100+ Free Magazine Subscriptions by Mail

Free magazine subscriptions by mail

We all should read Books, Newspapers, and Magazines because they increase our general knowledge and change our way of seeing the world differently.

Therefore, I have covered over 100 free magazines by mail in this article. All these magazines have different tests; some are related to fashion, and some are related to entertainment. Besides this, I have covered Political and religious, and many more types of free magazines.

Some magazines charge money to subscribe to them, but there are magazines for free, too. If reading is your hobby, you do not need to pay for the subscription.


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Table of this Article

Who Gives Free Magazines Subscriptions?

Okay, so have you ever been surprised that gives away free magazine subscriptions? Who benefits the magazine the publisher gets?

There are many reasons to give away free magazines to publishers, organizations, media houses, and various other companies.

Let’s know why some companies offer free magazine subscriptions:

Higher Readership

We have to understand how newspaper and magazine publications companies make money. They earn money through advertising, and anyone wanting to promote their product or services targets a magazine with a high readership.

On the other hand, when a magazine offers a free subscription, undoubtedly, many people would like to read it because it’s free. And once they have high leadership, they will have a lot of advertisement opportunities that will be added to their profit.


Attracting Advertisers

If magazines have a high readership, they will get offers from many advertisers to promote their services or products. If a large audience is reading a magazine, publications can charge as much money as they want, and advertise will be ready to pay it because it is worth it.


Promoting Agenda

Promoting an agenda is another form of advertisement through which publications earn lucrative money. Not all, but many magazines get paid well to promote a political party’s agenda to a wider audience. Since they offer free magazine subscriptions, they have a high readership.

Publications know most people do not buy a magazine that promotes a political party’s agenda; people consider it a waste of money. On the other hand, publications charge money from the political party through an organization or directly from it and distribute free magazines.


Reducing Storage Costs

Distributing free magazines can reduce storage costs… So, it’s more beneficial and cost-effective for publishers to give away free copies of magazines.

And they do it because sometimes a large number of magazines remain unsold. If they store old magazines, it will occupy physical space. On the other hand, publishers often need to pay for storage.

This is one of the reasons why publishers distribute free magazine copies; by doing so, they cut down on these storage expenses. Besides this, It increases the readership too, as I said earlier.


Promoting Religious Beliefs

Another reason to provide free magazine subscriptions is that they promote polarization, which means they promote religion or faith to non-believers and believers.

Many people donate money to promote faith through a magazine, which is how a publication makes money.



Another reason why many magazines offer free subscriptions is because they want to compete in the crowded market. Because there is not only one publication, the market is full of publications, so their strategy is to attract more readers by giving free magazine subscriptions.

This approach generates the interest in readers for the publication, which helps the publication to stand out in the crowd in the market.


Marketing Strategy

Publications also give away free magazines because they want to promote their publication by providing free copies, creating awareness about their magazine, and generating interest among potential readers.

This is a good strategy to build loyalty between the publication in the long run. Even in the future, if they want to charge money for a magazine, many loyal readers will pay for that.


Free magazine subscriptions by mail

100+ Free magazine subscriptions by mail

Above, I have shared why publications distribute free magazines, how they make money, and what benefits they get.

Although publications are making a lot of money by offering free magazine subscriptions, it is also beneficial for readers because if you are a reader, you will learn about fashion, general knowledge, and much more.

Let’s know places that offer free subscriptions by mail or email.

Best Free Magazine Subscriptions

Although in this article I have shared more than a hundred magazines that offer free subscriptions. But firstly I would mention some of the best magazines that look premium because they have better quality paper and contain more interesting knowledge.

For example, if you ever travel on a flight, you may get a free magazine to take away to your home. On the other hand, you can also request it from the airline so they may mail you a copy of the magazine, but it’s not a hundred confirm if they will do that. You can give it a try.


1. Discovery Magazine

Discovery is one of the best magazines that provide science information, and you can get it for free on Hong Kong-based flights.


2. Spirit of Australia

Spirit of Australia is one of the most popular magazines providing much information. If you want to get this magazine, you can get it from Qantas.


3. Sawasdee

It means welcome. It is a word that comes from the Thai language, but don’t worry. The publication publishes Sawasdee in English. Everyone can read it. It contains many articles related to food, cultural traditional shopping and many more you can get from Thai airline.



You can get this magazine from the Royal Dutch Airline. They can send a copy if you email them, and when you are about to fly on their flight, it is one of the best in-flight magazines in Europe, and you will get many interesting articles to read.


5. Skylife

Another free magazine you get when you travel on a Turkish airline is Skylife. They do not charge money for mailing you a magazine; they offer free magazine subscriptions.


6. Bike Digital

If you are a bike lover then you would like to get a magazine related to bikes so you can get a bike digital magazine. This is from the United Kingdom, and it contains articles related to biking sports. You can also read the magazine online or get it free of cost by sending mail.


7. Keep The Faith

Keep the Fairy is one of my favorite magazines because it provides religious teachings from the Holy Bible. They’ll give you a free copy, but you have to buy a yearly subscription.


8. Finger Lakes Wine Country

Finger Lakes Wine Country, okay, see you can guess from its name what information you will get from this magazine. Well, this magazine contains wine recipes. You can email them if you want to get it for free or download a copy from the internet if you are a wine lover and want to learn more about wine and holiday destinations.



If you travel in Middle Eastern countries and use Qatar Airways, you will get ORYX magazine to read. It contains many informative articles that will help boost your general language. get free foods.


10. Clay Times

You can get only one copy. If you want to get more than one, you can subscribe because the magazine is premium. They provide instructions on making pots, idols, and other things from clay.


11. Lego Life

Lego Life provides a Lego magazine; this magazine is especially for children between 5 to 9 years of age, so if you have any children of this age, you can get a free magazine for them and read it.


12. Parents

Parents magazine is one of the best magazines because it contains articles about parenting recipes and many things like calming a baby and controlling a child. There are many more things which are very useful for parents. The best thing is that getting this magazine is 100% free.


13. NCR

If you are religious and want to get things related to the Holy Bible, subscribe to the National Catholic Reporter, NCR. You can get a simple copy free of cost without paying a single penny.


14. Wine Selector

If you want to know more about wine because you are a wine ever, subscribe to Wine Selector magazine. It is one of the most popular magazines in the USA right now, and most importantly, you can get a free copy.


15. Architectural Digest

Are you interested in designing a home like an interior designer? Not exactly like a professional interior designer but you can learn many things related to home designing if you subscribe to our Architectural Digest. Subscribing to this magazine will cost $10, but you can get it for free for now.


16. Boston Magazine

You can get a one year subscription for free of cost from Boston Magazine. This magazine provides articles related to sports and sports personalities.


17. School Arts Today

This is one of the oldest magazines that you can get. It was started in 1901, and till now, it is still being published. However, the magazine is premium, but initially, they will give you a trial period so you can get magazine subscriptions for free, especially for art students.


18. Dujour

Suppose you want to stay trendy or keep upgrading your lifestyle and fashion and look like a celebrity. In that case, you can subscribe to DuJour because this magazine contains everything you need related to lifestyle, fashion, parties, etc.


19. Cambria News

Cambria News is good, but remember that it contains more about its product than other information, especially when you are getting a free magazine. Therefore, I think you may not feel interested in getting this magazine because you may not be interested in their product.


20. Ranger Rick Cub

Another magazine, especially for all readers, as the name suggests, is “Ranger Rick Cub.” you can download their copy from the internet, but you will have to fill out a form before downloading, and you will receive an email.


21. Ranger Rick Zoobooks

It is my favorite magazine because my father and I have watched Animal Planet Channel since childhood. Because we are interested to know more about wild cats and other animals. If you are just like me and want to know about animals, I recommend you get Ranger Rick Zoobooks magazine for free.


22. Ranger Rick Zoodinos

This is another similar magazine from the same publication I mentioned above. But it contains many details about dinosaurs and other historical animals that are no longer alive. If you subscribe to this magazine, you will learn more about prehistoric animals and their behavior.


23. Supply House Times

If you want to learn about plumbing and air conditioning, subscribe to the Supply House Times. You have to request them, and they will provide you with a one-year free subscription to their magazine.


24. This Old House

If you live in an old house that looks old-fashioned, you may want to subscribe to “This Old House” magazine. Teach you how to make your house look good and they also teach you some basic things about houses like how you can repair something.


25. Brain and Life

Although it is especially for those facing any neurologic disorder, anyone can collect knowledge about the brain to avoid problems in the future. Although we can’t control many problems that may come into our brains, collecting knowledge is still better.


26. Weight Watchers

Okay, so whether you are overweight, underweight, or even fit, you should subscribe to Weight Watchers. This magazine will provide you with information related to diet.


27. Storage Source

You can download their free magazine from TradePub.com by providing your email ID. This magazine will teach you about logistic-related things. Also, remember that when you subscribe to this magazine by mail, you may receive some promotional emails.


28. Portland Monthly

If you are interested in business, you can sign up on Freebizmag.com, provide you with a lot of articles related to business and also provide you with some business opportunities in Portland, Oregon.



So this is for those people who want to stay up to date, and they do a lot of shopping. If you are one of them, you can subscribe to Allure and get more information about shopping. You will have to fill out a form on Mercury Magazines if you want to get Allure magazine.


Free magazine subscriptions for kids

30. Ranger Rick

Although this magazine is specially designed for kids, anyone can read this because this magazine contains interesting adventure stories. And most importantly it’s a digital magazine so you will get the copy on your mobile phone by mail.


31. Ranger Rick Junior

As mentioned above, similarly, it is another magazine for children that will help your children learn more about entertainment and various other things. You will receive a digital copy you can download from your email when you subscribe to it.


32. Ranger Rick Zootles

Ranger Rick Zootles is one of the most cute magazines because it details cute insects like butterflies and dragonflies. I have also liked butterflies and dragonflies since childhood, and unfortunately, even in books, I never read a lot about insects. So, if you want to learn more about them, subscribe to this magazine.


33. Ranger Rick Zoobies

This is another magazine from the same publisher, which I have mentioned multiple times in this article. Ranger Rick Zoobies contains an article about Koalas, Pandas, bears, etc. you will learn about wild creature habitats.


34. Sound & Vision Magazine

Although Sound & Vision Magazine is not my cup of tea, you may want to get this magazine subscription because it contains articles about video, audio, and other related products.


35. St. Anthony Messenger

If you are religious or interested in religion, you may want to subscribe to St. Anthony Messenger magazine, a catholic magazine. You will learn many things related to religion, and when you sign up, you will get a free copy of the magazine.


36. Tomorrow’s World

This is another magazine related to the Holy Bible, and it contains many religious teachings from the Holy Bible. You just have to sign up on their website, and you will start getting a free magazine, and you can also get a free bible study course.


37. Entrepreneur

This is another free magazine for those who are into business and want to become a successful entrepreneur. You just have to submit a form, and you will be eligible to get a one-year free subscription.


38. Veranda

No matter who you are, everybody has a home, and we always want to make our home look beautiful so that you can subscribe to Veranda magazine. This magazine contains a lot of Ideas to design your home or office.


39. Field & Stream

If your hobby is fishing, then you would like to subscribe to Field & Stream. Because the magazine contains tips and articles about fishing and equipment and hunting Birds, etc., you will receive many good stories and photographs every day.


40. Whisky Advocate

Above, we have discussed magazines for wine lovers, and now this is for whisky lovers. So, if you like drinking whisky, subscribe to Whisky Advocate magazine and get articles about it daily. They provide a One-year subscription for free.


41. Premier Guitar

Premium guitar is for those learning guitar and other instruments but primarily focuses on guitar lessons. You will get a 5-month subscription for free; on the other hand, you can also download their application from the App Store or Google Play Store and get a free subscription.


42. BowHunting World

Bowhunting World premium subscription, but it offers copies for free at the beginning of every year. This magazine contains articles and information about hunting, as its name suggests.


43. Sports Illustrated

If you are a sports lover, you would like to subscribe to Sports Illustrated magazine. This magazine contains much information about the National Basketball League, National Football League, college tournaments, etc. They provide two two-year magazine subscriptions for free.


44. Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Aficionado offers a one year subscription for free of cost. The magazine especially focuses on personal development, styling, etc. How is this especially for those who want to live a luxurious life, smoke cigars, etc.


45. Outside Magazine

Outside magazine is one of the best magazines that contains articles from every field so that you will learn more about gadgets, gear reviews, outdoor gear, etc. It contains articles from all different fields.


46. Family Handyman

Who would not like to become Handyman? Because we can fix many things for free in our homes and save money. Therefore, you should subscribe to Family Handyman and learn more about technology to fix something by yourself and save money.


47. Code

You can subscribe to a Code magazine containing digital technology articles. You can download their magazine from the website or ask to mail a sample copy free of cost.


48. predator Xtreme

You can get a predator xtreme magazine free subscription. The best magazine contains articles and pictures related to predator editors, whether hunter or predator like Lion or Tiger. This contains adventurous articles and pictures. You can get two copies for free every year. You can subscribe by mailing them.


49. Whitetail Journal

Although hunting animals is not a good idea, it is legal in many places in America under American laws. If you are interested in hunting, you can subscribe to Whitetail Journal. This magazine will provide you with many informative articles related to hunting and some useful tips. Especially focusing on teaching deer hunting techniques.


Free magazine subscriptions for teachers

50. World Literature Today

If you love literature, then you would like to subscribe to World Literature Today magazine. This simple magazine lets you learn a lot about literature, especially if you are a literature student. It will benefit you.


51. 3abn world

If you want to get a religious magazine for free related to the Christian faith, you can subscribe to 3abn World. Three Angels Broadcasting Network distributes this beautiful magazine and gives a free digital subscription.


52. Harper’s Bazaar

If you want a lifestyle magazine, subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar. You can get two two-year subscriptions for free.


53. Dental Economics

Dental Economics, as the name suggests, offers articles and information about teeth, and you will get many offers related to dental treatment. Of course, you will also learn how to keep your teeth healthy.


54. Leds

Leds is a magazine for those who are interested in technology. You can get a free subscription if you are one of the people who love technology and want to learn more about it.


55. No Greater Joy

If you are religious or interested in religion, you may want to subscribe to No Greater Joy magazine, distributed by the Christian ministry. They give away free subscriptions for the magazine for one year, and you can increase the timing.


56. Shabbat Sentinel

It is another religious magazine that many Christians get for free, and besides Christians, many Jews also get Shabbat Sentinel.


57. Subaru Drive

Subaru is a Japanese company, so Subaru Drive magazine also contains articles about Subaru Vehicles. You will get to learn about driving.


58. Homes & Lands

The focus is on those interested in buying and selling properties, so you can get a one-year subscription for free if you are interested.


59. Rachel Ray Everyday

If you love cooking, you would appreciate Rachel Ray every day because it contains recipes that can be cooked within 30 minutes.


60. Money

This is a premium magazine that provides how you can make extra money from a side hustle or how you can do investment, should you buy stock or buy rental properties, and you will get to learn many more ways to earn money.


61. Instyle

This is a multipurpose magazine because it contains celebrity news, healthcare, lifestyle, related articles, and many more topics. You can receive Free digital copies to your email when you subscribe.


62. Mind Body Green

This magazine is especially for women traders because it contains articles about beauty tips, health care, lifestyle, etc. You can get free magazine copies of this magazine in your email box when you subscribe to it.


63. Time The Brief

This is very similar to Time magazine. But you will not get all topics covered in Time Magazine; instead, you will get a few articles and stories in your email box.


64. Houstonia Hope

If you are interested in business, you may want to subscribe to Houstonia Hope (A Trade Magazine). It’s especially for those in Texas looking for business in neighboring areas.


65. Premier Christianity

If you are religious or interested in religion, you can subscribe to Premier Christianity, a Christianity-based magazine. It covers trophies related to the Holy Bible and distributes free magazines to all followers.


66. Digital Journal

Digital channel remote freedom of speech for media worldwide, and you can get this magazine subscription through email. So when you subscribe to this magazine you will receive how journalists are treated everywhere in the world.


67. Weekly Torah

Weekly Torah magazine teaches about the Jewish faith, and anyone can subscribe to this very weekly magazine. You have to sign up on their website, myjewishlearning.com, and then you will receive emails.


Top free Magazines subscriptions


If you are a person who loves motorcycles and likes to visit different places by bike, then you must subscribe to RoadRUNNER Magazine. The magazine will teach you many things about traveling, roads, where you should stay, and many more important things that will help you make your journey more enjoyable and memorable.


69. Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer is another best magazines for those who are interested in photography. This contains articles, news, and reviews about camera equipment like lenses and photography tips, and they will give you at least four copies a year for free.


70. Digital Photo Pro

As I have mentioned above about Outdoor Photographer, here is another alternative to it: “Digital Photo Pro.” this magazine is free for one year. It will teach you how to become a good photographer by providing you with useful tips, and you will also get much more information about photography cameras and other equipment.


71. TIME

Time Magazine is one of the most famous magazines on the planet and is premium. You cannot get a free subscription, but you can get a free sample subscription where you will receive only a few top stories.


72. Wired

Wired Magazine is another best medicine for those who stay updated about new technologies and gadgets, you can subscribe to Wired magazine for free.


73. CNET

CNET needs no introduction as it is one of the largest Networks in the world. You can read the news, watch their TV channel, or read their magazine. The magazine is Free digitally, and you must subscribe to it.


74. Rider

As the name suggests, it is related to biking because bikers are usually called riders. They will provide you with a one-year free magazine subscription, and during this one year, you can learn more about bike models, races, and many more things related to biking.


Free & Interesting Magazines

I have shared 70 plus magazines that provide free subscriptions; here are some more interesting magazines that provide free subscriptions.


75. Travel plus Leisure

If you want to get free travel and tourism tips and best deals, then you can subscribe to Travel Plus Leisure and start getting free magazine copies.


76. Conde Nast Spotlight

This is another best magazines for traveling tips and the best deals. Most travelers love getting this magazine for free because it contains a lot of useful information, which is important for travelers. So, you can also subscribe to this online magazine and get a free copy in your email box.


78. Health Beat

Harvard Medical School distributes a free magazine known as Health Beat, a free online magazine. If you subscribe to them, they will send you a digital copy whenever they publish the magazine, and you will get the latest news about treatment and the latest medical research.


79. Her Campus

If you are a female student, you can subscribe to Her Campus, a free digital magazine that you can subscribe to by filling out a simple online form and receiving a copy in your email box. Being a student you will receive articles related to courses, jobs, and various other topics that will help you to secure your future.


80. Watch

The watch is the CBS magazine, one of the most famous broadcasters in the United States, with millions of viewership. They also have millions of readers. If you want to subscribe to magazines that provide celebrities and entertainment-related articles, you can subscribe to watch magazines.


81. Garden & Gun

Garden and Gun is another popular magazine that promotes Southern food, style, travel, music, art, literature, and sporting culture. This is a multipurpose magazine you can subscribe to and get a digital copy for free.


82. Lioness

Lioness is another popular magazine among American women because it contains articles about American women. If you subscribe to this magazine, you will receive one copy every month. It is 100% free even if you are not in America, you can still subscribe to it.


Free magazine subscriptions for businesses

83. Seattle Met

You can receive and copy for free of Seattle Met magazine, which details Washington, a metropolitan city. But their main focus is business and looking for people interested in it.


84. Beyond Today

This is another most popular magazine minute when it comes to religion it promotes Christianity. Suppose you are interested in religion or Christianity or want to learn more about the Holy Bible. In that case, you can subscribe to Beyond Today, and you will start receiving free magazine copies. Besides this, you will also get many special events on Christian festivals like Easter or Christmas.


85. Baltimore Style

This is another popular magazine covering all topics such as lifestyle, drinking, fashion, entertainment, healthcare, and many more interesting articles. If you sign up on this website, you can receive one free subscription and extend it to 3 years. So, if you are interested in Baltimore Style, you should subscribe to it.


86. Sarasota

And here is another popular magazine related to lifestyle known as Sarasota. It will provide you with interesting articles related to all topics, such as entertainment and various other topics. However, you can receive only four free copies in 1 year.


87. Traditional Home

If you want to learn about home decoration and antiques, subscribe to Traditional Home. They will provide you with many useful ideas to apply to your home.


88. Ski Utah

If you are a skier, you would surely like Ski Utah magazine because it provides useful guides to improve your skiing skills. Not only skills, you will also get a good experience when you have subscribed to this magazine.


89. C California

C California is another lifestyle magazine that readers enjoy a lot. Although it’s a premium subscription that costs $7, if you request them, they will send you one copy for free, or you can also subscribe if you find a free magazine copy interesting.


90. G&G JR.

G&G Jr is a magazine that primarily targets children, so if you have children, you can learn more about them, such as what activities you could do with your kids, especially during your Holidays, etc.


91. Men’s Health

As the name suggests (MEN’S HEALTH) is related to men’s Health and fitness. You can sign up to receive copies in your email box and maintain your fitness.


Ways To Get Free Magazine Subscriptions By Mail

Here are more free magazine subscriptions by mail you can request. Many will send you a copy, as many give free subscriptions for unlimited periods.

However I do not recommend using multiple publications to get a free magazine by mail unless you get one magazine for a few months.

If you get a magazine from one publication, even after three months, six months, or one year, you can switch to the next publication if they stop giving you free magazines.


92. Arthritis Today

If you are facing arthritis, then you can subscribe to Arthritis Today and start receiving valuable information that will help you fight the illness.


93. Hello Giggles

Female readers enjoy Hello Giggles magazine because it covers different types of news, such as celebrity news and healthcare, and many more interesting articles. You can get a free copy of the magazine when you subscribe.


94. Teen Vogue

You would surely like to receive a Teen Vogue magazine copy for free if you are a teenage woman because it will provide you with fashion tips, healthcare and beauty tips, and many more things that teenage women should know. Subscribe to Teen Vogue and receive a free copy in an email box daily.


95. Hearing Health

Hearing Health, as the name suggests. It is for Ear health. Once you subscribe to this magazine, you will receive medical treatments and much more guidance on keeping your ear healthy.


96. Elle Décor

If you are an interior designer or even if you want to learn designing because you want to decorate your home, then you must subscribe to Elle Décor, submit a request, and you will start getting a free magazine copy.


97. Fast Company

Suppose you subscribe to the Fast Company magazine. In that case, I learn from real-life stories and case studies of successful businessmen that will help you to become a businessman, and you can get an annual subscription for free.


98. Fortune Investor’s Guide

If you are working 9 to 5 jobs and want to get rid of it, then you must do investing, and if you do not know about investing, you should subscribe to Fortune Investor’s Guide. Magazine where you learn how to invest your money and get an early retirement as soon as possible.


99. South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post is one of the most popular newspapers worldwide, published in Hong Kong. They publish a magazine every week, so you can subscribe to the South China Morning Post and get a free edition of their magazine.


100. Take 5

Take 5 is a Japanese magazine available when you subscribe to it for free. And it’s published by a Japanese newspaper known as The Japan Times. However, when you receive a free magazine, you will only read a few top stories, but if you want to read completely, you have to subscribe to the newspaper as well.


101. INC

If you want to know more about your favorite Hollywood stars, what they are doing, and what is going on in their life, then you can subscribe to INC Magazine, which covers Hollywood news and gossip.


102. Esquire

Esquire is one the most popular magazines that gives you a free trial so that you can receive a few magazines for free; however, after the trial period, you will have to pay.


103. Town & Country

If you are interested in traveling and want to upgrade your lifestyle, you may want to subscribe to Town & Country. But it is only for those who are living in America. If you are a Canadian citizen living in Canada, you cannot get the free subscription.


104. Time For Health

Time For Health, as the name suggests, is related to Health and fitness, so you can subscribe to it to stay updated about health-related news.


105. Serendib

If you travel in a Sri Lankan airline you can receive Serendib magazine. Even if you’re not traveling, you can mail them and subscribe to their magazine. If they accept your request, you’ll receive a free magazine.


106. Lufthansa Magazine

If you travel on a German airline, you can receive Lufthansa Magazine. And if you want to receive a magazine without traveling on a German airline, you have to mail them and request for magazine, and they may send you a magazine copy. However, it’s an inflight magazine.


107. Selamta

Another magazine you will receive when traveling on an Ethiopian airline is Selamta magazine. In this magazine, you can learn much about the African continent and more about African culture. And you may like photographers in the magazine. If you want free copies of Selamta magazine, you can request them from Ethiopian Airlines headquarters in Addis Ababa.


108. Msafiri

Msafiri is another magazine from the African continent where you will find wildlife pictures from the Jungle of Kenya. They promote wildlife and African Safari through this magazine. To get Msafiri magazine, you must request it from Kenya Airways.


109. Cosmopolitan

Another one of the most popular magazines is Cosmopolitan, which contains articles related to celebrity news, dating and relationship help, beauty tips and tutorials, fashion trends, and many more interesting articles and photographs. However, when you subscribe for free, you will receive just a few samples, but if you buy the subscription, you will receive the complete magazine to read.



In this article, I have Provided 100+ free magazine subscription lists which you can subscribe to boost your knowledge and stay updated about Health, fitness, lifestyle, Current affairs, etc.. I also do not recommend you subscribe to a magazine just because it is free, and I suggest you subscribe when you seriously want to read.

Because you will only fill your email box with unnecessary emails. Secondly, if you receive a free magazine delivered to your home, you will only waste paper.


How to get free magazines by mail?

First, you must decide which magazine you want to receive by mail. After that, you have to visit a website. If you wish to read its terms and conditions, then provide your email ID and Name, and you will get a subscription. But it depends on how long you will receive a free magazine.


How to recycle or donate your old magazines after reading them?

If you are receiving free magazines physically, then after reading them, they will be worthless after a few weeks, so in that case, you can find a local recycler. Besides this, you can also donate your magazine to local School libraries, hospitals, or any Community center.


How long do the free subscriptions last?

It depends on the magazine… I have mentioned 100+ free magazines, many of which provide one-year free subscriptions. Some of them only provide copies for free in 1 year, and some even provide only one copy in 1 year. So if you apply for any magazine, you must read the terms and conditions.


How to use free magazines as a source of inspiration and education?

When you are reading a free magazine, you should explore various topics, then you can get knowledge. If you are stuck in only one category, you cannot learn everything. But again, this is your choice. Which categories do you like


What are the best free magazines?

There are many best free magazines by mail, but it’s your preference which ones you like, such as Discovery, Oryx, Men’s Health, and much more.

Remember that magazines are free to read, which I have mentioned in this article. Still, you must provide some information, such as your name and the email where you want to receive the magazine whenever the company publishes a new one.


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