ScienceHow do human affect the carbon cycle

How do human affect the carbon cycle

What is carbon cycle in biology

In biology, the Carbon cycle is a type of process, in this process compounds of carbon, are interconnected in the Geosphere, Pedosphere, Hydrosphere, and Biosphere.


How do human affect the carbon cycle

Carbon cycle steps in order

  • Carbon is present in our atmosphere which is absorbed by the plants and trees in the process of photosynthesis.
  • When herbivorous animals such as cows, buffaloes or sheep eat trees or plants, their body accumulates the carbon present in the tree or plants.
  • There comes a time in the life of trees, plants, and animals when they die, due to which the carbon present in trees, plants, and animals is again mixed in the atmosphere.
  • A times comes when carbon mixes in the atmosphere in very small amounts, that is, it turns into fossil fuels.
  • The fossil fuels that are made from trees and plants are used by mankind in their daily life, after which carbon is pumped more into the atmosphere.


Types of Carbon Cycle

There are two types of carbon cycles, one on land and the other at ocean. Apart from this, there is also a short-term and long-term carbon cycle.

Carbon Cycle on Land: Carbon is present in our atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide gas, carbon is involved in many natural processes such as fossil fuels, respiration, and industrial applications.

Trees and plants also need (CO2), carbohydrates when they process photosynthesis to make food. Its equation is CO2+H20+ ENERGY – (CH20)n + O2

In this process compounds of carbon reach the consumers through the food chain. Apart from this, carbon dioxide reaches the body through respiration.

Organisms called decomposers feed on dead organisms and help mix the carbon present in the dead organisms into the atmosphere. Its equation is (CH20)n – CO2+H20

Carbon Cycle in the ocean: The oceans take in a large amount of carbon and release it in a very small amount, therefore it’s good to call this process a carbon cycle because even it’s released in small amounts but at least it does release. And this process is known as “Carbon Sink”

In the carbon sink process, marine organisms convert carbon into calcium carbonate. Over some time, this calcium carbonate settles on the shores of the sea and is used to make limestone. When limestone comes in contact with air, it releases back the carbon present in the limestone in a form of carbon dioxide.


Why is the carbon cycle important

Although the carbon in our atmosphere is only 0.4 percent, still it plays an important role in keeping our environment balanced. It protects mankind from harmful rays coming from the sun. If the amount of carbon is further reduced for any reason, then it can lead to global warming.

Carbon is very important for every species living on the earth, it also affects proteins, DNA, and lipids. Apart from this, the oxygen cycle and the nitrogen cycle are also extremely important for mankind.


How do human affect the carbon cycle

If we talk about the effect on the carbon cycle by humans, then many activities affect the carbon cycle, such as using limestone, burning fossil fuels, and use the land interchangeably.

And the result is that the amount of carbon in our atmosphere is increasing day by day, although the oceans absorb most of the carbon, due to which a very small amount of carbon is mixed in the air.

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Why is the carbon cycle important to plants

Just as carbon is important for animals, bacteria, or humans, it’s also very important for trees and plants. When organisms exhale, they also release large amounts of carbon with it, which gets mixed in the air. Plants absorb the mixed carbon dioxide in the air and make food through the process of photosynthesis, which helps them to grow

And when the plants are grown, new leaves, flowers, and fruits grow on them and when they fall on the ground, they get destroyed by mixing in the soil, after which they are mixed again in the air. and again this same process starts.


Carbon cycle advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
It transfers energy in the form of carbon compounds Increases CO2
It Provides in the formation of new carbon compounds. It changes climate and increases Temperature


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