ScienceHow atmosphere is important for life on earth

How atmosphere is important for life on earth

What is Atmosphere

Our earth is surrounded by different types of colorless gases, odorless, tasteless, and compressible, and this is known as the atmosphere. 

Due to the seasonal movement, the atmosphere is considered to be the most dynamic among the major atmospherical factors.

About 99 percent of the total mass of the atmosphere is at an altitude of 32 kilometers from our land. Most changes and atmospherical phenomena also occur there. And due to the force of gravity, there is an atmosphere around our earth.

How atmosphere is important for life on earth

How atmosphere work

There are different types of layers in the atmosphere, and they do different things, mainly they prevent the harmful rays of the sun from reaching the earth and gives the opportunities to live on earth. You’ll read about them down below.

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Layers of atmosphere and their importance


Importance: This layer begins from the surface of our Earth and extends from 6 to 20 km. Here, we live and it’s the thickest layer



Importance: it’s the second major layer and extends from the top of the Troposphere, this layer is about 50 kilometers above the ground. And here is where airplanes fly.



Importance: It starts after the stratosphere layer is finished, this extends 85 kilometers above and it plays the most important role to burn meteors.



Importance: This layer start after the mesosphere and extends about 600 kilometers, Here satellites and Aurora occurs



Importance: This is the last layer of the atmosphere and it’s about 10,000 kilometers above the surface of the earth. It touches the space.


How atmosphere formed

About 4.6 billion years ago, when our Earth began to cool, volcanoes released the types of gases that formed our Earth’s atmosphere, at that time there was methane gas, hydrogen sulfide, and 200 times more carbon dioxide than today’s atmosphere.

However, after half a billion years, when the surface of our earth became more friable, water also gathered, and then our atmosphere was formed.

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Which atmosphere do we live in

There are different types of layers in our atmosphere but we live in the Troposphere layer, In this layer, all the weather takes place such as snow and rain, which about 8 kilometers thick layer. However, when a volcanic eruption, so the material from the eruption pushes through the troposphere and then enters the stratosphere.


How atmosphere is important for life on earth

  • The atmosphere is most important for life on earth, without it, life on earth is not possible, some reasons are as follows.
  • It provides the necessary gases to living all living things including humans, animals, trees, etc. 
  • It keeps the earth warm (Greenhouse effect)
  • Plays an important role to regulate the heat of the sun to just the right temperature for life on earth.
  • It’s very important for the water cycle
  • The ozone layer protects our earth from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which are harmful to living organisms.
  • It plays an important role to defend our planet from small meteors
  • Without an atmosphere, we cannot test, sound or small.


Are atmosphere cloud

No, there is a difference between cloud and atmosphere, Because the cloud is the mass of ice crystals or water drops which are suspended in the environment, on the other hand, there are gases in the atmosphere that we cannot see, while we can sea cloud.


Where atmosphere ends

There are five major layers, the first is the troposphere in which we live, and the last is the ecosphere where our satellites are working, the ecosphere is about 10,000 kilometers above from the surface of our planet, and there our atmosphere does end. 


Atmosphere vs Environment

Atmosphere Environment
It’s the layer of gases It’s our surroundings
That’s the last layer of the ecosystem That’s our own system around us
It only consists gases of such as nitrogen and oxygen It consists of all living and non-living things
It Effects weather It Effects climate
Ozone The ozone is an important part of the atmosphere Pollution is an important part of the environment


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