Generic Elective, Know Everything About It

What is the GENERIC ELECTIVE meaning?

Generic Elective is an additional compulsory subject for the first and second year’s students studying at Delhi University (DU).

It’s simply mean is that you have the freedom to choose any other different subject other than your core subjects (You can select only One)

You’ve got the right to change your general Elective in any semester you want. However, if you continue to choose one subject in all four semesters, you may go for masters in the subject.

Maybe you don’t understand, let me give you an example, suppose you’re doing Geography Hons, and you choose Maths as your General Elective. So it means you’re eligible for M.A geography and M.A Maths.


Generic Elective

Generic Elective Chemistry Syllabus

Here’s a PDF of the Generic Elective Chemistry Syllabus; you can download this and excess.

generic elective syllabus history

generic elective syllabus political science

Is generic elective maths easy?

I wouldn’t say I like math even one percent; if Math is Ghee, so, I am Aag. So it depends on you, if you’re interested in mathematics it’s easy for you if you’re not interested like me, so it’s more complex.


Are generic elective subjects considered as one of subjects?

Yes, They’re considered on of the best Subject in Delhi University (DU), And it’s an additional subject which you can.


Does cbcs mean one subject in generic elective?

Yes, you can take only one subject, along with your other core subjects.


I have shared my and other student’s experience about it. If you have any further questions or suggestions regarding this, so please comment below.

I also want to know if you’re a student in Delhi University (DU) so please tell me about it because many students are still confused about this subject. Your one comment can help many students who are looking for Answers.



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