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Supremacy was a superhit Hollywood movie based on actual events, so read this article thoroughly if you want to know Garrett Tully fuller real life story.

Garrett Tully fuller

Garrett Tully fuller story

Garrett Tully fuller was an American white supremacist, i.e., a hater of black people. His real name was Joe Anderson, who killed a police officer and then took an African American family captive.

Tully committed the heinous crime hours after serving a 14-year sentence for armed robbery and was helped by his friend Doreen (Don Olivieri).

Whose black man’s family was held captive by Tully. That man’s name was Danny Glover. Danny tried hard to persuade that fugitive Tully and begged him not to kill his 15-year-old son.


Garrett Tully fuller Wiki

The story began when a white supremacist killed an American cop and took an African American family hostage after being released from 14 years of solitary confinement in maximum-security Pelican Bay State Prison.

After finding a house off a dirt road, he took a black family hostage, and Tully (Joe Anderson) thought the Aryan Brotherhood had his back– that’s why he kidnapped victims.


What happened to Tully

Some people believe in “garrett tully fuller death 2014” If you are one of them so I would like to tell you that it’s just a movie character and not dead in real life.

His real name Joy Anderson is one of about 750 inmates on California’s death row.


Did the boy who was shot by Garrett Tully die

When the fugitive Tully shot that 15-year-old boy, the boy died just minutes later. Joe Anderson killed the kid just because he was black, and Anderson just hated black people.

Remember that I am not talking about the film (supremacy); I am telling you a real-life story.


Has Garrett Tully fuller been executed?

In 2015, he was on death row in a California prison, although he was not hanged until 2015. Some media reports also claimed that Tully/Anderson would not be hanged but would be killed by a Lethal injection.

At that time, this case was in discussion, so there was much talk about it; however, later, there was not much discussion on whether he was killed or not.



I hope you like this article based on the true story of Joe Anderson, a white supremacist, and hater of black people. Who used to think white was superior to Black.



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