31 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center Near Me (You)

Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center Near Me

Thousands of people in the United States are looking for the highest-paying Plasma donation Center near me (you).

Therefore, in this article, I have discussed at least 26 of the best places to donate Plasma to make money and save someone’s life.

Blood is one of the most important components in the human body that carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and waste products. Therefore, donating red blood cells can save someone’s life and present it within 30 minutes.

I will also start donating my blood because, in a time donation, I can save around three lives, which is a very good thing, and besides this, I will also get money.

Although I will not start donating Plasma to earn money, I will do it because I want to save someone’s life. However, donating blood is still considered one of the best side hustles. You can also donate Plasma for money.

There is no specific time to donate Plasma. You can contribute whenever you want.

But do you know how much money you can make or which Plasma donation Centre pays the most? Probably not; that’s why I have shared a list of the highest-paying Plasma donation centers near you.

In the United States and worldwide, healthcare centers always want someone to donate blood or Plasma. Before I provide you with a list of the highest-paying Plasma donation centers near me, you must learn more important things.

Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center Near Me

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Table of this Article

What is Plasma?

In simple terms, Plasma is a liquid found in blood. The main function of Plasma is to carry red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells.

It is very hard to see Plasma from normal eyes; therefore, you will have to use some equipment like a microscope, so if you see Plasma through a microscope, it looks Yellow, and depending on the donor, you may see a slight difference.

Everyone must donate Plasma for money or even for the sake of humanity. Your Plasma will help many patients, especially those who are burned, have liver disease, or have other illnesses.


Why Is Plasma Important?

As we have discussed what Plasma is above, it’s important to know why Plasma is important.

That’s because it carries proteins, hormones, and many more things. Plasma is important for those patients who are suffering from liver illness, trauma, leukemia, or those who are burned or have hemophilia (a genetic clotting disorder).

So whenever a person loses blood, for example, if someone is suffering from trauma or burns, then they will need Plasma as soon as possible.


What are the differences between donating blood and donating Plasma?

Donating Blood

  • Doctors collect whole blood during the donation process.
  • Blood is used for many purposes, like surgeries, trauma care, etc.
  • The process is short; you can donate blood in 10 minutes.
  • A blood donor has to wait at least three months, depending on various factors.


Donating Plasma

  • Doctors do not collect whole blood like red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets; they only collect Plasma.
  • Plasma is used for patients facing diseases like clotting disorders, immune deficiencies, etc.
  • The Plasma donation process is longer, taking 1 to 2 hours.
  • You do not have to wait three months to donate Plasma again. This is the reason why most people donate Plasma more time than blood.


Who can donate Plasma?

The most common thing is that you should not consider donating Plasma if you are suffering from any illness. Before donating, you will go through a review, and doctors will check your health status.

Here are the most important things you want to donate Plasma:

You should be between 18 and 75 years old, and your body weight should be 110 pounds (50kg) or more.

You shouldn’t have gone through a tattoo or piercing process in the last four months, and some high-paying Plasma donation centers will accept it if you have gone through a tattoo or piercing procedure in the previous 12 months.

You should not have HIV or AIDS because there is no effective cure available for these illnesses. You should not have been in contact with someone who went through viral hepatitis in the past 12 months.

These are just some requirements for donating Plasma when you head to the Plasma donation center. You can also ask them more questions because every donation center has policies and conditions.


ID proof that you need to bring to donate Plasma?

You need to prove that you are a citizen of the United president of America, and for that, you can show your SSN (Social Security Number).

You can keep a copy of your lease or bank statements for the last two months. A driver’s license is also a good ID, so that you can keep that. You can also call the nearest Plasma donation center and ask them what documents you need to bring.


What is the Plasma donation process?

The Plasma donation process is quite similar to the blood donation process; the doctor places a needle in your arms in both cases.

The second thing that creates the difference is that you can donate blood in 10 while Plasma donation can take 1 to 2 hours, so ensure you have enough time.

During Plasmapheresis (Plasma donation process), the machine only takes Plasma, not red or white blood cells or platelets. That’s why you can donate Plasma more frequently; people consider it one of the best ways to earn money right now


How Do Plasma Centers Pay?

If you’re considering selling your Plasma for money, you probably wonder how these centers pay you.

You might wonder if you get quick cash on the spot or money to your bank or PayPal accounts.

While all centers differ in payment methods, a prepaid debit card is the most common payment type.

Check with your particular donation center to get how you’ll be paid.


Highest paying Plasma donation center near me (You)

If you’re asking, “What’s the highest Plasma donation center near me?” you’ll almost certainly have a few options available, depending on where you are.

I’ve gathered the list of the highest paying ones below, many available all over the US and outside. This means it will likely come down to where you live to find the one that will give you the most money.


  1. CSL Plasma

One of the highest-paying places to donate Plasma is CSL Plasma; it has over 270 donation centers worldwide. Out of them, 41 are situated in the United States of America.

Not only in the United States, but it is one of the highest-paying Plasma donation centers globally.

And because they are paying the donor a lot, it’s the number one choice of thousands of Plasma donors in the United States. Therefore, if you want to get paid to donate Plasma, I recommend CSL Plasma donation centers.

You may see differences in the CSL Plasma donation center’s pricing. Initially, they will pay you $50 to $100. But if you become a frequent donor, they may decrease the price. You can also check different places to donate Plasma for money.

When you stop donating or do not donate Plasma as frequently as you used to, they may also give you bonuses to encourage you to donate more.

However, I am not saying you will get $50 to $100 for the first time. Depending on your state and your blood group, you may see differences in pricing.

Most people with the AB blood group can fetch more money. This group of Plasma is considered universal Plasma, which anyone can use.

I recommend you make a phone call before visiting the place about how much they will pay, and you can also tell your blood group on the phone and ask for the documents or IDs they want.

If you are a resident of a metropolitan city and a first-time donor, they may still pay you more than a frequent donor to encourage you to donate.


  1. ADMA Bio Center

If you are looking for the highest paying Plasma center near me (You), Then ADMA Bio Center is my second best choice to donate Plasma for money. It’s because the FDA approves ADMA Bio-Center.

However, you can only donate Plasma for money if you live within 50 miles of the donation centers.

You can find ADMA Bio-Center in Hammond in Los Angeles, Knoxville and Maryville in Tennessee, Goose Creek or Myrtle Beach in South Carolina State, and Hammond in Los Angeles.

If you are a new donor donating for the first time, you can make $1000 in the first month if you donate frequently. Meanwhile, you can make around $500 a month if you are not new.

You can refer someone, like your friends or family members, to make more money to get an extra $50.


  1. BioLife Plasma Services

BioLife Plasma Services is one of the highest-paying Plasma donation centers across the United States. BioLife Center is available in the United States and Europe.

It is associated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. Therefore, you can make around $900 in the first month if you are the new donor. In this, you will be donating twice a week for a month.

However, they may give you from $50 to $100 when you go for the first time. Remember, these are not expected prices. They may fluctuate so that you can make a phone call to the donation center.

However, you can easily make around $300 a month if you keep donating Plasma. This is a very good way for a single mom and all other individuals to earn money. But you must be at least 18 and weigh around 50 kilograms or 110 pounds. 

Also, they have different levels. If you continuously donate Plasma, you will go to a higher level. If you skip a single week, then your level will decrease.

Besides this, they have a buddy system where you can earn $100 easily. Earning $100 is as easy as watching videos for money. You only have to refer your friend or family member who is willing to donate Plasma. 

And remember that you will not receive that money in your PayPal account. Your earnings will be sent to your wildlife MasterCard, which you can use to buy other things.


  1. Grifols

Grifols is another good place to donate Plasma for money. You can earn up to around $100 for a one-time donation. You might be surprised that Grifols has operated since 1939, before the Second World War.

Their centers are available at various places in the United States where you can donate Plasma for money.

If you are a first-time donor, you will get around $100. But by the time you start donating Plasma more frequently, the price will decrease, and you will get around $30. However, initially, you can easily make over $100 in a month.

So I recommend you donate Plasma, especially in the first month, as you will make $100 when you donate for the first time, $125 for the second and third, and $150 for the last, which will be your fourth time. And after that, you will not be considered a new donor; therefore, you will get around $30.

The price may differ because it depends on the location and the timing. You can get more information from the representative.


  1. Interstate Blood Bank

Interstate Blood Bank is associated with Grifols, which we have discussed above. However, if you donate Plasma in an Interstate blood bank, you should live in Texas or nearby because IBB does not cover the whole United States.

Like Grifols, Interstate Blood Bank is also one of the oldest Plasma donation centers, which was started in 1949, after the Second World War. And currently, it is paying around $50 per Plasma donor.

To find an Interstate Blood Bank, you can search on Google and make a phone call because they often keep changing prices. You can ask all your questions, like bonuses and how much they pay the Plasma donors.

I recommend you follow their Facebook page because they always share new bonuses. So whenever you get a golden opportunity, you can go there and donate and make more money by donating Plasma.


  1. KedPlasma

KedPlasma is among the highest-paying Plasma donation centers. Founded in 2004, they collect Plasma and save thousands of lives yearly.

25 KedPlasma’s centers are available in different places in the United States. Every month, thousands of people donate Plasma and earn money through it.

However, they will ask you some questions, and they will also check your body to see if you have any problems or not. You will have to pass both exams and give the correct answers to their questions.

Keep in mind that 25 KedPlasma donation centers are available in the United States, all of which have different prices. Therefore, I recommend you call for more pricing and rewards information.


  1. OctaPlasma Plasma

OctaPlasma Plasma is another highest-paying Plasma donation center near me (You), which pays $50 to the first-time donor. Most Importantly, it has over 100 centers across the United States where you can donate Plasma for money.

OctaPlasma runs an OPI Rewards+ (Loyalty Program) for those donors who donate frequently. So, if you consider Plasma donation a side hustle, it can be a great way to earn extra cash.

Depending on the frequency, you can get around $300 to $700 a month, especially if you are new to it. Besides money, you will also get other rewards, but they are not always available.

However, you can contact the OctaPlasma Plasma donation center to know how much you will earn.

If you live in Texas, Washington, California, or Washington, you can easily find OctaPlasma Plasma donation centers. But if you cannot find it, you can visit their website. They have an option available to find the nearest Plasma donation center.


  1. Carter BloodCare

Carter BloodCare is another organization in the United States, especially in the North Texas region. But, the problem is that they mostly accept blood donations. However, they have many centers; few also take Plasma, but most accept blood.

They give some money to the donor or some reward but have not publicly listed any price they will pay the donor.

I do not like this because, in my opinion, blood is more important. After all, it also contains white and red blood cells; therefore, they should be given more money than Plasma.

However, once you find Carter BloodCare, I recommend you make a phone call and ask if they are accepting blood or not. If they are, ask how much they’ll pay or what you will get in rewards.


  1. Immunotek

Immunotek is another high-paying Plasma donation center near you. To date, it has saved around 50,000 lives with the contribution of 300,000+ donors. It makes it one of the most reliable and best places to donate Plasma for money.

However, there is no specific limit to how much money you can make by donating Plasma on Immunotek. Some people are making $200 to $900 a month. Depending on various factors, you should not expect the same amount.

Many people make a lot of income by referring others; they get $20 for every referral.


  1. American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is one of the most popular Plasma donation centers across the United States. It only allows you to donate one time in 28 days. The American Red Cross is associated with many organizations and corporations in the United States.

Most importantly, they encourage people who have AB-positive or negative blood types. Because AB positive and AB Negative is considered universal blood type. It can be given to anyone, especially in an emergency, if they do not know their blood type.

However, no detail or pricing is mentioned anywhere on how much the American Red Cross is paying to the blood donor or Plasma donor. But it is true they give some gifts. I recommend you contact the nearest American Red Cross Center to know their current pricing.


  1. Haema Blutspendezentrum

Haema Blutspendezentrum is a German Plasma donation center available in many places. That’s why it is quite hard to pronounce it.

You can open their website to donate Plasma to earn money and provide information about yourself. They will verify your details, and if everything is fine, they will set you an appointment.

Haema Blutspendezentrum has not received how much compensation they are going to provide. So if you want to donate money then I recommend you to make a phone call and ask a question about it.


  1. Hemarus Plasma

Hemarus Plasma is another high-paying Plasma donation center that allows you to make at least $800 monthly if you are a new or first-time donor.

Besides this, Hemarus Plasma is only known for donating Plasma, not blood. However, it’s not located in the whole of America; it is only found in Florida, and they have three Plasma donation centers in Florida.

You can follow their Facebook page for daily updates. Sometimes, they offer more rewards, especially for students and military personnel.


  1. Biological Specialty Company

BSC (Biological Specialty Company) is another blood donation company. They collect not only Plasma but also whole blood and pay an amount for this.

Biological Specialty Company is not an organization; its company researches blood. They mostly encourage AB blood group donors. They give compensation to the Plasma donors.

However, you have to make a phone call before visiting their center. You can ask a question regarding compensation and checking because they are very strict regarding physical checks.


  1. Saturn Bio

Saturn Bio is another reliable, highest-paying Plasma donation center near me (You) because it gives $100 to the person donating Plasma for the first time and $150 to the person donating Plasma for the second time.

Their compensation rates are good, but another good thing is that they are paying more money to the AB group type person, especially if he is a male.

For example, if another blood group type and a female can make $50, a male with an AB group type can make $60.

When you start donating Plasma frequently and become a normal donor, you will receive $50 per donation.

On the 7th donation, you will make $20 extra, so if you donate frequently in a month, you can make $1000, including bonuses.

Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center Near Me


  1. TrueHealth Plasma

Are you living in New Jersey and looking for the highest-paying Plasma donation center near you? You should visit TrueHealth Plasma; they will give you $50 each time. Donating five times can earn $250, and they will pay you that amount through a Visa debit card.

Therefore, I recommend True Health Plasma if you live in New Jersey and want to donate Plasma. And if you have a few questions about their pricing, you can make a phone call.


  1. Blood and Plasma Research

Blood in Plasma Research, as the name suggests, is a research company researching Blood and Plasma in the United States. They are located in various states.

They are collecting Plasma from all blood groups, and your Plasma will be used for newborn babies. You could get a good composition amount if you have AB group type Plasma or rare blood type.

Although they have not revealed or listed how much they pay the donor. However, they pay a good amount to the person with rare Plasma (Because of rare antibodies).

If you know your blood group type, you can call and ask how much they will pay you for a donation.


  1. LFB Plasma Donation Centers

LFB Plasma Donation Centers are counted among those centers that are ready to pay an amount to the donor. However, most of their centers are in North California, Florida, and South California.

You can easily make $500 in the first month. However, they pay $100 each time until you donate ten times. However, you should be a first-time donor to receive that amount.

Besides this, LFB Plasma Donation Centers also pay a high amount to those donors who have not donated Plasma in the last six months.

You can make a good amount and get paid to donate Plasma, especially if you have not presented in the last six months or are a new donor. If you are not a new donor, you will make a little less, but you will make for sure.


  1. Nuvance Health

If you are living in Connecticut and looking for a Plasma donation center near you, you should visit Nuvance Health. However, only 3 Nuvance Health centers are located in Connecticut right now.

Therefore, you can visit the nearest Plasma donation center and make a phone call to know their specific rates or compensation account.


  1. Vitalant

Vitalant is another one of the most famous Plasma donation organizations. They are found in 120 locations across 30 States of America. It also started in 1943, making it one of the oldest Plasma donation centers.

When you donate Plasma through Vitalant, you’ll earn points that you can use to get gifts through the company’s rewards store.

But do you know how much Vitalant pays? Well! They do not pay you cash directly like other companies but give you some points to buy other things from the store.

There are many different types of gifts that you can receive through Vitalant points. To get more information about what kind of gift you will receive or what rewards you will get, you can call and ask them.


  1. Southern Blood Services

Southern Blood Services is another company that is taking Blood and Plasma. To be eligible to donate Plasma, you should be a resident of Birmingham, Nashville, or Tuscaloosa.

If your Blood has antibodies like hepatitis B and rabies antibodies, you may get more expensive because they are rare. Most importantly, you can donate twice a week to this company.

The organization says that when one person donates Blood, it saves at least 18 newborn babies.

Which is a pretty good number for one person saving 18 kids. However, their prices are not listed anywhere, so you have to make a phone call.


  1. B Positive Plasma

When you hear the name (B Positive Plasma), it seems they only accept Plasma from a B-positive blood group. But that’s not true; they get all blood types.

However, you should live within 50 miles from the donation center, or they’re currently in Pennsylvania and have various stores.

If you are a first-time donor, you will get $100 in compensation eight times, but if you have to donate it in one month, you will end up making $800 in a month.

Once you’re old and donating frequently, you will receive $60 each time, making it one of the highest-paying Plasma donation centers.

That is not enough. If you bring a new person to donate Blood, they will give you an extra $50. Whatever you earn will be received in a Visa debit card.


  1. Proesis Bio

Are you a resident of Texas or Dallas? If yes, I recommend you visit Proesis Bio to donate Plasma for cash. Proesis Bio uses Plasma for research purposes and newborn babies.

They have an offer known as retail relationships, which increases the chances of promotion at partnering businesses.

However, much money with the pay is not mentioned anywhere, so you need to make a phone call to get accurate information regarding current compensation.


  1. EuroPlasma

This is about America, but if you live in a European country, you can EuroPlasma to get paid to donate Plasma. They are available in various European countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, etc.

Make sure you have enough time because donating Plasma takes more time than donating Blood. If you are a new donor who is donating for the first time, you will receive €30, and you can donate twice a week and make €60.


  1. Prometic Plasma Resources

Are you a Canadian looking for the highest-paying Plasma donation center? Well! You can visit Prometic Plasma Resources if you want to make $400 a month.

You can also earn a bonus if you bring a donor; the bonus amount is $50 per referral.

However, donating Plasma at Prometic Plasma Resources is a long process because the physical exam will take approximately 2.5 hours, and Plasma donation will take around 90 minutes.

You can also call for more information because they have different Plasma donation programs. They may pay different amounts, too, but they do not claim it.


  1. Gcam Plasma

Another highest-paying Plasma donation center near me (you) is Gcam Plasma, one of the most reputable companies. FDA approves it, and currently, they’re operating across the nation.

Besides this, federal and state agencies keep checking the Gcam Plasma to ensure everything is going well, as they are FDA-approved, too.

Because of that, it’s considered the best place to donate or even take Plasma if needed, as it focuses a lot on safety.

You can donate Plasma twice weekly at Gcam Plasma and earn around $50 to $60. Each time, they will pay the Plasma donor $25 to $30.


  1. Physicians Plasma Alliance

Physicians Plasma Alliance is another highest-paying Plasma donation center that can pay $500 for one sitting.

However, the test to qualify to donate Plasma at Physicians Plasma Alliance is advanced because highly experienced professionals also run it.

They prefer to collect the highest quality Plasma using the latest technology. However, it depends on how rare Plasma you have, like antibodies present in Blood, will play an important role in getting selected. That’s the reason they’re paying $500.

Remember, not everyone qualifies to donate Plasma at Physicians Plasma Alliance.


  1. We Are Blood

As its name suggests, we Are Blood is not limited to blood donation. They also take Plasma. The organization was started in 1951, which makes it one of the best places to donate Plasma.

They have not revealed how much they pay Plasma donors, but they make it. You can get more information by contacting them. The appointment process and screening are quite fast and friendly.


  1. Parachute

Parachute is another Plasma donation center operating in Texas, and they pay $40 for one time. Besides this, if you work with this company, you will make $4000 at the end of the year.

They will send this amount to your parachute debit card, which can be used anywhere visa cards are accepted.

If you are donating for the first time, they will pay you a higher amount, and after that, once you start donating frequently, they will decrease it. However, you can earn more money by referring to your friends. For each friend, you will make $10.


  1. Scantibodies

Scantibodies is another high-paying Plasma donation center for those living in California.

They allow you to make $500 as a new donor and $400 after one month once you start donating frequently.

Besides donating Plasma, you can also participate in their referral program, which allows you to make $10 to $80. You can refer to as many people as you want.


  1. New York Blood Center

Over five decades since, the New York Blood Center has been providing its services, saving thousands of lives early and paying to thousands of donors.

When you hear about the New York Blood Center, it seems it’s only taking Blood, but that’s not true. It also allows you to donate Plasma only.

If you are a new Plasma donor, you can make almost $500 in the first month. Besides this, you will also receive other rewards, but once you start donating more frequently, you will not get that much. But they do pay returning donors to encourage them to contribute more.

They have over 20 locations in the United States, so it’s not only limited to New York. And remember to get the current price when you want to donate; make sure to make a phone call and get more information about it.


  1. ABO Plasma

If you are a resident of Texas, Maryland, California, or New Jersey, then you can visit ABO Plasma.

Although it’s a chain that is located across the nation, to find out the nearest ABO Plasma donation center, you can visit their website and get the exact location.

ABO Plasma have not listed their pricing on their website, but they claim they give the compensation amount to the Plasma donor.

If you want to donate Plasma to earn money, you can call and get more information.


Is the money that you will earn by donating Plasma taxable or not?

It should not be taxable because it is not self-employment or a job. You are just doing it as a side hustle.

However, if any job or side hustle falls under self-employment tax, you will have to pay tax. If you want to learn more about taxation, visit the IRS website.


What to do before donating Plasma?

Want to know what I should eat before giving Plasma? Or you might have a question just like other people. Can I drink alcohol before donating Plasma? Well, the short answer is NO.

When you go to donate Plasma, you may feel tired while donating it or after donating it. Therefore, before going to the highest-paying Plasma donation center near me (you), drink a cup of water and eat protein- and iron-rich food.

Before and after donating Plasma, avoid alcohol and smoke and get complete sleep to make your body feel more relaxed and energetic. You should also avoid fatty food and caffeine, which is found in coffee.


What Is Plasma Donation Used For?

It is used for those suffering from trauma, burns, etc. Plasma can provide many essential nutrients. Besides this, it is also used in therapies like hemophilia or immune disorders.


How to find Plasma donation centers that pay near you

Are you trying to find the highest-paying Plasma donation center near me (You)? Well! For that, I have provided the 31 best places above that will pay you the most for donating Plasma.

Before you want to donate blood, you have to ensure that you are healthy and have no disease, piercing, or tattoo in the last two months.

If you have decided to donate Plasma and have also chosen the highest-paying Plasma donation center near me (You),

Then, you can contact the donation center before you go to the center. You can ask about the pricing and, most importantly, timing.


What Plasma center pays the most for first-time?

If you want to earn money from donating Plasma, I recommend visiting CSL Plasma. They are providing a very good side hustle income. You can make almost $250 to $1000 a month.

Besides CSL Plasma, you can also visit BPL Plasma; it is my second-best choice if you want to earn money by donating Plasma. So, if you’re wondering about the first-time Plasma donor bonus near me, you should visit CSL Plasma.


Is it safe to donate Plasma?

Of course, donating Plasma is not risky; it is 100% safe, and millions of people donate it worldwide every year.

This is not the painful process you will have to go through. And the doctor will check your body whenever you go to the highest paying Plasma donation center near me. They will reject you if you have any problem and find it risky.

But after donating Plasma, you will feel tired, or you may also feel dizzy, but that is temporary. Within a few hours, you will get okay. Also, there is no 100% chance you will feel tired or dizzy.

You are also always welcome to contact a Plasma donation center after you donate if you have any health concerns, as they will be able to advise you accordingly.

If you have more questions or are afraid of donating Plasma, you can talk to the Plasma donation center, who will guide you more.


Does blood type matter for Plasma?

No, it does not matter what type of blood you have. All blood groups people can donate blood, but the AB blood group is considered more good. The Plasma that comes out of the AB Blood group is called universal Plasma because it can be given to anyone.

People with AB blood group may get more money for donating Plasma as it is universal. If you know your blood group and it is AB, congratulations, you will save many lives. Also, say good morning.


Why you shouldn’t donate Plasma

You can donate blood Plasma. It is 100% safe, but you should not donate it if you are going through a serious situation.

If you have any disease like HIV or AIDS, then in that case, you should not even think of donating Plasma.

If you do not know your disease, you can undergo a medical exam; if you find any underlying illness, you can cure it.

Moreover, before donating Plasma, the donation centers will ask you some questions so you can also get more information from them.


Is it safe to donate Plasma twice a week?

Some people have questioned whether donating Plasma twice a week is safe. It is not unhealthy because the US Department Of Health allows you to donate Plasma after 48 hours. Because 90% water is present in Plasma. Because of that, you can recover very quickly. However, you cannot donate blood frequently because it contains red and white blood cells.


Is Donating Plasma Painful?

No! Donating Plasma is not a painful process, but initially, when the doctor places a needle in your veins, you may feel a little hurt, like an ant or a bee stings you. That is what you will feel.

However, when the doctor takes Plasma from your body, you may feel fatigue, tired, dizziness, etc.


Can donating Plasma make you tired?

Of course, donating Plasma will make you tired because while donating, you will lose a lot of nutrients, making you feel a bit tired. Therefore I recommend you eat a lot of healthy food and drink plenty of water.

And being tired after donating Plasma is not a big deal. You’ll normally recover within two days if you donate Plasma or blood.


How long does it take to donate Plasma?

Donating Plasma takes more time than donating blood. You may have to wait around 2 hours during the Plasma-donating process because it is slow.

These two hours are just an average time to donate blood, but it may take longer.


How much money do you get for donating Plasma the first time?

First, it depends on what Plasma center you are donating Plasma to. Secondly, no matter what Plasma center you go to, you will get at least $50 to $100. Therefore, you should find the highest paying Plasma donation center near me (you), like CSL, etc.


How often can I donate Plasma?

How often you can donate Plasma depends on various factors, such as the highest-paying Plasma donation center near me (you). Generally, you can donate Plasma after 28 days.

And this is about the American Red Cross Plasma donation center. Private centers allow you to donate Plasma twice a week, but you have to take a gap of around 48 hours.


Can you make $900 by donating Plasma?

You can make $900 monthly by donating Plasma at the ADMA Bio Center. Remember you need to be a new donor, and can also refer to friends to make more money.


Do you get $100 every time you donate Plasma?

Well! It depends on various factors. Generally, you will make $25 to $75 for a one-time donation. But you can get $100 every time if you are a first-time donor or have a rare Plasma with different types of antibodies. And it also depends on where you’re going, because some pay a high amount and some pay less.


Can you get up to 900 on Biolife?

Yes, if you are a new donor, you can get $900 in the first month. You can also visit their center or call for more bonus information.

If you are making $900 by donating Plasma at Biolife, it can create a huge difference. If you are already working and making money, you can add this $900 to your retirement account.


Why do you get paid to donate Plasma but not blood?

Well, it’s because the blood donation process is not longer; it can be done within 10 to 15 minutes. On the other hand, when you are donating Plasma, it will take a few hours.

So they value your time because you could earn the same amount if you are working somewhere else. Another reason to pay a Plasma donor is because they want to encourage you to donate more.


How much do you get paid to donate Plasma in Oklahoma?

According to ZLB Plasma Services, you can make $270 monthly in Oklahoma City. Whether you are new or old, you will get the same amount. You can contact them or visit their website for more information about ZLB Plasma Services, located in Oklahoma.


Final thoughts

Article I have shared 31 of the best highest paying Plasma donation centers near me (You). Now, you know how to make money by donating your Plasma.

If you have an AB blood group, then it will be very easy for you to get a chance to donate blood at every donation center.

Most Importantly, how much money you can make from donating Plasma depends on the center and your blood group, but you can easily make from $250 to $1000 a month because many donation centers allow you to donate once in 28 days. On the other hand, some private donation centers can allow you to donate twice a week.



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