InformationalFiraun dead body, History, & Surprising Facts

Firaun dead body, History, & Surprising Facts


Friends, today’s article will be fascinating because I will tell you about a firaun dead body and its history and a few unknown facts. Please read this article thoroughly to know every detail about him.

Firaun dead body

Who is Firaun in Islam?

In the history of Islamic civilization, Firaun is considered to be the king of Egypt. Under the rule of Firaun, prophet Moses grew up.


Firaun dead body Story

Before the 18th century, nobody knew that where is Firaun dead body (Pharoah). However, he’s mentioned in Injeel (Gospel/Bible), Torah (Torat), and Quran (Koran).

It’s mentioned in the Gospel and Torah that Firaun (Pharoah) was drowned and dead in the sea while chasing Moses about 3000 years ago.

Surprisingly it’s also mentioned in Quran that Firaun was drowned and dead in the sea, but Quran also says that.

فَالۡيَوۡمَ نُـنَجِّيۡكَ بِبَدَنِكَ لِتَكُوۡنَ لِمَنۡ خَلۡفَكَ اٰيَةً  ؕ وَاِنَّ كَثِيۡرًا مِّنَ النَّاسِ عَنۡ اٰيٰتِنَا لَغٰفِلُوۡنَ

(Today, We will preserve Firaun dead body so that Firaun will become a sign for those who will come after him. But most people are heedless of Our signs.)
 (Chapter 10 Verse 92 of Quran)

After a few years, an Egyptian man found Firaun dead body near a sea, and it’s believed that it was a miracle of God. Because Firaun’s army was also drowned in see, their body hasn’t been found to date.


How was Firaun dead body discovered?

It’s going to be an exciting story about how Firaun dead body was found. A professional archaeologist didn’t see it, but an ordinary person named Ahmed Abdul Rasool of Egypt founded it. For this, he was also going to prison.

After two hundred years, many researchers gathered to explore and research ancient Egyptian culture. While researching, they’ve discovered numerous tombs and mummies.

But all the tombs were looking a little Normal. On the other hand, researchers wanted to research a tomb or Mummy, which can tell them a lot about ancient Egyptian culture. However, they’ve noticed that dacoits looted some tombs.

However, they didn’t get success quickly, but they kept working on King’s Valleys. In June month in 1886, researchers have found a coffin made of wooden.

A name (Ramsses II) was engraved on that coffin, and Egyptian king Tausif Pasha was also present at that occasion.

In 1893, a European archeologist discovered about 13 Mummies. One of them was of Minfah II. Who had a connection with Ramsses II.

Excavation work was going on in the 19th century in the “valley of the kings.” Six western archeologists discovered another king Hateeb II’s tomb also found a coffin in the sub room. Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi

When researchers opened that coffin, they found the “Pharaoh Mineptah” name on it. An archaeological writer, Sir Griftob Elliott, wrote that everyone was surprised when they opened that coffin.

Researchers were shocked because there was a layer of frozen Salt on the Mummy’s body. At the same time, they didn’t see anything like that on other Mummies. He was the king of Pharoah under whom Prophet Moses (Musa AS) grew up.

Firaun was drowned in the sea and his army while he was chasing Prophet Moses and the children of Israel. There were scratches on his body, as some sea animals tried to eat him, but they didn’t eat.

All the mummies found in Egypt were kept at a medical school of Cairo University. In 1947, Ramsses II’s dead body was losing its shape. Therefore Egyptian President ordered to close the museum for people and repair the Mummy.

To research deeply on mummies, Egyptians took mummies to France. Fact, there was the same protocol for that money which is given to the real king; people on the airport saluted and welcomed the Mummy.

French researchers began research on that Mummy with their latest technology, and they found some cuts on it.

A doctor under the leadership of Moraes Edward suggested preserving mummies. In 1979 French Atomic Energy Commission held that 3000 old mummies.

Many Muslims already knew it because they’ve read about it in the Holy Quran. So they were witnessed of Firaun dead body and the miracle of God, which God did with Moses and the children of Israel when Pharoah was chasing him.

Later on, the Egyptian government called Dr. Moasres from France, who was a highly qualified person. He proved that Firaun was died because of drowning in the sea.

When Dr. Moarses came to know that it’s already mentioned in the Holy Quran that Firaun and his army were dead while chasing Moses, God saved Firaun dead body. He tried to find a scientific error in the Quran but couldn’t found. In the end, he becomes a Muslim.

Later he wrote a book Quran, Bible, and Science, in which he tried to prove the truth of the Quran. However, in 1993 That Firaun dead body was kept in room no 56 of the Cairo Museum.


Facts about Firaun

Initially, Prophet Moses was the adopted son of Firaun/Pharoah. Still, when he grew up, he went against him because Firaun used to call himself a god, while Moses is a believer of One God.

firaun dead body height is more than 6 feet tall.


How could Muhammad know that the Pharaoh’s body would be preserved?

Prophet Muhammad didn’t know that his body would be preserved. It’s mentioned in the Quran that Moses’s body will be maintained so that future generations can see the sign of God. Words in the Quran aren’t the word of Muhammad; they are words of God.


When was the Pharaoh’s body found, and is this a sign mentioned in the Quran?

Pharoah body was found in the 18th century. It’s mentioned in the Quran (Today We will preserve your body so that you become a sign for those after you. But most people are heedless of Our signs.)
Chapter 10 Verse 92



In this article, I’ve shared information about Firaun dead body. If you think I’ve missed something or you have any suggestions so you can comment below.


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