InformationalFlipkart Refund Trick, Know Everything About It

Flipkart Refund Trick, Know Everything About It


In might sights, everyone wants to know the Flipkart refund trick, and often many people ask me how I can get a refund from Flipkart or Amazon without returning their products.

So is it possible or not? In my opinion, yes, it’s possible; therefore, I did a lot of research to find out that how to get a refund from Flipkart safely without doing any spam or using illegal techniques.

Although I’m telling you about Flipkart the refund trick, these kinds of tricks can also be used at other e-commerce websites such as Amazon, but I’m only targeting Flipkart.

All these Flipkart refund tricks that I’m going to share with you are completely free and genuine. Many of my readers have got benefits from using my tricks. So kindly pay attention to the article as I always try to provide you with a simple Idea that helps you a lot.

Let me tell you the most important thing, or I can say it’s a disclaimer or warning. If it’s your first time or you’ve never applied the Flipkart refund trick, so It might block your account, and Flipkart or any other e-commerce company can also take legal action against you.

If you want to use, so you can otherwise don’t use “We” “Knowledgeneed” are not encouraging you to do so and “I” the author of this article don’t recommend you to perform such tricks, it’s just for knowledge purpose.


Flipkart refund trick

Remember before applying Flipkart refund trick

Use an old account from which you’ve already brought many products and never and never for a refund so that Flipkart may trust you.

Don’t throw the box because if Flipkart takes any illegal activity, you can show that box.

Don’t apply the Flipkart refund trick on expensive products, such as laptops, TV, Mobile phones, etc. Less than 5000 would be okay.

Ask for a refund within an hour after receiving the order.


How to use the Flipkart refund trick

It’s as easy as it looks; you need confidence and courage to perform refund tricks; you’ve to be genuine.

Comment on Flipkart social media platforms and refund.

Call customer care until you receive a complaint number.

You can also push them through Flipkart.

Check your complaint status regularly.


Flipkart Refund Trick 2021

If you’ve heard somewhere about Flipkart refund tricks but haven’t created an account so firstly visit their website and create your account there.

Although If you have an old account from which you’ve bought many products from Flipkart can be the best option too because Flipkart would have more trust in that account.

However, Once you log in to your account, just find out the best product which you want to have; let’s suppose you want a pair of shoes, so just place the order.

After that, you’ll receive the product you would order; it might take a week. Let’s suppose you’ve successfully got the order, so now you’ve to connect with the Flipkart customer service center through call or chat.

You’ve to complaint to the customer care that the product that I received was not there in the box, I’ve lost my money, I want my full refund which I’ve paid before getting the product.

The person from the Flipkart side who would have to talk to you will ask you a few simple questions which you’ve to answer confidentiality as it happened in reality.

If you could successfully answer all of his questions, Flipkart will refund you money in the form of coins you can use to buy something else within the next one or two days.\


What to do to avoid being investigated?

Receive all products from Flipkart away from your home so that they would not know anything about your home.

When Flipkart is investigating on you so don’t bring the product which you had the Oder earlier.

Don’t deactivate your account, and continue to the Oder something for at least a year.

Never order an expensive product, or if you do so, then don’t apply this trick, Because the more expensive the product, the stronger the investigation will be on you.



Guys! I’ve shared all the information about Flipkart the refund trick; if you’ve more questions regarding Flipkart, you can ask in the comment section; also, remember that I’m not encouraging you to perform such tricks.


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