Make MoneyFree Recharge App To Earn Unlimited money

Free Recharge App To Earn Unlimited money

Free Recharge App 

If you want to know about the free recharge app, read this article thoroughly.

Nowadays Internet is being used all over the world, due to which recharge has also become expensive. When Jio company was started, almost all the Telecom companies had reduced the prices of their recharge, but in 2023 they increased significantly.

So in this article, I will tell you about the best free mobile recharge earning app. And how you can recharge your sim for free by using some earning apps.

Free Recharge App


Free Mobile recharge app

You must read carefully about all the 12 free recharge apps mentioned in this article and download the one you like. You have to complete the simple task, and in return, you will get money or coins, using which you can recharge your sim card.

The best free recharge-earning apps are as follows.


Task Bucks

Task bucks is one of the best online free recharge app for mobile. It’s available on Google Play Store, which you can download and install.

Suppose you have downloaded and installed the task bucks earning app, so now you have to create an ID. You can also fill in a referral code if you have one. 

If you invite your friend or any family member, and they use your referral code, in return, you will get 30 rupees plus 100 MB. 


True Balance

There is a famous company known as Truecaller; they have also developed the True Balance app. True Balance allows you to earn money and recharge your mobile phone online.

One of the best things about true Balance is that. Another application allows you to recharge only your registered number. True Balance allows you to recharge your phone number or any other once you earn money.

If you invite your friend to the true balance recharge app, you will get 10 rupees, plus your friend will also get rs 10 within 15 minutes.



FreeB recharge app is developed by spice digital company. This company all are you to make as much money as you want. 

Not just mobile recharge, using this application, you can also do shopping from eCommerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

FreeB is an online earning app because it will transfer money to your bank account, which you can use to recharge your mobile phone or use for anything else. 

In order to make money, you must download this application and create an account. After that, you will get some tasks. For example, you can download any application that FreeB tells you to download. 

If you invite your friends or family members to this application, you will get 50 rupees, your friends who will download freeB will also get 50 Rupees, on his first earing you will make 30 and on the second 20 rupees.

You can transfer money to your bank account, minimum Balance should be 50 rupees, and the maximum should be 2500. 



Earn Talktime is one trending, trustworthy, and highest-paying recharge app. It gives 40 rupees for a single referral, and you can invite as many people as possible.

This app allows you to transfer money to your bank account and recharge your mobile phone and DTH.

All you have to do is, download this EarnTalktime recharge from Google and install it. After that, set up your account, then download an application that EarnTalktime will tell you to download, and keep them on your phone for a few days. 

Invite your friends and make money.


Data Back

DataBack earning app is not available on Google Play Store, so you have to download this from their official website.

Using the Data Back app, you can save your Data and use that when you don’t have internet connectivity. It also allows you to transfer money to your bank account.


Fokat App

The Fokat earning app is almost the same as the Mcent earning app. In the fokat app you have to download the app provided by fokat and make money and earn a good amount of money.

Firstly create an account on the fokat app by verifying your mobile number. After that, you will get some apps that you will have to download and let open for a day.

The minimum threshold is 10 rupees, which you can earn from just one app.


Winzo Earning App

Winzo Earning App is a trending app; you can make enough money to fulfil your dreams, especially if you’re a gamer.  

Winzo has more than 70 games; a few are Carrom, Ludo, Bike Racing, Fruit Samurai, Metro surfer, Rummy pool, and Call break.

This application is perfect for earning money to recharge your mobile phone or to run your daily life if you are a student. You can also play a cricket contest there, as IPL is coming soon this year, so if you have enough knowledge, you can make a decent amount of money.



Mcent earning episode is available on Google Play Store, and you can download this application and use it for browsing purposes. Because the one who browses gets points, these points can be used to recharge your phone.

They have a referral program, so you can refer to your friends and get money. However, I’d suggest you use Mcent for browsing. For example, if you watch YouTube videos, go to the Mcent app, open YouTube and watch YouTube videos. Doing so will give you some points you can use to recharge your phone.



I have shared in this article that you must download the application to make money. But in the RozDhan app, you have to share videos to earn money. And another best thing is that you can also upload your video and make money from it.

RozDhan allows you to send money to your Paytm wallet.



CashBoss allows you to make daily income to recharge your phone or run your everyday life, especially if you’re a student, because, being a student, you will not need too much money so you can make pocket money from this app.

CouponDunia develops Cashboss, and you can play daily quizzes and games and make money there.

Are free recharge apps real or fake? 

Both types of free recharge apps are available on the Internet. However, real recharge apps are Mcent, cashboss, RozDhan, etc., because I’ve seen people use these applications and benefit from them.


Free recharge app unlimited money

If you are tired of an application that tells you to download an app and, in return, get a recharge, so you can download and install Mcent because it gives you unlimited money, so you can recharge your phone or get that money back into your bank account. 

The best thing about Mcent is that you don’t have to download any application from Mcent; you can only use that for browsing and watching YouTube videos and getting some money.


How to get free recharge by downloading apps?

You can install Task Bucks, True Balance, FreeB, or EarnTalktime, and after installing them, you will have to download an app that will tell you to download and then do Free Mobile recharge.


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