InterestingGolden Tiger spotted in Assam's Kaziranga National park

Golden Tiger spotted in Assam’s Kaziranga National park

Unique Tiger
Hey Guys!! Very recently a unique Golden Tiger spotted in India’s state Assam’s  Kaziranga National park so today I am going to tell you about this unique tiger why the tiger is Golden? and such tigers are found anywhere in the world?

Where was the tiger spotted?

This Tiger was spotted in Assam’s Kaziranga National park in India, This place is also a world’s heritage site by UNESCO, and the picture of this Tiger taken by a IFS officer Pareen Kaswan after that all these pictures went viral.

Has such a tiger been spotted earlier?

According to the official Twitter handle of Kaziranga National park, This Tiger, a social media Star named Kazi-106F is not only unique tiger there are 4 tiger who are golden, according to them this Tigress has lighter yellowish skin with black stripes also whitish expression in the abdominal, this tiger was also spotted during the tiger monitoring in 2014, also it was spotted in 2015, 16, 18, but now days it became viral on social media.

Reason for the colour

So the colour of tiger depend on their Genes just like human beings, there are 2 types of genes, Agouti Genes, and  Tabby Genes
Agouti Genes controlled the yellowish background
Tabby Genes Controlled the black stripes
And many of their alleles work together in the tiger body, People who read biology can understand it easily i will not tell you in detail
Sometimes there is a suppression of these genes due to which they do not appear even when they are in the body an due to this we see colour variations in some tigers


Agouti Genes basically this genes interacts with the pigment cells to produce yellow to Red or Black to Brown expression, and it’s responsible for making distinct light and dark bands in hair of animals, so this is happening with Kazi-106F tigress, her Agouti Genes is interacted with another pigment
According to Rabindra sharma, This colour aberration happens due to ‘Excessive Inbreeding’ which caused by habitat destruction and loss of connectivity,
Inbreeding is just meeting of organisms closely related by ancestry, it goes against the biological aim of mating which is the suffling the DNA

For example Close people or Animals
if we talk about People so just like if Brother and Sister marriage eachother and plans their kids so they could face some genetics problems and it’s proven by Biology.

Are such colour appearance very common

So the simple answer is ‘No‘ because colour aberration is not really common and there are only few incident recorded in the wild or zoo, but mostly in Wild, In 2008 during the camera trapping A presence of black tiger was revealed In Forest of Similipal Tiger reserve.

What are various types of colours found

Here is few forms of colorations which have been recorded
• It may be Stripes less white
• blue melanistic or Black melanistic
• With reduced stripes
• Brownish without dark stripes
• Lighter yellowish
• Rufous Brownish with dark stripes
• Dark whitish
• Normal or Normal deep yellowish
• Normal light yellowish

Is this a cause of concern or celebration

According to Sharma It the cause of concern because of inbreeding, and animals do inbreeding when the Better connectivity does not available

Interesting Facts

• In Kaziranga Nation park There are around 121 Tiger which is the highest density of Tigers
In 2006 there was about 70 Tiger but now there is 121

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