Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me (Places To Sell Unused Gift Cards)

Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me

People always give each other gift cards at weddings or festivals like Christmas, and then later, those gift cards are useless. On the other hand, we don’t even want to throw them away because someone has fondly given them.

How about If I say you can sell unused gift cards for money? Interesting, right? So let’s discover where to sell unused gift cards.

Also, what do we do with unused gift cards? They are just lying in the backyard and getting dirty. And there is no use of them. On the other hand, you can make money from selling gift cards. 

If you are looking for a gift card exchange kiosk near me (you), you want to get money in exchange for that unused gift card. Then this article is for you.

I will explain how you can get most of your unused gift cards and sell them for big money. Besides we will also discuss which is the best place to sell gift cards and where you should not sell your gift card, much more.

Let’s begin…


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Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me


What is a gift card exchange kiosk?

A gift card exchange kiosk is a machine built to exchange unused gift cards for cash. It is similar to the ATM, where we insert our card and get money. 

And that’s how a gift card exchange kiosk works. Firstly, you need to insert your gift card. Then, according to the condition of your gift, the card machine will give a price. If you want, you can accept that price and get cash in exchange for your card. 

Kiosks are getting famous daily because people are selling unused gift cards because nobody wants to collect plastic for no reason. On the other hand, It is said that America has more than 21 billion dollars worth of gift cards. So, if you also want to turn unwanted gift cards into cash, you use that machine.


How can I find a gift card exchange kiosk near me?

It is very simple to find a gift card exchange kiosk near me (you); click on the button below, and then all gift card exchanges will appear closer to your home. You can go there and exchange gifts for cash.

Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me


How to use a gift card exchange kiosk

We will understand step by step how to use gift card exchange kiosks for instant cash. 

  1. First of all, you need to find a machine or a place that allows you to exchange gift cards. It can be a grocery store, restaurant, or any other location.
  2. Insert your gift card into the machine as we usually insert our ATM card into the ATM.
  3. Once you insert your card, the machine will show you the price according to the condition of your card. 
  4. Now it is your choice to sell it or not if you wish to so you can accept the offer the machine has given you.
  5. Suppose you have accepted that the machine will give you a voucher that you can use at the store’s customer service desk for trade cash.

Before you go, check the gift card balance so you know that the machine is giving you fair value for your gift card balance. Of course, you’ll pay a fee for this service, but ideally, you’ll get 60% – 80% of the face value of the gift card.

Remember that before you go to the machine to get cash in exchange for unwanted gift cards. Check the price value of your gift card through the internet to get an idea of the fair value of your card. After that, you must go to the machine and check the price.

If it is giving a reasonable amount, you can accept that. You can change the machine or go somewhere else if it is not giving. Also, remember that you will get 60% to 80% of the value of your cards.


How to Trade in gift cards quickly – where to sell gift cards

Here are the best places to sell unwanted gift cards in exchange for cash. All of these cards are still in use except for some, but they can still be used in many states. So, let’s understand which can be the best places to get the most money for a gift card.



Have you ever wondered, “What is the coin star gift exchange kiosk”? It is like an ATM machine for those who want to sell their gift card for cash.

CoinStar machines allow you to sell and turn your gift cards into cash. But the saddest thing is that this service is not in use now.

However, in a few states, you may find it if you are lucky enough, but I don’t think you will get it. 

You may see a few people saying you can still exchange your gift card on the Coinstar machine.

You should not believe in them because the service is not getting operated. If it is, then it will be off within a few days. 


How does a Coinstar gift card exchange kiosk work?

You can find a coin Star or other gift card exchanging machine in grocery stores or anywhere in front of the customer service desk. Then you can use this machine just like we usually use ATMs when we need cash. 


What is the fee for Coinstar?

Many people believe that you do not have to pay anything when they are exchanging unwanted gift cards for cash.

However, no matter what machine you use, you have to pay some percentage to the company because it is a business like any other common business.

Therefore, any gift-exchanging machine can charge 20% to 40% of your card’s value. If you want to get cash for coins, you will pay around 12% when trading for cryptocurrency. And that’s not enough.

Depending on the location and machine, you will also pay a few percent exchange fee. 

On the other hand, if you want to avoid selling your card through machines or to an individual because they are giving you too little money, you can donate your gift card to charity. 

What are the Coinstar charges for $15, $20, $30? 

  1. $15 in coins = $1.80 in fees, so you will instantly get $13.20.
  2. $20 in coins = $2.40 in fees, and make around $17.60.
  3. $30 in coins = $3.60 in fees, and you will earn $26.40.

This is if the machine is charging 12%. The percentage depends on various factors, such as location and the machine. I have said Coinstar is not working anymore.

Therefore, you may have to pay less percentage or more.


What is a Gift Card Bin exchange kiosk?

Above, we have discussed CoinStar gift card changing machines, which are not working nowadays.

Similarly, the Gift card bin is an alternative to CoinStar, and it is still working for those who want to turn their unwanted gift cards into cash because they need money right now.

If you want to find a nearby gift exchanging machine, i.e., a gift card bin, you either search on Google Maps or you may open their website and write your zip code.

After that, their website will show you a nearby Giftcardbin machine. Then, you can go to the gift card exchange kiosk at the store with a government-issued ID. 

Remember, before you head to the gift card exchange kiosk near me (You), you can judge the value of your card so that you will have a rough idea of your card’s value.

So if the machine gives you a good value you can accept that, or if else you can find another place.

You should not accept that if the machine gives you less than 50% of your card’s value. It should be more than 50%, like 70% or 80%. 

Here’s the value based on a fee rate of 12%< you may find it helpful.

  1. A $15 gift card will be worth $9 – $12.
  2. A $20 gift card will be worth $12 – $16.
  3. A $30 gift card will be worth $18 – $24.

Suppose you have inserted your gift cards into the machine, and the transaction has started. Still, you decided not to sell them because they are not good enough.

You can cancel that transaction. On the other hand, if you cannot fetch a good price for your unwanted gift cards, you can also text “SELL” to 833-568-7355.

Depending on your cards, you will be notified and get paid through the Cash app, PayPal, or Venmo if they find it good. If they don’t, they are not interested in your cards.

Also, there is a low chance that they won’t accept those cards because they are associated with more than 600 merchants across the country. So, you can easily fetch almost 70% of your card’s actual value.


Find a Physical Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me 

There are two ways to sell used gift cards online and offline, so if you are not getting sufficient amounts online, you can head to the offline machine that will give you cash in exchange for gift cards you are not using anymore.

Now, we will discuss other physical kiosks. Besides this, we will also know the best place to sell unused gift cards because, as I said, Coinstar is not working now, so you have to find another nearest kiosk locally.

You can also exchange your gift card for charity, and there, you will not have to pay any transaction fee because they are built for that. There are even many charitable places where you can get free clothes.



Walmart is one of the most famous companies worldwide. They sell different types of gift cards for restaurants, gas stations, stores, etc.

You can choose anyone that you find beneficial to you. You can take your unused gift card to the nearest Walmart store that allows you to exchange gift cards, and in return, you will get another one, such as a restaurant card or Home Depot.

Another good thing is that you don’t need to buy a gift card for the shops like Home Depot, etc. You can also get a Walmart gift card.

There are about 6,000 Walmart stores in the United States of America, so you can easily find one store in your local area.

Go for the store’s gift card exchange kiosk and exchange your card to get cash or a voucher. At some places, you may also get a Sodexo coupon. 

Using Walmart, you can easily turn your unused gift card into cash or a voucher and then use it. However, there are many secret websites to make money where you can work if you need money so you won’t have to sell your unused gift cards. 



Suppose you want to exchange your unwanted gift card. In that case, you can go to the Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), which is related to pharmacy.

There are many stores in America, so you can go anywhere and get discount prices whenever you use (CVS) pharmacy. 

When you head to CVS along with your unused gift card, they will give you CVS gift card exchange kiosks to use at Walgreens and many other reliable retailers, which can provide good value for your card.



Walgreens is another best place to sell gift cards. Walgreens is available almost everywhere in the United States with gift card exchange kiosks. Therefore, it is easy to turn your cute card into cash you can use for anything.

Remember that you must have the original receipt of the card if you want to change it at the store. 


Grocery stores and supermarkets

Many grocery stores and supermarkets, such as Meijer, Giant, Kroger, Food Lion, Stop & Shop, Safeway, etc., prefer gift card exchange kiosks. So, suppose you want to get rid of your unused card.

Whenever you go to the grocery store at the end of the month or in a week, you can exchange your gift cards and get cash in return that you can use to buy groceries.

Also, if you go to the market at the grocery store and see they are not offering a gift card exchange kiosk, you can text them or call them before you head to the store.

It can save you time if you are especially going to exchange your card. But suppose you are going to buy your regular groceries. In that case, you can ask any customer service desk whether they offer gift card kiosks.

Even if they are accepting unused gift cards, what they are giving in return. Are they providing any branded vouchers like Amazon or cash?



Target is another platform for buying and selling gift cards, but you cannot directly sell gift cards at the store.

You will have to use the gift card kiosk machine to do so. You can find them in front of the store (sometimes grocery store), so if you visit a store next time, you can look for the gift card exchange kiosk and sell gift cards for cash. 


Trade gift cards online instantly

If you’re struggling to find a gift card exchange kiosk at your location or near your home, then you can try your gift card online.

Then, you can sell unwanted gift cards online because there are many platforms. I will mention all the best places to sell gift cards. You can also go to the line store if you find it.


Sell gift cards on CardCash

CardCash is associated with over 1300 brands, and they accept unwanted gift cards and give direct cash into PayPal, ACH account, or even check. So you should sell your unwanted cards for something that you will use or will provide any benefit.

It won’t even take 5 minutes to exchange your gift cards, but finding them might be tough if you don’t belong in urban areas.

Now, you can sell or trade your gift card, but you get slightly more value when you trade it (vs. selling it for cash). It was only $1.50 more for a trade, so it’s not a huge difference.

I have told you how to sell your gift card for instant cash. If you want more cash value, you can trade your card instead of selling it because it can provide you with much more money than you would get.

You will get $1 or $2 extra in trading than selling it directly. Firstly, you will have to provide information about your cards. After that, they will validate your gift cards and email you after a few hours.



Gift cash is another best option for exchanging cards for cash. If you want to exchange your card because you are not using it anymore, you can use this website and get almost 90% of your card’s actual value.

Another good thing about Giftcash is that they can transfer money directly into your bank account. If you want, you can also get cryptocurrency. I prefer you to get the crypto if you are into investing.


EJ Gift Cards

Through EJ Gift Cards, you sell online or go to the physical store to sell your unwanted gift cards. They are associated with many brands you can choose which you like.

However, when you try to sell your gift card, they will give you a value. If you want, you can accept or deny that value because there are many more places to sell gift cards. It won’t happen that you will get a good deal for your cards.

If you want to accept their offer, you can prepare your PIN code and other payment information and accept their offer and get Selling gift cards.

You can also use your PayPal instead of a bank because receiving money in the PayPal account is easier than getting paid into the bank directly. 



Rising is another best online place to sell unwanted gift cards at discounted rates and get cash and return. If you want to sell unwanted gift cards on the rise, you need to list your gift card on their platform. 

You will get around 85% of the actual card value when you sell your gift card. They will keep almost 15% because they are doing business. However, once you list your card and it is sold, you can receive money in your PayPal account, which makes the transaction easy. 



Prepaid2Cash is another best place to sell and buy gift cards. Besides selling your gift cards, you can also get connected to other cards through it, such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or any other.

Besides, they’re associated with many popular brands. Another good thing about Prepaid2Cash is that they only take about 8% to 10% of your actual card’s value. On the other hand, they also accepted gift cards such as Nordstrom Walmart, which are store gift cards.

If you want to sell your cards on Prepaid2Cash, you need to submit details about your card first. After that, they will verify the time you have provided.

You will get payment if they accept your gift card within a few minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. But if you want to receive the amount instantly, you will have to pay 15%, as I have mentioned, 8% to 10%.



QuickcashMI buys gift cards for cash and allows you to get paid instantly as soon as your card is sold. However, suppose you are from Canada or anywhere else.

In that case, you cannot use this platform as it is only for Americans. One of the best things about QuickcashMI is that you don’t have to get cash. If you want, you can also get other gift cards.



If you cannot find a physical store or a machine to get cash in exchange for gift cards, you can use another online place to sell gift cards called ClipKard.

This is one of the most reliable platforms. However, they don’t accept gift cards from many brands as CardCash does. Even though it is similar to CardCash, before you use ClipKard, you must use CardCash and try to get a better price.


Gift Card Outlets

Do you remember a long time ago, we used to have Gift Card Spread, i.e., GC Spread? Well, it’s now called Gift Card Outlets.

It allows you to sell your unwanted gift card at the amount you like. Unlike other platforms, you have to give details about your cards.

They provide a price, if you accept you will have money otherwise not. Here on Gift Card Outlets, you can set your price because it gives you this option.

This is why it is one of the best platforms for selling gift cards. But I do not like that other platforms allow you to receive an amount within a few hours.

On the other hand, Gift Card Outlets can take around 10 business days to give you money. It is bad for those looking for instant cash because it is taking too much time, so find another gift card exchange kiosk near me (You).


Sell To A Friend

If you have not found a suitable place to sell your unwanted gift card, you can sell it to someone. It can be your friend or someone else. It is the best idea.

I like it because it makes it easy to sell unused gift cards. Firstly, I am selling it to a person whom I already know, so I don’t have to pay a transaction fee.

On the other hand, if I use a website to sell gift cards, I cannot negotiate the price of whatever they give. I have to accept or deny it, but I can negotiate with a friend.

And another thing, if I sell it to your friend, I will get cash directly in my pocket, so I also do not have to pay a transaction fee to PayPal. Therefore, I recommend you ask your friends if they need cards.

As I have already said, other websites have different commission rates; some can even charge 25%. So friends are the best option.


Re-gift your Gift Cards

Suppose you don’t want to sell your gift card right now or don’t even have a friend ready to buy this gift card.

Then you can consider re-gift it to someone else who seriously needs a gift card, and he will thank you. I know you are not getting any benefit if you give it to someone for free.

Still, it can make someone’s day happier, especially if you can provide it at a festival like Christmas or any other event.

Also, remember that if you give someone your gift card for free, they may think there is something wrong.


Use gift cards to pay bills

Gift cards with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express logo can be used in the same places you’d use a credit card or debit card from any of those brands.

You could use unwanted gift cards to buy groceries, get gas, or pay a bill or two if you can’t think of any other way to spend it.

You can use a Visa gift card or MasterCard to pay your bills in restaurants or grocery stores. However you can’t use it everywhere, but at most places, you can, especially when you have a Visa or MasterCard logo on your gift card.

I prefer using your unwanted gift card to buy groceries and shoes, pay your gas or electricity bill, or any other.


Buy dinner

One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted gift cards is to go to a restaurant with your friends, have dinner, and pay for a gift card.

However, Suppose you want to use your gift card at a restaurant. In that case, it will work when you regularly go to the restaurant and then know that you are coming to their restaurant frequently.


Buy items

Another way to use your unwanted gift card for cash is flipping items and buying things at one price or selling them for a profit like you purchase shoes and sell your shoes online or offline for profit.

]Suppose you don’t want to use your gift card right now because you are not getting sufficient money for that. In that case, you can give your gift card to someone, and in return, you can get an item you can sell, such as exchanging your gift card for shoes.

On the other hand, if you have another gift card, such as Sephora, it is usually used for buying beauty products to buy a beauty product and your beauty products on the Facebook marketplace or somewhere else for profit.

It will benefit you because you will get much more from selling a product than you will get after exchanging your gift card for cash.


List them on eBay

You can sell many things for cash on eBay, including gift cards. You can create a listing, sell your gift cards for money, and then ship them to your buyer.

One thing to know about selling gift cards for cash on eBay is that it can be a breeding ground for scams.

A common scam involves gift card buyers who purchase gift cards through eBay, use them to make purchases, and then file false fraud reports with eBay, claiming the card didn’t work.

We all know eBay is one of the most popular platforms to buy and sell products, whether they are new or old.

Therefore, I prefer you to sell your unwanted gift card through eBay. It is very simple. You only have to list your item there and ship it to the buyer when you get the order.

However, eBay is not a 100% secure website to sell gift cards because it happens often when you list your items on eBay, such as your unwanted gift card, and someone buys it.

So, after using that gift card, they claim to eBay that it is outdated or not working anymore. Therefore, you have to be careful and get ready for the risk.

However, if the person is not scammed, you can make more money than you will make by selling your gift card at the machine somewhere else.


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another great option to turn your Visa card into cash without a transaction fee, as you must pay 10% to 20% at a machine.

Although it’s fair to give a few percent to machines because they are doing business.

Suppose you are already using a Facebook account. In that case, you must use it as it is one of the most popular social media websites for chatting and doing stuff.

To sell your gift card, you can open a Facebook marketplace, which is easy. You can do that in the Facebook app and choose a product and service and choose “Other.”

Now, provide details about your card. After that, you will find a buyer, and then you will have to do some final steps, such as verifying the balance of your card together so that you or the buyer will not get scammed.


Donate gift cards to charity

Another best way to get rid of your cards is to donate your car to charity.

Because it will help someone to buy clothes, shoes, or anything else because most charity organizations do such stuff; however, all charity organizations do not accept all kinds of gift cards. Still, most of the time, they will do that.

Many times, people want to get clothes for free. They have to go to a charity organization or any Church that provides clothes for free.

Do you know how they get money to provide someone with free clothes? It is because some generous people donate gift card money and clothes to churches and charitable organizations.


Places that no longer buy or trade gift cards

We have discussed a lot of places where you can sell your unwanted gift card for cash or pay your groceries or gas bill.

In the past, more places used to buy and sell used gift cards, but they are not working anymore.

Some places that are not working anymore are Gift Card Rescue, Coinstar kiosk, Plastic Jungle, Mobile Stores, Cardpool, Card Kangaroo, and Gift Card Granny.

Therefore, you have to choose any other company or where to send your gift card, which I have mentioned above.


Online gift card buyers that I do not recommend

CardSell by CardSwapper used to be considered one of the best places to sell gift cards, but when you see their rating, it is only 2.8 out of 5. You can even read their reviews.

They are not good. I am not saying it is 100% bad. Still, after seeing its reviews, I do not prefer you to sell used gift cards on CardSell When you have many other more reliable platforms.

Reddit is another platform we use for discussion as it is a form website. Here, you can also sell your gift card, but I prefer something else because there are mostly online people I don’t even know, so they are strangers. Therefore, I can’t trust them and do not prefer you to sell there.

I know there are many other platforms to sell gift cards, which are online, too. But there are real buyers. On the other hand, on Reddit, people are not 100% legitimate.

Jour Cards is another online selling place to sell or exchange your gift card for cash. A few times, this company misspells Wal-Mart.

Therefore, it is hard to believe this website anymore due to financial transactions and many other reasons. Therefore I do not prefer it. However you can give it a try, but I did not recommend it at all.


Gift card exchange kiosk FAQs


What to do with unwanted gift cards?

Suppose you are thinking, what can I do with unwanted gift cards so you can sell them for cash or pay your groceries or gas bill? Some of the best places to buy or sell gift cards are CardCash, eBay, and Facebook marketplace.

On the other hand, you can also donate your gift card to a charitable organization and sell it to your friends if you want to save money.


Will pawn shops buy gift cards?

They usually don’t buy a gift card, but you can check out at your nearest pawn shop. If they accept, you can sell them.


How do I get the most money for my gift card?

To get most of the money for your gift cards, sell them to a friend instead of selling them online or at a store.

Because most companies are doing business, if your card is worth $100, they will take around 10% to %15. On the other hand, if you sell online at eBay, you may get scammed.

The buyer will use your card, but later, he will say your card doesn’t have a balance, so you will be asked to give him cash. I prefer to sell it to a friend or go to a gift card exchange kiosk near me or sell it.


How do I find a gift card exchange kiosk near me?

Well! There are two ways to find a gift near you. First, you search on Google” “gift card exchange kiosk near me” or click on the button below to find a gift card exchange kiosk near me (You).

Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me


Do gift cards have fees?

Yes, most gift card exchanging platforms have a fee. They take 10% to 15% or even more because they are doing a business so they’ll also make money.

However, it depends on the companies. All have different charges. So you should try to sell it to friends if you want to save a few dollars.


Best online Coinstar alternatives?

Yes! As I have mentioned earlier, there are many alternatives to Coinstar, such as CardCash, Facebook marketplace, and many others. Through CardCash, you can sell your cards faster than other platforms.


Can I get cash for a gift card with a low balance?

Yes, most States have laws to redeem gift cards when you have a law balance such as $5 or $10. Suppose you have a minimum of $5 in Colorado $5, California $10, Montana $5, Oregon $5, New Jersey $5, and Washington $5. In that case, you can redeem your gift card, and if you belong to another state, you can check the price.

I have mentioned platforms that allow you to have a minimum balance of $5 to $10 to get cash in exchange for a gift card. You can also check out the nearest store to your home.


Do gift cards expire?

No, most gift cards do not expire; even if they do, the balance is available. And you can still redeem that amount. You have to talk to customer support.

You can find the number on the back of your card. They will give you another card if your existing card expires, especially with your Visa or Mastercard.

Although most physicals do expire, if your card will expire, then there must be an expiring date.


Can you return unused gift card?

You can return unused gift cards depending on the company. Some companies, like Lowe’s, Target, Amazon, etc., do not allow you to do so because it is in their terms and conditions. However, you can sell your card on the website I mentioned above.

What percentage of gift cards go unused

Have you ever wondered, “How many gift cards go unused?” well, 6% to 10% of cards go on used yearly. Reports say that currently, Americans hold 21 billion dollars worth of cards. It is more than the GDP of many countries.


What to do with unwanted gift cards

You can do many things with your unwanted gift card, such as use it to give to someone, trade it for another gift card, sell it for cash, or use it to buy another gift card.


Does Amazon buy unwanted gift cards?

Nope! Amazon does not buy gift cards. If you are looking for a place to sell gift cards, try Walmart, CardCash, Facebook marketplace, or Craigslist to eliminate them. However, they will keep some percentage.

How much money is sitting in unused gift cards?

Americans hold around 21 billion dollars worth of gift cards, and most of them are used. This is more than the combined GDP of Afghanistan, Malta, and Bhutan.

Do gift card exchange kiosks still exist

No, they do not exist anymore, but you may find them in some places even though they have stopped their business, as mentioned above. However, you can sell your gift card at stores like Walmart, Target, etc.


In this article, we have discussed gift card exchanges near you and many other things, such as where to sell unwanted gift cards or what you should do with them if you want to use them anymore.

My favorite places to sell gift cards are CardCash, Facebook Marketplace, Walmart, Target, etc.


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