HistoryGenghis khan and India | History, Military life, Attacks,

Genghis khan and India | History, Military life, Attacks,

Who was Genghis khan

Genghis Khan was a Mongolian ruler, he was born in the year 1162 and died in 1227. His father established the Mongol Empire but it was expanded by Genghis Khan. According to historians, he belonged to the Tengri religion, although his next generation had converted to Islam. He lived in the tribe since childhood, people of his tribe used to graze sheep and goats.

The name of the tribe of Genghis Khan was Yayavar, although, before Genghis, the people of this tribe did not even think of making such a big empire. In the beginning, Genghis gathered people from many other tribes and came to power. He then invaded and conquered Kara Khitai, the Caucasus, Europe, Khwarezmian, Western Xia, and China. He did not capture the whole of China, although he captured all the important areas of China.

Genghis Khan chose Ogedei Khan as his successor, and before his death, Genghis divided his empire among his children. He died only after conquering West Jia in 1227 and was buried in Mongolia, although no one knows the exact place where he was buried. It’s said that all those who buried Genghis Khan were killed so that they could not tell other people about his grave.

His descendants had invaded and conquered parts of China, Korea, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Southwest Asia, And if historians are to be believed, the Mongols were of a cruel type, they used to target the population of the state in which they attacked. (Defender of India from Mongol: Alauddin Khilji)

He had strengthened his army, but with it, he had made a lot of changes in the lifestyle of his people. His army included many Muslims and he respected them very much and he adopted the Uyghur script. Modern-day Mongolians consider Genghis Khan to be the father of Mongolia.

Although Genghis Khan is known for his brutality and genocide, he is also given a lot of credit for having a cohesive political environment. He promoted the trade of silk with South West Asia and Europe. By doing this he had introduced different cultures to each other.


Genghis khan and India


Early Life

Genghis Khan was born in the year 1162 near the Onon River in modern Mongolia, His real name was Temujin which means (ironworker), It’s said that at the time of his birth he had a bloody spot on his palm, from which the people of his tribe came to know that he would become a great ruler in the future. He had three brothers and one sister and after the death of Genghis Khan’s father (Yesugei), his mother (Hoelun) brought up Genghis Khan and his brothers with much trouble. He used to wander from door to door with his mother for bread. It’s said that Genghis Khan’s father was murdered by another tribe, and then they left his entire family in the jungle where they had to eat raw meat. Genghis’ father Yesuzei was the chief of the Kiyat clan.

Temujin i.e. Genghis Khan was 12 years old when he was married and his wife’s name was Borte. Borte was kidnapped by another tribe as soon as she was married. However, he and his friend Boghurchu rescued Borte from the enemy tribe. Boghurchu and Genghis had a very close friendship and his brother Jamuka was also his good friend. Temujin loved his father very much, so he re-established his old brother’s relationship.

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Military life

Jamuka, a friend of Genghis since childhood, later became his enemy. Temujin then befriended Ong Khan who helped him to defeat Jamuka. He then planned to kill the Tatar Kairite, the murderer of his father, which included Ong Khan. After this, in the year 1203, there was also a battle between Genghis and Ong Khan, in which Genghis was victorious. Keeping in view all these victories of Temujin, the people of the Mongol tribe elected him as their leader and gave him the title of Khan. The tribe that gave Temujin the title of Khan was Kuriltai.

After receiving the title of Khan from Kuriltai, he formed a strong army and captured modern-day China. At that time China was divided into three parts and people of Tibetan origin were ruling in the Northwest Province. And on the other hand, the Shung dynasty was ruling in the area of ​​Beijing. In the year 1209 he defeated the people of Tibetan origin, after that in the year 1213 he plundered a city called Peking,

After the defeat of Kara Khita in the year 1218, his empire was left only till Amu Darya, Turan, and Khwaizm after that he started invading and conquered other kingdoms and the names of the winning states are Otrar, Bukhara, Samarkand, Nishapur, Herat, Balkh, Gurganj, and Merv, he had completely ruined these kingdoms


Genghis khan and India

When Genghis Khan invaded Ghazni and Peshawar, the ruler of the Khwarizm Empire (Alauddin Muhammad) fled from there and died near the Capsian Sea in 1260. After the death of Alauddin Muhammad, his successor Jalaluddin Mangwarni was also very afraid and he went to the Indus Valley in fear of Genghis. At that time India was ruled by the Delhi Sultanate, whose ruler was Iltutmish. When Jalaluddin Mangwarni sought help from Iltutmish, then he allowed Jalaluddin Mangwarni to stay in Delhi. After this Genghis came to the Indus Valley and wrote a letter to Iltutmish that you should throw Jalaluddin out of your empire. Afraid of Genghis, he did not help Jalaluddin Mangwarni.

At that time when Genghis Khan was near the Indus river, he could not tolerate the heat of India, so he had made up his mind to go back to Mongolia. However, to kill Jalaluddin Mangwani, he had left one of his troops there. And thus India was saved from the invasion of Genghis Khan,

Genghis Khan died in the year 1227


Why Genghis khan did not invade India

Genghis Khan did not attack India because the environment of India was not favorable for him. Even when he came to kill Khwarazm Shah near the Indus river, he could not tolerate the summer weather in India, due to which he left some of his soldiers and returned to Mongolia.

Besides, he never attacked people who didn’t bother him. he plundered China because the ruler of China killed the people of Mongolia. He ruined the Khwarizm Empire because the emperor of the Khwarizm Empire had rejected his friendship and killed his envoy.


Genghis khan and Babur Relation

Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur established the Mughal Empire by killing Ibrahim Lodi, the last Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate. According to historians, Babur was the fourteenth descendant of Genghis Khan as his mother was a descendant of Genghis while his father was related to Timur Lang, It’s said that Babur could become a great ruler because the blood of Genghis and Timur-lang was running in his veins.


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