HistoryCA Harshad Jaju Biography: Wiki, Income & Wife

CA Harshad Jaju Biography: Wiki, Income & Wife

Harshad jaju

Harshad Jaju Wikipedia

First name  Harshad
Last name Jaju
Nationality Indian
Profession CA & Professor
Hair Colour Black
Body Types Normal
Eyes color  Black
Height  Approximately 5, 7
Birthdate  8 June

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CA Harshad Jaju Biography

Harshad Jaju has been a Chartered Accountant. These days he is trending because he is a lovely and friendly professor or Teacher of CA Students. He often covers the questions which are always asked in the exam.  

Most of his courses are premium, but apart from this, he also has a YouTube channel on which he keeps posting videos frequently. If you take the premium classic, you will learn more about it as he isn’t posting videos regularly, just like khan, sir.

Harshad was very fond of reading and writing since childhood. His dream was to become a chartered accountant, which he achieved with his hard work and dedication. Although he is an outstanding teacher, some people still believe that CA Aarti Lahoti is better than Harshad.

Apart from his job and teaching students, he also likes to travel to new places and exercise. You might be surprised to know that Harshad became a CA at a very young age.


Harshad jaju income

Often we Indians are very fond of knowing the income of people for motivation, knowing that we should never ask a girl about her age and a boy about his salary.

However, if we talk about the average salary of a Chartered accountant, then it is about 8 lakh rupees per year; apart from this, it also depends on the experience and skills of the CA. But in our case, Harshad is not just a CA, but he is also a teacher and YouTuber and earns money from premium classes. So, according to all his earning sources, Harshad Jaju’s income will be more than Rs 2 lakh per month.

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Harshad jaju Wife

If we talk about his personal life, Harshad’s wife’s name is Sapan Soni Jaju, and they have a baby girl, and the girl’s age is less than four years. Their daughter’s name is Hiya Jaju.


Harshad jaju Ca Foundation

We’ve found one of the CA Foundation lectures that you must watch. So please watch this lecture.


Note: The information given in this article has been taken from different social media platforms; we have not talked with Harshad personally. There may be some such things in this article that are inaccurate, but we did this only to reach the correct information.

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