MissionsHow Elon Musk Will Colonize Mars

How Elon Musk Will Colonize Mars

According to Elon Musk it will take 1000 spaceships and over a million tons Vitamins C to build a sustainable city and make life posible on the Red Planet (Mars) otherwise “You’ll die slowly and painfully”.

Musk said to Ars Technica “A city that will be build on mars has to survive if the resupply ships stop coming from the blue planet for any reason. 

How Elon Musk will Colonize Mars

In order to make something self-sustainable we can’t miss anything, we must have all the ingredients and we can’t say like, well our city is self sustaining expact for this little one thing that we don’t have, we won’t make this mistake, Musk said.

He likened it to a long sea voyage: “That would be like saying, ‘Well … we had all the things except vitamin C.’ OK, great. Now You gonna be scurvy and die painfully. by the way. another thing, It’s going to suck. You gonna die slowly & painfully due to the deficiency of vitamin C. We’ve to insure that we’ve got the vitamin C there on the Red Planet,” Musk said. Elon Musk Quotes

“Then it’s like, OK, rough order of magnitude, what kind of tonnage do we need to make it self-sustaining? It’s probably not less than a million tons,” Musk said. (On an average, adult needs 75 to 90 milligrams vitamin C every day, according to the United States Department of Health & Human Services. Therefore, assuming about 90 milligram dose, a million tons of vitamin C would be more than 10 trillion doses.)

Musk said, the main goal of his starship transportation system to the red planet will be to launch each spaceX’s reusable starship rockets about 3 time every day carrying more than a hundred tones payload, roughly one thousand flight per year, every flight of SpaceX’s will carry 100 tones of Cargo, 1000 flights will carry 100,000 tones Cargo into orbit.

“Every 10 ships yield 1 megaton per year to orbit,” Musk tweeted.

One thousand Starships could send around 100,000 people per Earth-Mars orbital sync,” musk said on twitter, referring to the period, every 26 months, when Earth’s and Mars’ orbits are best aligned for an interplanetary journey. “That’s the goal.”

Currently Musk and other SpaceX’s engineers are working day and night to build Starship system, according to Ars Technica.)

Musk has thought about how other things will work on Mars. For example, there gonna be”a lot of jobs” opportunities on the Red Planet, and there will be a “direct democracy” on the Red Planet so that Martian will be able to make decisions for themselves. Musk also believes there will be less complicated laws on Red Planet than there are on Earth.

There will be an outdoorsy, and fun atmosphere on mars, you would probably want to have some faceted glass dome, with a park, and can walk around freely without any space suit.”

Musk has a plan to send a SpaceX rocket with cargo this year (2022). And second mission will take more cargo and crew by 2024, musk said, he’ll send a million people to Mars by 2050.

Musk told Technica, “I’ll be probably dead before Mars become self-sustaining. But i wanna see bunch of ships landing on Mars, food will be grown on solar powered hydroponic farms, located either underground or in an enclosed structure.

Elon Musk: When i came to US, I worked two jobes and graduated in over $100k debt.


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