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Gail Joseph Wiki, Biography, Movies, Death


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Gail Joseph

Who is Gail Joseph?

Gail Joseph was born on 18th February 1960 and her hometown in Lakewood. Gail Cynthia Joseph was living in Ewing, NJ, and then she moved to California in 1984.

Gail Cynthia Joseph was a publicist at Nancy Selzer Agency and worked for Garry Shandling. Moreover, she was comedy division manager for Electronic Publicity NBC.

She worked for NBC and CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System), and American commercial TV and radio network, for two years.

She graduated from a high school in Ewing and took part in Actor’s School in New York. So he could gain working in NBC and CBS.

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Gail Joseph Wiki

Full Name Gail Cynthia Joseph
Gender Female
Born 18th February 1960
Hometown Lakewood Township, Ocean County, New Jersey, United States
Nationality American
Death 1st November 1999 (She was 39 years old)
Death Place Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States
Burial Mount Zion Cemetery. Maspeth, Queens County, New York, United States
Death Reason No details available
Parents No details available
High school in Ewing NJ and Actor’s School in New York
Publicist at Nancy Selzer Agency and manager in NBC


Gail Joseph NBC

NBC stands for the National Broadcasting Company, which is an American commercial television in the English language. It is a radio network, too. NBC is headquartered in New York, with other offices in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Gail Cynthia was in attendance of NBC for two years as a well-known publicist. He was working at Nancy Selzer Agency in Los Angeles. She was a manager of the comedy division for Electronic Publicity NBC, Burbank.

Gail Joseph friends/Gail Joseph role in friends

Friends is an American TV show in the genre of sitcom; David Crane and Marta Kauffman are its creatures. This television sitcom aired on the NBC channel, and from 22nd September 1994 until 6th may, 2004 was showing on TV in ten seasons.

“The One With Ross’ Teeth” is the name of the 8th episode of the 6th season of Friends TV show, which came out on 18th November 1999. This episode is dedicated to Gail Cynthia. Gail had been worked in NBC as a publicist.

If you watch this episode, you would probably hear this “In the memory of Gail Joseph.”Before this episode air on the channel, Gail passed away on 1st November 1999. Just after few days, on 18th November, her dedicated episode came out!


Gail Joseph death reason

It was the first day of November 1999 when it had been reported that Gail Cynthia Joseph has died. She was just 39 years old and not too much old to taste death. Her family and friends were mourning the passing of their loved person.

None of her family or friends didn’t let her reason for death come out. As a result, nobody knows that why did Gail pass away suddenly.


Gail Joseph movies and Tv shows

The most known movie and Tv show with Cynthia Joseph is Friends TV show. She is famous for being mentioned in the 8th episode of the 6th season of Friends TV show.

This show was aired on NBC, and Gail Cynthia was mentioned in Friends because of her work on the channel.


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