increase the life expectancy index by improvement in hygiene. Soaps and detergents are created and made by organic chemistry, these all include organic compounds.

Aromatic compounds belong to the group of organic compounds. All odors that are inhaled in nature, laboratory, or perfumes are due to the presence of aromatic compounds in them.

Cosmetic industry is also required organic chemistry chemists, They examine the skin’s reaction to cosmetics and other skin products and thus help to increase the quality of them. They also analyze the changes of skin and make new compounds to be used.

Alkanes, alkenes, and alkyls are the most important organic compounds that are used in many different materials. Alkenes and alkyls are widely used in industry due to their high reactivity. Welding and cutting of metals, ripening of fruits, fuels, and gases, maintenance of materials such as carpets and clothes, etc, are all associated with the compounds mentioned.


Is organic chemistry hard

To mention the truth, organic chemistry is the most difficult branch of every science. The statistics show the same, highest failure rate, lowest class marks average, and more retakes.

Memorizing, step-by-step answering, or one-time readings that work in other sciences, won’t work on organic chemistry. Organic chemistry will force u to think and find a way that is different from others according to your information and general view of this branch of chemistry.

The main reason is that most students don’t follow this method to learn and answer organic chemistry-related questions or they just don’t use to use this method because it’s new. Students want to use common methods for organic chemistry in a stubborn way but just hands up! otherwise, statistics going to be raised as it was before.

All of organic chemistry is about the comprehension of various compounds, mechanisms, how and why of every reaction, and processes and interpretation of some graphs. Just by using the method mentioned above students can get over it.

If organic chemistry is different from others so your way of study must be different, too. Drop out all normal ways and use comprehension, thinking, and applying. In this way, organic chemistry will look easier and if it comes along with interest, it would be also enjoyable to study.


How is organic chemistry related to nutrition

Carbon is a highly reactive element that plays the most important role in the structure of organic compounds. According to this property of carbon, it exists in many molecules like nutrition.

Nutritions include carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and vitamins that provide the energy of the body. These nutritions all have carbon in their structure so we can put them in organic compounds.

To study their properties, reactions in the body and explain their structure, organic chemistry is needed. This study will help humans to discover nutrition resources and how they get digested in the body.

Moreover, in the food industry organic chemistry reactions are used:

Preservative Agents (Although artificial preservatives are cheaper, organic chemical preservatives are also widely used in the food industry)

Coloring Chemical (It will be better to replace artificial color additives with the natural source of colors like using carotenoids and chlorophylls of plants. These all are organic color additives)

Bulking Agent (Almost all foods like noodles, pasta, and bread contain the bulking agent. This comes from organic sources like starch)

Antioxidants (The advantage of using natural antioxidants in the food industry is that in addition to its antioxidant properties, it also has other properties and does not damage the main composition of food for example carotenoids)

Crop Fertilizer (Using crop fertilizers instead of synthetic fertilizers will provide higher food safety and at the same time keep the environment safe)

Some other applications of organic chemistry in the food industry:

  • Food Emulsifier
  • Lactic acid Producer
  • Anti Foaming Agent
  • Moisture Preserver


How is organic chemistry related to biotechnology

Biotechnology connects different sciences, organic chemistry is one of these sciences that biotech is contained. In biotech to discover the structure of molecules and their connection with the environment is being studied. Also, new products of biotech such as enzymes are made.

For all these activities in biotech, we need information about the properties, reactions, and structures of organic compounds which contain a large part of molecules.

This information is associated with organic chemistry and without its studies biotech couldn’t be completed. Molecular science is a branch that can illustrate the connection between organic chemistry and biotech.


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