ScienceHow is Animal Husbandry useful | Know everything

How is Animal Husbandry useful | Know everything

What is animal husbandry

Animal husbandry is related to selective breeding. Humans take great care of animals for their benefit. For this, the genetic properties of animals are developed so that humans can get more benefits. As a result, a large number of farmers are dependent on animals.

Animals are taken care of because human beings get many food items from animals. Food items like dairy products we get from cows, buffaloes, sheep, and goats. India is the largest milk-producing country in the world after the arrival of the White Revolution in India.

Nutrients are very important for the human body, therefore, birds such as chickens, ducks, and geese are used by humans because they provide eggs that contain nutrients like carbs and proteins.

First, humans use animals like cows, buffaloes for milk, and chickens for eggs. Although, when the cow stops giving milk and the hen stops laying eggs, they are used for meat.

However, the Opposite gender of cow, buffalo, goat is often used for meat. Apart from this, sea creatures such as fish, or sailfish are also used for food. There are different species of fish, but protein, fat, and carbs are found in all species.

In animal husbandry, the human takes special care of animals as it’s a business. and animals are often raised on farms. Apart from this, people keep honey bees because they get honey.


how is animal husbandry useful

Animal husbandry history

If we talk about the history of animal husbandry, so it’s very old. When our ancestors lived in the forests, they used to eat fruits or kill animals to keep themselves alive. However, as our ancestors developed over time, they started doing animal husbandry. from which they got milk and meat.

Our ancestors started raising chickens for eggs, cows, buffaloes, and goats for milk. However, when our ancestors evolved, they used animals like goats for farming. In modern times, bulls are used for plowing the fields in villages, although the developed farmers use biotechnology in agriculture.


What are the branches of animal husbandry

There are mainly three types of branches in animal husbandry, Poultry Farming, Fish farming, and bee farming, let’s understand them one by one.

Poultry Farming

Birds are reared under poultry farming such as ducks, turkeys, pigeons, and chickens. Because we get eggs and meat from these birds. However, chickens are the most reared because they lay the most eggs.

Birds are taken care of a lot in poultry farming, because the more they are taken care of, the more they will benefit the farmers. Apart from this, the excreta of birds is also used in making manure for agriculture.


Fish Farming

Most of the fish are raised in ponds, but at some places, fishermen also raise fish in closed tanks. Nowadays the demand for protein is increasing very much in the market. that’s why, Fishermen mostly like to rise these kinds of fish (Tilapia, Catfish, Salmon)


Bee Farming

In Apiculture, bees are reared because they give us honey, wax, etc. In apiculture, honey bees are maintained in colonies and large numbers of bees are reared.


How is animal husbandry useful

Animal Husbandry is useful for us because it gives us dairy products such as Milk, Butter, Yogurt. Apart from this, Animal Husbandry is also useful for us because we get meat and eggs from there, due to which we get many nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and Multivitamins.

Understand the benefits of Animal Husbandry one by one:

Dairy products

In this, we raise those animals who provide us milk such as cow, buffalo, goats, sheep, but on a large scale we raise cows and buffalo because they provide us too much milk and then we use their milk to make dairy products, such as Butter, Yogurt, Whipped cream, Cottage cheese, Hot chocolate, and Frozen Desserts.



Animals or birds that are first raised for milk or eggs are later used for meat. Although, many such animals are reared only for meat. Animals raised for meat include cows, camels, sheep, goats, and pigs. However, in a country like China, dogs and cats are also eaten.



Animal skins are used to make clothing or footwear, in addition, wool is used to make warm winter clothing such as sweaters and jackets. The skins of those animals are used to make shoes or clothes, from which we get meat. Although wool comes only from sheep.



Animal feces used to make manure. Their bones and blood are also sometimes used to make manure. Because it’s believed that the manure made by animals is good for the crop. However, animal bones are also used to make buttons or dentures. Apart from this, In many places cow or buffalo dung is also used for burning.


Land Management

In many places, grass or dry bushes grow too much, which also increases the risk of fire. So people graze their animals in this place, due to which the risk of fire is averted. Apart from this, the fields surrounded by grass or dry bushes are also cleared.



In a country like India, a bull is called a farmer’s companion because farmers use him to plow their fields. and in many small villages animals like a donkey and male buffalo are used to carry loads.



When tourists go to visit around the world, they often ride elephants, camels, and horses. Camel rides are common in sandy areas. Even in the tourism industry, people benefit a lot from animals.


List 5 importance of animal husbandry

Although there is much Importance but here we have mentioned Five importance of animal husbandry

  1. We get livestock production from the animal husbandry
  2. Manure is produced from animal feces which is an integral part of farming.
  3. We get meat from camels, sheep, and goats as well as eggs from chickens.
  4. We get milk from cows and buffaloes, due to which we can make many dairy products.
  5. We get wool from sheep and at the same time, animal husbandry has become a business for the farmers.


Economic importance of animal husbandry

Animal Husbandry is very important for India’s economy as it is an agricultural country. India produces the most milk from animals as compared to other countries. Animal Husbandry accounts for about 18 percent of India’s total economy.

India ranks third in egg production, apart from this, India has the largest number of cows and buffaloes. Livestock contributes over US$30 billion to the US economy.


Advantages and disadvantages of animal husbandry

Advantages Disadvantages
Farmers get employment Greenery can have a negative impact
Increase in the lifestyle of farmers Infectious diseases can spread easily
It contributes to the economic development of the country Excess methane gas will harm the environment
We get food items like eggs, milk, butter, and meat, etc. Sometimes animals cause traffic jams
Manure made from animals produces a good crop It’s a bit high maintenance and requires more care


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